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Read Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 76.1

Thousand Face Demonic Concubine is a Webnovel produced by Xiao Xiao Qing Ge, 萧萧清歌.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 76.1 – Appropriate retribution

When Lou Qingwu came back to the second floor, she didn’t see Feng Yege.

She only saw Feng Shier hold two rectangular boxes as he waited.

When he saw Lou Qingwu, he immediately stepped forward and explained, “Miss, master had some business with gentleman Li so these were things that master told this subordinate to prepare for you. If there’s anything, please tell me or the other twelve, we wait to serve.”

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “There’s no need right now. You guys can first go back to the residence and I can go back by myself.”

These two boxes probably contained the painting as well as the Youli sword.

The earlier she pa.s.sed it to Xiahou Rui’s hands, the higher her chances of winning were.

“But could you first get us two male outfits?”

“Ah?” Feng Shier froze.

He then immediately nodded, “Yes, Shier will immediately go now.”

He turned around and left but quickly came back to the side wing, holding a tray in his hands.

The tray held two neatly folded male otufits, both in a warm white.

The material was soft, top cla.s.s silk and because of the simple style, looked low key.

However, those who knew their materials, would instantly know that the silk was first rate.

Lan Bai stepped forward to take it as Feng Shier and Feng Shiyi stepped backwards.

But when Feng Shiyi went to close the door, he couldn’t help but take another look at them.

When their figures disappeared completely, only then did Lou Qingwu pick up an outfit for Lan Bai.

“You should change too.”

“En?” Lan Bai froze.

“I have to change too?”

“Yes, I’m going to take you to see a person and it won’t be suitable if we wore female clothing.”

She’s supposed to be meditating at a Buddhist temple so if she wore female clothing and appeared at the capital, she’d probably end up provoking a headache in the case that someone saw her.

At this point in time, it’d be best for her to avoid as much trouble as possible and furthermore, there were still dangerous things that she hadn’t resolved yet.

Ruan Zhen definitely would be crazily angry at how she personally schemed that affair at her father’s banquet, so she was afraid that she definitely wouldn’t let her go.

According to Ruan Zhen’s schemes and mind, she wouldn’t strike clearly but instead, in the dark.

Lan Bai took the clothes and when her hands touched the silk, her eyes swayed a bit.

Her eyes carelessly fell on the box, her eyes becoming even more complicated … why did she believe in her so much?

From the inlaid sapphires on the box, she could see how expensive the contents must be.

But master wanted to see a person, so he’d probably be very important too.

They’d only seen each other once, so wasn’t she afraid that she was a spy?

A spy that had purposely come here to meet her?

Lou Qingwu was deep in her own thoughts, thinking about how to best meet up with Xiahou Rui so when she saw Lan Bai dazed and looking at the outfits, she couldn’t help but rub her head.

“What’s wrong?”

Lan Bai shook her head and opened her mouth, about to speak.

She hesitated a few times but couldn’t help but ask what she’d been thinking about.

Lou Qingwu froze before her mouth corners immediately curled up, “Silly, don’t question the people you use and don’t use people you question. If I’ve already bought you, I obviously believe in you.”

She couldn’t say that she knew her in her past life time and in the end, died for her.

So how could she question Lan Bai?

But she couldn’t say.

Even if she did say, no one would believe her.

Something in Lan Bai’s eyes flashed evasively before gripping the clothes close to her chest.

“Master, don’t worry. I won’t betray you.”

The warmth in Lou Qingwu’s eyes grew deeper, “Yes, I believe you.”

How could she not believe her.

After the two people changed into the outfits, they left the underground market and came outside to the carriage that Feng Yege had prepared earlier for them.


TL note:

This t.i.tle is actually an idiom which kinda means what goes around comes around, that there will always be retribution for everything, good or bad.

Normally when characters make promises like “I’ll never betray you” and “I’ll only love you for the rest of my life”, it’s foreshadowing of the opposite.

LQW only knew Lan Bai after she’d experienced all her difficulties which made her into the person she was in her last lifetime, but that’s not who she is in this lifetime. Fingers crossed LQW doesn’t regret this in the future~

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