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Read Three Translations of The Koran (Al-Qur’an) side by side Part 147

Three Translations of The Koran (Al-Qur’an) side by side is a Webnovel created by Abdullah Yusuf Ali et al.
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020.010 Y: Behold, he saw a fire: So he said to his family, “Tarry ye; I perceive a fire; perhaps I can bring you some burning brand therefrom, or find some guidance at the fire.”

P: When he saw a fire and said unto his folk: Lo! Wait! I see a fire afar off. Peradventure I may bring you a brand therefrom or may find guidance at the fire.

S: When he saw fire, he said to his family: Stop, for surely I see a fire, haply I may bring to you therefrom a live coal or find a guidance at the fire.

020.011 Y: But when he came to the fire, a voice was heard: “O Moses!”

P: And when he reached it, he was called by name: O Moses!

S: So when he came to it, a voice was uttered: O Musa:

020.012 Y: “Verily I am thy Lord! therefore (in My presence) put off thy shoes: thou art in the sacred valley Tuwa.”

P: Lo! I, even I, am thy Lord. So take off thy shoes, for lo! thou art in the holy valley of Tuwa.

S: Surely I am your Lord, therefore put off your shoes; surely you are in the sacred valley, Tuwa,

020.013 Y: “I have chosen thee: listen, then, to the inspiration (sent to thee).”

P: And I have chosen thee, so hearken unto that which is inspired.

S: And I have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed:

020.014 Y: “Verily, I am Allah: There is no G.o.d but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise.”

P: Lo! I, even I, am Allah, There is no G.o.d save Me. So serve Me and establish worship for My remembrance.

S: Surely I am Allah, there is no G.o.d but I, therefore serve Me and keep up prayer for My remembrance:

020.015 Y: “Verily the Hour is coming – My design is to keep it hidden – for every soul to receive its reward by the measure of its Endeavour.”

P: Lo! the Hour is surely coming. But I will to keep it hidden, that every soul may be rewarded for that which it striveth (to achieve).

S: Surely the hour is coming– I am about to make it manifest– so that every soul may be rewarded as it strives:

020.016 Y: “Therefore let not such as believe not therein but follow their own l.u.s.ts, divert thee therefrom, lest thou perish!”..

P: Therefor, let not him turn thee aside from (the thought of) it who believeth not therein but followeth his own desire, lest thou perish.

S: Therefore let not him who believes not in it and follows his low desires turn you away from it so that you should perish;

020.017 Y: “And what is that in the right hand, O Moses?”

P: And what is that in thy right hand, O Moses?

S: And what is this in your right hand, O Musa!

020.018 Y: He said, “It is my rod: on it I lean; with it I beat down fodder for my flocks; and in it I find other uses.”

P: He said: This is my staff whereon I lean, and wherewith I bear down branches for my sheep, and wherein I find other uses.

S: He said: This is my staff: I recline on it and I beat the leaves with it to make them fall upon my sheep, and I have other uses for it.

020.019 Y: (Allah) said, “Throw it, O Moses!”

P: He said: Cast it down, O Moses!

S: He said: Cast it down, O Musa!

020.020 Y: He threw it, and behold! It was a snake, active in motion.

P: So he cast it down, and lo! it was a serpent, gliding.

S: So he cast it down; and lo! it was a serpent running.

020.021 Y: (Allah) said, “Seize it, and fear not: We shall return it at once to its former condition”..

P: He said: Grasp it and fear not. We shall return it to its former state.

S: He said: Take hold of it and fear not; We will restore it to its former state:

020.022 Y: “Now draw thy hand close to thy side: It shall come forth white (and shining), without harm (or stain),- as another Sign,”-

P: And thrust thy hand within thine armpit, it will come forth white without hurt. (That will be) another token.

S: And press your hand to your side, it shall come out white without evil: another sign:

020.023 Y: “In order that We may show thee (two) of our Greater Signs.”

P: That We may show thee (some) of Our greater portents,

S: That We may show you of Our greater signs:

020.024 Y: “Go thou to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds.”

P: Go thou unto Pharaoh! Lo! he hath transgressed (the bounds).

S: Go to Firon, surely he has exceeded all limits.

020.025 Y: (Moses) said: “O my Lord! expand me my breast;”

P: (Moses) said: My Lord! relieve my mind

S: He said: O my Lord! Expand my breast for me,

020.026 Y: “Ease my task for me;”

P: And ease my task for me;


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