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Thrive in Catastrophe is a web novel completed by Jiao Tang Dong Gua, 焦糖冬瓜.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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“I was just standing there. Even if I did jump, it’s not like I could swim to land.”

Xiao Yan’s voice falls blandly, saturated with a strange tone.

“There are many islands around this area but it is at least ten minutes to the nearest island and we are far removed from the mainland. As for the Shire’s bases, don’t even think about it. It is a waste of time.”

Jane’s words are infused with a broad smile.

Jane brought him here, not to offer him freedom but to ensure all of his routes were cut off.

Xiao Yan struggled out of Janes arms and walked aimlessly, as though his soul had detached from his body. He mind raced to find an anchor of hope amid the turbulent tides of anxious despair.

Jane had mentioned the aircraft. Thinking about that gradually calms Xiao’s heart.

His biggest problem is getting a craft. However, if he really wants to escape, he must first figure out where the island is, then he can focus on how he can get aboard the aircraft. Even if he cannot make it to the Shire, maybe he can reach one of its bases. ____

“You have really perked up.”

Xiao had just made himself a small meal. Jane’s sharp gaze seems to pierce right through him. He felt like all of his schemes were exposed in front of those piercing eyes.

“Why are you always thinking about such bothersome things? Just consider it a holiday. There is sunshine, a beach and a sea breeze. I have returned to you a leisurely life that disappeared hundreds of years ago. ”

Jane stepped closer and his warm breath wrapped around him. He couldn’t help but back up a step until his back was pressed against a tall palm tree.

The shadow cast by the tree shrouded Jane’s shoulder and cheeks, giving his visage a mysterious and sinister feel.

“Close your eyes Xiao. This is not stale processed filtered air, it is the actual sea breeze.”

Jane’s voice is hypnotic, the lazy syllables gain a gravity that pulls him in. Without thinking, Xiao closed his eyes.

Suddenly Jane’s lips press against his mouth and his tongue lightly lapped his lips. His tongue dipping into his mouth and retreated. Then Jane pressed his mouth fiercely against his, the kiss gained force as his tongue pushed in, capturing and plundering the inside of his mouth.

His body trembled and all of his senses tightened and screamed. The x-virus lured Xiao Yan in, his reason breaks away and he is unable to rein his thoughts. All that exists is a rabid hunger that eagerly rampages through his blood.

He grabs a hold of Jane’s cheek, pressing him tighter against him. He can’t seem to satisfy himself, he helps himself to all Jane’s mouth offers and Jane’s kiss becomes more ferocious and powerful. He changes the angle of contact and skillfully entangles their tongues, ensuring Xiao is perfectly aware who is kissing him, even as he is overwhelmed by the x-virus.

Jane unties his clothes and moves away from Xiao’s mouth. He dusted kisses on his cheeks and neck. Tipping his chin up, he smiled seductively. “You are such a bad boy…”

Suddenly Heine’s features slice into his thoughts, carving through the fog like a sharpened blade.

His heart feels pierced and pained. He instantly rouses from the effects of the x-virus and slammed his elbow against Jane’s cheek.

Jane’s easily evades the hit, but does not loosen his hold, he continued to embrace Xiao Yan.

In the face of such strength, Xiao’s resistance seems childish and weak.

Janes shoots him a sly look, and kisses Xiao’s face continuously. The more he struggles the more he pecks at him.

“Are you resisting me in order to arouse my interest?” His lightly laughs while speaking such a ridiculous sentence.

He glares at Jane, who leans down and gently bites his nose. “I have wanted you for so long, you don’t need to do anything extra to gain my attentions.”

“If it is my brain you want, then take it now. If it is my life then why waste time?!”

Suddenly, in one blink, Jane’s teasing liquid eyes freeze into poison. Even the breeze seemed to gather an icy chill that p.r.i.c.ked his pores.

Xiao Yan felt his spine run cold.

“You seem to have forgotten what I said to you.”

He remembered when he was holding the gun to his head that Jane stopped him by crushing the gun to pieces in front of him.

The next time you dare to point your gun at your head, I will let you know what real pain is.

“If you really want to die, I would rather you are killed by me.”

He speaks the words easily, his casual tone tears the fibers of Xiao’s nerves.

This man has always been distant from everyone around him- indifferent to everything around him.

It is easy to forget his cruelty amid the haze of his charming disguise.

“You want to see what would become of your brain. Then I will take you to see what you are offering. You can look at what it’s like to live outside of your body.”

Jane grabbed him up roughly. They moved through the woods and the previously calm animals scattered at their scent and steps.

They went through the gla.s.s house and continued underground. A gloomy pa.s.sage stretched in front; a depressing void with a disturbing scent wafting through. Jane’s back moves through the dark like a phantom.

Finally, he saw a bit of light up ahead.

Countless holographic displays flicker along the wall, providing a complete security sweep of the area. He realized this was an underground base. It looked even more sophisticated than the Shire’s main base.

“The primary system can process at speed 1.5xs faster than the Shire. Only blockers with interface rates exceeding 300 million Mb have any hope of invading. Of course that is just the price for ‘hope.'”

Jane turned to look at Xiao, his gaze was cold and complicated.

At their presence all of the channel nodes automatically activate. This means, he could not enter without Jane.

As the s.p.a.ce opens further, Xiao sees the expanse of the base.

Here is an ocean of data, computing constantly.

A teenager with a lollipop in his hand walked over with an arrogant grin. Xiao looked over to see a pair of glittering green eyes and a crooked smirk.

“Xiao Yan! You are awake!”

He moved to enthusiastically hug Xiao Yan, but Xiao moved away from his reach.

All of his past trust in Casey seems ridiculous.

Casey is not angered by Xiao’s rejection. He simply looks at him briefly then gestures widely around him. “Here is my place. Free to be idle.”

“Our guest here has been clamoring to give us his brain.”

Casey glanced over at Xiao Yan. His eyes were unexpectedly deep, Xiao didn’t know what to make of his expression. “We are different from Valentin’s dogs, taking the brains of others is too low for us.”

Xiao lifted his brows in surprise. Who is Valentin? And If Jane and Casey weren’t here to collect researcher brains, then why is he here?

“I didn’t want you to see this.”

Casey’s gaze lingered on Xiao’s face before he lifted his wrist and tapped in a code. All the data projection displays disappear.

At this moment, Xiao sees the true nature of the base.

Hundreds…thousands of brains are lined up inside nutrient vessels. Various nerve sensing fibers penetrate the brain matter and connect them together.

The gray brains are exactly the same as in his dreams. Each is randomly lined, separated from their existence, controlled entirely by the master systems’ coding forcing them to think constantly.

Xiao face was ashen, he clenched his fists and suppressed the urge to vomit. One of the nutrient dishes suddenly lit up with a red light.

Casey looked over toward the light and arched his brow. “I am a researcher as well, so of course I would like to stop their torture, but if I interfere that I will be labeled a traitor by Valentin.”

The brain in the dish has died.

“That brain that died….How do you deal with it?”

“Ah…so cute.’ Jane’s finger nicked Xiao’s chin. He leaned close to Xiao.

“How does the Shire deal with dead humans?”

“The body will be synthesized into thumb sized crystal for the family.”

“Very human of them. The Surge is as well. The dead brain will be used to make a nutrient broth for the other brains that are still in operation. Even in death it serves a purpose.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes widened and he looked at Jane in horror. “…they are human beings.” “Yes they are and so are we, but Surge places more importance on their own. Don’t humans in general do this? Do you know why people eat every kind of animal but their own?”

Xiao knows he doesn’t want to hear Jane’s answer

“Because humans are conscious of the hierarchy.”

The coldness of his casual cruelty inched into Xiao’s bones and burrowed deep within the marrow. He couldn’t even imagine what thoughts were left in those brains.

“Now, do you still wish to offer me your brain?”

Jane’s finger gently brushed his cheek and stroked the clammy skin. His eyes were complicated and deep, the magnetism of those orbs made it difficult to drag his gaze away. He felt that he could easily be crushed under the power piercing through Jane’s pupils. Xiao’s legs were heavy with lead, his body was too weighted with despair to move.

Suddenly he was wrapped warmly in a tight hug and Casey’s cold voice drifted amid the smell of the chemicals to calm him down.

“Don’t be so forceful with him.” Casey shoved Jane hard, and blocked Xiao from him.

“Alright okay. ” Jane shrugged and snapped his fingers. The displays activated and obscured the brain system. Xiao can see the data scroll and leap up and down the displays. He can still see the macabre red light diffuse through the holographic images. Another brain has been overwhelmed. Another brain is dead.

“Can you still walk?” Jane asked.

The question makes Xiao even more resentful.

He waves away Janes hand and struggles to stabilize his center of gravity as he stumbles toward the pa.s.sageway.

None of this has to do with kindness. He worries that his brain will end up like the others; that is the root of his sympathy.

Jane walked alongside Xiao Yan and the door slid open. Warm air rushed in from the tunnel.

They walked down the long dark pa.s.sage that seemed to terminate into nothingness.

Suddenly Xiao Yan stopped.

“Did you show me this to scare me?”

“Yes. ” Jane leaned against the wall, his arms were relaxed at his side. “You seemed too eager to say certain words. I wanted you to know the danger of such a habit.”

“If you don’t plan on removing my brain, then why did you take me out of the Shire?”

Xiao Yan has been wondering if maybe they were trying to preserve the integrity of his brain matter. Perhaps they were keeping him alive only so they could remove it at the last moment, to extend his brain’s life outside of his body. Avoid wasting a valuable resource.

“I want to give you a new perspective of things. Time will reveal everything.”

Countless questions tumbled through Xiao’s thoughts. What was the relationship between Jane and the Surge? Why did Casey’s tone hold a distinct disdain for the Surge? If they felt that way why did they sneak into the Shire as Surge spies?

Xiao Yan knows that unless Jane wants to answer those questions there is no use coercing him. Even if he pressed a knife to his throat to gain them, Jane will not even shift the expression on his face.

As night falls, Xiao lies in an incredible huge bed. He looks up at the Milky Way, visible through the transparent gla.s.s roof.

The s.p.a.ce in the Shire is limited. Xiao cannot turn completely without falling off his bed in the dorm. This bed is almost the size of his entire room.

He looks up at the endless night above his head, and feels that the world is far more vast that he could have ever imagined.

If Jane were not lying right next to him, he could really enjoy the brilliance of the moment.

“It is ironic that those who live in the Shire will never see such a scene in their entire lives. Their peace has obliterated their desire to seek more.”

Jane turns around and stares intently at Xiao’s profile in the dark.

“I have no such ambitions.”

Jane laughed. “If you have no ambitions then why are you looking up at the sky with such longing?”

Xiao closed his eyes and thought back on everything he had seen this day.

Even if it is not a main Surge base, it must be an important one. All bases must be built near the ocean. This helps obscure them from the Shire, since it is so far from the mainland. They can live rather independently here, depending on the capabilities of the Surge. Tomorrow he will carefully observe his environment. He will watch where the sun rises and sets, observe the constellations, the wave behavior, vegetation- anything that can tell him where on earth this island is. He also must figure out exactly where the aircraft is on the island and the basic lay of the land.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m not thinking about anything.”


“Well, I am thinking of Colonel Burton.”

“He is dead.”

His icy tone pierced through the softness of his voice.

“He is still alive.”

Xiao Yan’s answer was calm.

Suddenly Jane pounced on top of Xiao Yan. He looked down at him, his hands propped on either side of his head. A coiled energy burned inside him and Xiao tried to shift away.

“I have spoiled you too much.”

His mouth landed hard and fierce, crushing against him.

Xiao pushed against his shoulders and tried to roll him off, it was no use. The difference in their strength was simply too large.

He grabs a handful of Jane’s hair and violently pulls at it. He puts everything into his struggles until Jane finally ends the kiss.

“Kill me… or take my brain… can…”


Jane painfully slammed his fingers inside Xiao, ruthlessly darting into him. He pulled his hair and kissed him with a chaotic madness.

At the first touch of Janes tongue, his wound healed. Jane finally loosened his grip on Xiao and he fell back against the mattress.

“The next time you ask me to kill you, I will send someone to the Shire to round up everyone that you know. Your coworkers, liaison officers, even the special forces. I will have their brains removed and sent to you.”

His charming and beautiful features distorted into a cruel visage.

Xiao Yan’s breathing and pulse gradually slow as the x-virus begins to lose its grip.

He knows that Jane Wallace does not issue idle threats. He will really do it.

__________ In the Shire, General Ervel is observing a blood sample. Gordon presses in close as he works.

“Hey what is going on? Don’t tell me that this guy will stay in the isolator forever?!”

Suddenly Heine’s fingers trembled and his eyes snapped open. His gaze was instantly sharp. Like a blade, it tore through the air in the room. The intensity emanating from him was powerful and tumultuous.

His vitals ran wildly erratic, then fell back down.

All medical personnel rushed in.

“Colonel Burton!”

Just as they opened up the chamber, Heine slammed through the crowd of people and clicked a b.u.t.ton. His combat suit appeared in front of him.

“Colonel Burton. We still need to check your condition!”

He quickly tore the hospital cloth from him and pulled his combat suit on.

No one could stop him.

In the blood lab, Ervel suddenly disconnected from the terminal and excitedly grabbed Gordon.

“He succeeded!”

“Who? What succeeded?”

“Xiao Yan succeeded! The x-2 in Colonel Burton has completely integrated with his body, not only has it built a new immune defense line, but it has replaced the original x virus as an energy supply!”

It was at this time that the medical force rushed in.

“h.e.l.lo! Colonel Burton is awake! He is leaving!”

The generals sat stunned, the higher ranking General Gordon came to his senses first and opened his communication device before delivering stern orders.

“Winn! Ling Xiao! Colonel Burton is already awake! You must stop him!”

Winn’s mouth dropped as he saw Heine approach him. His eyes were cold and his steps were savage, his whole being pulsated with a bloodthirsty presence.

“Colonel Burton is that you?”

His golden hair was tied behind his head, he was wrapped in a thunderously glacial atmosphere that consumed all the oxygen around him. A cold pressure spread into every s.p.a.ce he occupied.

He walked past both Ling and Winn. Ling was the first to react.

“Colonel Burton! You don’t want to know what happened after you pa.s.sed out?”

Heine stopped walking. “Where is General Gordon?”

Winn stood stunned at the ma.s.sive energy boiling from this intimidating Colonel. He exhaled in relief at his question.

“The general will wait for you in his office. He has already pulled up the surveillance for you.”

___ Gordon was nervous and fidgety, Ervel had just told him that Heine’s physical fitness was at its peak and his mind was sharper than ever.

The Central Academy of Sciences needs the details of the X-2’s development, since the creator was kidnapped. Because Heine had been tasked with guarding Xiao’s brain during his research, he is the only one with those details. Especially since Heine was formerly a member of the Central Academy of Sciences.

Gordon already knows that Xiao holds a special meaning for Heine. He knows Heine will not remain in the Shire. Heine Burton will not stop moving until he finds Xiao Yan.

Suddenly The door to his office was slammed open with brutal force, the door crashed against the wall, leaving a small dent in the high density nanomaterial.

Such a dent was not to be underestimated. There is no other person who could do it.

Although his expression was outwardly calm, he couldn’t stop his eyes from flicking over to the deformed door .

“It seems that you are more aggressive than ever. Maybe I should also accept x-2.”

“Show me the images.” Heine was not interested in idle chat.

Gordon’s expression was serious as he lightly keyed in his code and the display image spread across the office.

Right now, Heine is watching as Xiao pressed the muzzle of Heine’s gun against his chin.

Xiao’s neck was stretched and raised, his eyelids did not even tremble. His face was stern and resolute; there was no doubt of his determination in that moment.

Major General Gordon glanced at Heine. “You should really keep a better eye on your gun.”

The sound of a gunshot flooded the room, and even though it was not Gordon’s first time viewing the clip, he couldn’t help but feel his heart tear open.

Heine looked steadily at the screen, not even the slightest tremor disturbed the lines of his body.

Gordon revealed a disappointed expression. “Ah, I thought you would feel a little scared at this part.”

On the screen, Jane Wallace has clasped Xiao Yan’s hand and taken the gun.

When he picked up Xiao to leave, he deliberately turned toward the surveillance and his mouth stretched into an unsettling and taunting grin.

His lips mouthed: Goodbye, Charles.

“Jane Wallace was the real mastermind.”

When this report had made it to the upper levels of the military, the entire department was shaken at the revelation. They exhaustively went through their files, and finally found some trace of modifications within the system.

They are both from outside the city.

“He entered the Special Forces four years ago, amid his combat merits and glory in battle, it seems he is quite a devious person. It was a convincing cover, hiding himself amidst the—

“Where was he taken?”

Heine looks over the video again and again, always stopping at the final frame of Jane’s smile.

Gordon felt murder fill the air and his whole body stiffened in response.

If there is anyone in the world who can hunt down Jane Wallace, it is Heine Burton.

“We do not know.”

“He has a microchip in his body.”

“The chip signal has completely disappeared. Currently there are three possibilities. The first is that the chip has been destroyed, the second, he is dead. The chip will cease to transmit once there are no vital signs to sense. The last one is the most optimistic of the three, but also the least likely. It is possible that he has been imprisoned in an area that is shielding his signal. His return has been ordered at all costs, even if his brain is all they can retrieve.”

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