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Read To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 136 – Your Proposal Is Too Ridiculous to Convince Me

To My Dear Mr. Huo is a web novel completed by 禅心月, Meditative, Moonzen Xin Yue.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 136 – Your Proposal Is Too Ridiculous to Convince Me

Chapter 136: Your Proposal Is Too Ridiculous to Convince Me

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“What happened?” Seeing Su Qingsang’s shocked expression, Huo Jingyao grabbed the cell phone.

Looking through the news and the blog, Huo Jinyao nodded.

“Great job.” Yang Wenchang had efficiently solved this issue. This blog was well-written and well-organized. Yang Wenchang deserved a higher salary.

“Great job?” Su Qingsang looked at him and asked.

“I mean this blog is well-organized,” Huo Jinyao replied.

Su Qingsang didn’t want to appreciate the blogger’s talent. She just wondered why this issue had been resolved so quickly.

“I never imagined that Zhang Mei committed suicide because of something like this,” Su Qingsang uttered.

Seemingly, Zhang Mei did not tell her the truth when she was doing the routine examination. She didn’t tell Su Qingsang that she had already given birth to two children.

Huo Jinyao pulled her into his arms. Su Qingsang struggled a bit but failed. All she could do was glare at him.

“Leave me alone, I want to get up,” Su Qingsang said.

“You just that that you wanted to lie in the bed.” Huo Jinyao didn’t loosen his embrace. “You can just stay at home and have a relaxing day.”

“The press conference, I must attend it.” Su Qingsang replied.

“Why do you have to be there?” Kissing her on the lips, Huo Jinyao added, “The dean of the hospital told you that you were off-duty and that you should go back home when this issue burst out. Now everything is solved, they require you to be back on-duty immediately. Do you think you are too soft?”

“What are you talking about?” Turning her head, Su Qingsang got rid of his hands and replied, “Come on, don’t be childish.”

“It is the truth.” Holding her hands, Huo Jinyao replied, “If I were you, I would stay at home and wait for the dean or vice dean or the administrator of the Medicine Bureau to apologize. Then, let them explain how unreasonably they treated you. After that, you tell them whether you are on-duty or not.”

“Are you insane?” Who does he think I am? “I’m just a normal doctor. By the way, the way our hospital went about solving this problem was right.” Su Qingsang told him. “How could they have done it any differently? It was a totally abnormal situation.” Noticing Su Qingsang move, Huo Jinyao held her arms in case she fell off the bed.

“Let’s think about that. They commanded you to do whatever they want without any reasonable explanation. How can they treat you like this? I won’t let them treat you this way.”

“Huo Jinyao, come on. Don’t be foolish.” Getting out of Huo Jinyao’s embrace, Su Qingsang glared at him.

She just couldn’t understand how could this intelligent man talk in such a silly way?

“I think the way our hospital solved this problem was normal and reasonable. Now, everyone knows the truth. It’s a happy ending. Why do you try to force me to behave oddly?” Su Qingsang asked.

“Why can’t you make them be reasonable?” Huo Jinyao asked, with a surprised and doubtful expression. “You have the right to do that. You can just call the dean and tell him that you will go on-duty if they apologize to you.”

As communication with him was failing, Su Qingsang just wanted to ignore him. If she continued to debate with him, she would become furious.

She got off the bed, finding she was too weak to stand.

She almost fell down. Huo Jinyao reached out immediately and held her up.

“See? You can not stand by yourself. You really want to go to the hospital to attend that press conference? I think you should just stay at home and have a rest. I bet your dean will come and apologize to you,” Huo Jinyao said.

“Come on, it sounds like you are joking.” Only a lunatic could believe what Huo Jinyao said would work. “Our dean would fire me instead of visiting and apologizing to me.”

“He wouldn’t dare!” Huo Jinyao cried.

Noticing Su Qingsang look at him curiously, Huo Jinyao realized that he had said too much. He smiled, with a sort of embarra.s.sed expression.

“Honey, I just want to make sure you are treated fairly. How can they treat you like this? Just ignore your sacrifice and command you to come back without even apologizing?” Huo Jinyao asked.


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