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Read To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 313 – You Have Been Waiting for this Day, I Assume?

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Read WebNovel To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 313 – You Have Been Waiting for this Day, I Assume?

Chapter 313: You Have Been Waiting for this Day, I a.s.sume?

Su Chenghui’s mouth set in a hard line as annoyance clouded his features. He felt that Huo Jinyao was too doting towards Su Qingsang and placed her on a pedestal.

“Have you got nothing to say? Or is this what you wanted to witness?” Li Qianxue’s gaze wandered to Su Chenghui as she spat out the bitter words.

“Su Chenghui, all these years you have deliberately treated Su Qingsang with contempt and intentionally neglected her. In actuality, you have been waiting for this day, I a.s.sume?”

“Why are you spouting nonsense?” Su Chenghui’s gaze briefly landed on Huo Jinyao, who was leading Su Qingsang to the long dining table. He then eagerly got Su Qingsang some food, dedicating all his attention to her.

When Su Chenghui s.h.i.+fted his attention to Su Peizhen and he caught sight of the scowl on her face. He furrowed his brows as he surveyed the situation.

“Am I spouting nonsense?” Li Qianxue edged closer to him and continued in an icy tone. “I will really take pleasure in having her witness how you have neglected her beloved daughter all these years. It will be interesting to see how devastated she will be.”

“Li Qianxue,” Su Chenghui said as he shot her a warning look. “Do not mention her to me.”

“Do you still think that I am not ent.i.tled to do that?” Li Qianxue scoffed with a grimace. “Ent.i.tled or not, I am the one standing in front of you right now. I am the one in your life. Su Chenghui, I turned a blind eye to your apathy on other occasions, but it’s best that you exercise prudence today and know your place. If Peizhen’s birthday is disrupted because of you, I will not let the matter rest.”

With those scornful words, Li Qianxue hiked up the hem of her long skirt and descended the stairs with her head held high.

Due to the unyielding presence of Huo Jinyao beside Su Qingsang, the daughters of Lin City’s high society, who had all been antagonistic towards Su Qingsang and who loved to make things difficult for her, decided to behave themselves.

After some time, Huo Jinyao was called away by Old Master Li and Su Qingsang was left alone.

Even though she was in her own home, Su Qingsang did not have the habit of wandering around. Since Huo Jinyao was occupied with Old Master Li, she got herself a gla.s.s of juice and decided to head towards the lounging area for a seat.

Midway through her walk to the lounging area, however, someone b.u.mped her on her arm. The beverage she was holding spilled over.

Most of the juice splattered on her chest and Su Qingsang turned to look at who had b.u.mped into her. The sight of Qiu Junjiao in front of her startled her.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry. It was accidental.”

Qiu Junjiao had spotted Su Qingsang a while ago. In truth, she had never liked Su Qingsang. Seeing Su Qingsang decked in a red skirt, just like Su Peizhen, irked Qiu Junjiao.

Qiu Junjiao could have ignored her feelings of annoyance. After all, she was well aware that Su Qingsang would not be complacent much longer.

Seeing how fiercely protective of Su Qingsang Huo Jinyao was during this occasion perplexed Qiu Junjiao.

Qiu Junjiao was on good terms with He Xuanyao and He had been dealt a blow by Huo Jinyao because of Su Qingsang.

What infuriated Qiu Junjiao more was that her brother was hopelessly enamored with Su Qingsang even though Su Qingsang was married. It was simply repugnant in her eyes.

At this moment, Qiu Junjiao was grinning like a Ches.h.i.+re Cat at Su Qingsang with a gla.s.s of wine in her hand. Even though she was spewing words of apology, her disposition lacked any genuine sign of being apologetic.

Su Qingsang looked at Qiu Junjiao and then at her own stained top. She lifted her chin slightly and surveyed Qiu Junjiao. Knocking into me and causing so much juice to spill onto me was an accident?

“What’s the matter? Is Mrs. Huo upset now?” Qiu Junjiao looked at Su Qingsang with a smirk on her face.

So what if the red skirt was stunning? With all that spilled juice on her, she cuts a sorry figure.

The commotion had attracted the attention of some of Su Qingsang’s antagonists nearby. Su Peizhen observed the incident from afar, her lips curved in mockery.


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