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Chapter 288

Tondemo Skill – 288 – Doran Again – Bonus

Early next morning, our group set out for the Avering gate.

It was so early that the mist haven’t yet disappeared from under the morning dawn.

Naturally, we already had our breakfast.

“Alright, it’s time to leave for Doran,”

“I really want to stay here a little longer but I guess there’s no way around it. So let’s go,” [7] sighed Elland-san.

I can’t believe this guy… [5]

“One of the reasons we have to return to Doran is for the dismantling of the Red Dragon.”

“Ooh! That’s right! What a fun thing to look forward to~~ Ufufufu, to think I’m able to go dungeon diving with Dora-chan and take a Red Dragon apart back in Doran~~ Life is great!”

Is that so? [2] Well, Elland-san is not a bad person but his enthusiasm for dragons makes me tired sometimes. I suddenly thought of Ugor-san and felt sorry for the hardship he has to go through…

Once the Red Dragon is dismantled, let’s leave Doran as soon as possible.

“It’s so nice to travel with Mukouda-san. Coming to Avering to meet with you the moment I heard about the news at the Royal Capital was the best thing I ever did.” [3] Elland-san looked very earnest.

I don’t know what to say to this but I do hope he doesn’t spread this thing around. [1] I don’t need Ugor-san getting mad at me too.

Speaking of which, I checked my status this morning and found the following:

[Name] Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukouda)

[Age] 27

[Race] Mostly Human

[Job] Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell Adventurer Cook

[Level] 62

[Physical strength] 405

[Magic power] 391

[Attack power] 382

[Defence] 379

[Agility] 324

[Skills] Appraisal Item Box Fire Magic Earth Magic Double XP points earned Absolute Defence Contract Beast

[Contracted Beast} Fenrir Huge Slime Pixie Dragon

[Unique Skills] Net Supermarket

{Tenants} Fujiya Tanaka’s Liquor Shop

[Blessings] Blessing of the Wind G.o.ddess, Ninrir (small) Blessing of the Fire G.o.ddess, Agni (small) Blessing of the Earth G.o.ddess, Kishar (small) Blessing of the G.o.d of Creation, Demiurgos (small)

Up until recently, I don’t have [Race] in my status.

This must have shown up thanks to Demiurgos-sama’s blessing. [1] However, I’m not sure what’s up with the ‘Mostly’?

Is Demiurgos blessing so strong that it would affect the race of a being?

My lifespan has been increased by 1500 years. [1] I’m pretty sure that disqualifies me as an ordinary human.

I’ll need to talk to Fer and the rest about this but I guess there’s no point worrying about it for now.

Time to head for Doran.


“Oh, I can see the city of Doran. I’m glad we got here before nightfall,”

“How could we arrive so fast…?” [3] Elland-san said regretfully.

“Alright, let’s head over to the city quickly and to the Adventurer’s Guild,” where Ugor-san would be waiting for you, I’m sure.

“Sui-chan is just too amazing. It took us less than half the usual time to get here,” Elland-san sighed. “Well, I say Sui-chan but everyone here is very amazing too.”

You’re right.

Everyone is too amazing.

It’s thanks to them that I am now registered as an S Ranker who’s able to go on all these ridiculous adventures without a shred of worry.

Sui’s growth is especially spectacular though. [5] With Sui using her Gigantify to carry Elland-san on her back and me with Fer as usual, we got here on record time.

“Delicious food, speedy and comfortable ride as well as cosy sleeping arrangements, this has to be the best trip I ever been on. I wish it would go on and on…”

Elland-san’s dreamy voice was interrupted by Dora-chan’s angry telepathy, “”I’m never travelling with this guy again!””

[5] Considering how Elland-san tried to ingratiate himself to Dora-chan at every opportunity, I could understand his feelings.

Elland-san had been warned off many times. At first, he would say he understood but the next thing I knew, he’s chasing after Dora-chan again… [5]

“”We will be separating soon, so just hang on a little longer,”” I soothed.

“”Tch! I guess it can’t be helped. Anyway, I want turtle meat today!””

Yes, yes, we shall have the much desired Soft-sh.e.l.led Turtle Hotpot tonight.

“Shall we, Elland-san?”


We got past the long line by virtue of Elland-san being the Guild Master of this City.

[8] Anyway, I don’t think people would try to stop a ‘Mostly Human’ riding on top of a giant wolf creature and an Elf cruising elegantly on a giant slime.

The gatekeeper was shocked by our appearance but quickly let us in when he recognised Elland-san.

Now that we’ve gotten past that barrier, it’s time to head towards the Adventurer’s Guild.

[Gumihou: Grand entrance, lol]

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