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Chapter 260 You Beat the Dumbas*

Smiling Immortal was astonished for a moment by Liu Feng. “You lad can actually see it through. Originally, I wanted to tell you the thing about the whip force of Arm Fist Boxing. Your eyesight is really great.”

Liu Feng said smilingly, “Hey. I am taught well by my master and his wife.”

Smiling Immortal looked at Liu Feng with his lips moved, but he didn’t really say anything.

However, Liu Feng understood what Smiling Immortal was saying through the shape of his mouth. “Su Haoran has accepted a great apprentice. If you were not his apprentice, I would grab you.”

Ahem, ho!

Liu Feng lowered his head and coughed lightly. He turned towards the two young men and said without turning his head back. “Smiling Grandpa, I will go to the Martial Arts a.s.sociation with these two brothers first. Please tell An An that I leave first.”

Smiling Immortal didn’t reply to Liu Feng. And Liu Feng also didn’t look back at him.

After Liu Feng walked far away with the two men, Smiling Immortal looked up at the sky again. “I thought I was going to stay for a lifetime in An An’s nursing home. But my legs are fine now, so it’s time for me to go out for a walk. Su Haoran, you really have accepted a great apprentice. I envy you!”

When Liu Feng arrived at Donghai Martial Arts a.s.sociation, it was already after four o’clock in the afternoon.

The two young men who gave the post to Liu Feng followed him around all the time. But these two guys were not as arrogant as Fu Zhankui. These three men chatted with each other now and again while walking. Two young men appeared to be very polite.

“Liu Feng, we have heard that you have reached the level of force dispersing. It can be seen that you are about the same age as us. How did you reach this level?”

“Liu Feng, did you really beat the face of our vice-chairman, master Fu?”

The two young men had asked the same question many times along the way.

Liu Feng said smilingly, “It is true. You just practice your martial arts well, and you can also get to my level. Well, we arrive at the Martial Arts a.s.sociation now. Where are we going to find Li Zepeng?”

“President Li is waiting for you in the gymnasium behind the Martial Arts a.s.sociation. We will lead you to go there now.”

“Pa.s.s through the main entrance, and then go straight.”

Two young men guided the way ahead. Having pa.s.sed through the main entrance and the lobby, they arrived at the gymnasium in the back.

The gymnasium of the Martial Arts a.s.sociation wasn’t so big but a little shabby. Some of the gym equipment in it was already old. One ring was placed in the middle of the small gymnasium.

A ruddy-faced man sat on the ring and drank water from the big tea mug of the eighties.

The most interesting thing was that before Liu Feng came here, it seemed that they got an uninvited guest.

Three other young men stood below the ring. No, to be precise, two young men were loitering while another one was fighting with Fu Zhankui.

The young man’s body movement and speed were extremely fast. His. .h.i.ts were particularly fierce. The angle of each punch was extremely tricky.

Through-the-Back Fist actually laid emphasis on the actual combat boxing. But this young man’s boxing was more practical than Through-the-Back Fist which Fu Zhankui put to good use.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

When Liu Feng and two other young men arrived here, they saw that Fu Zhankui already got four blows in less than ten seconds. Two of the blows. .h.i.t him in the face, one in his soft ribs and one in the chest.

“What the f**k weak.”

The young man said disdainfully while hitting. “Your ability is so weak. How could you say that you had finished the Dark Level successfully? You are nothing more than an old waste who just practiced into the Dark Level not long ago.


The young man’s fist hit Fu Zhankui in the face again when he said that. This blow beat Fu Zhankui to move back, and his right eye instantly swelled into a small steamed bun.

The young man continued to say ironically, “Your reaction speed is too bad. Although you have mastered the methods of the Dark Level, you haven’t yet been fully understood in body movement. I can use one hand to fight with ten people like you.”

D*mn it!

Fu Zhankui cursed angrily, “Where the f**k do you come from? Why did you come to our Martial Arts a.s.sociation to make trouble?”


The young man’s fist hit Fu Zhankui in the face again. “I am from Xiaoyao Sect, and I want to find someone who really knows martial arts for practice. In a strange city, it is natural for me to come to your Martial Arts a.s.sociation.”


Another fist hit Fu Zhankui in the face. “It is a pity that people of your Martial Arts a.s.sociation are so weak!”


Another fist came again. “But you just look like a dumbas* who appears to be so weak. Before I came here, you had already been bruised and bloodied. Is it possible that people in your Martial Arts a.s.sociation are beaten every day?”


Another fist came. “It’s unchallengeable for me to beat you. It’s just like beating the rascal who is so weak. I want to stop now. Finally, I will try my best trick on you to see whether you can stand it or not.”

The young man hit Fu Zhankui repeatedly with numerous punches. Anyway, at this time, Fu Zhankui had already been beaten thoroughly to be dazed.

But at this moment, the young man suddenly took the right hand back to the side of his head. His four fingers were pinched into a duckbilled shape.

That was right. The young man only had four fingers on the right hand. The most important index finger position of a normal person was empty here.

When the young man made a duckbilled gesture, the ruddy-faced man who drank tea sitting on the ring suddenly became serious. “Seven-Hurt Disabled Boxing! F**k ! This kind of malicious and vicious martial arts unexpectedly appears again. Go away!”

With the angry yell of the ruddy-faced man, the big tea mug in his hand flew out in a whoosh.


The young man whose fingers were just pinched into a duckbilled shape sent out one hit. He incredibly broke through the big tea mug at one blow. The water in the tea mug splashed out, and it was spilled on Fu Zhankui’s face.


Fu Zhankui was scared to shout out. The swaying body flopped down to the ground with a splash.

The young man looked at the ruddy-faced man suddenly, saying with a sullen face. “You should know Seven-Hurt Disabled Boxing and ask me to go away. You court death!”

The ruddy-faced man jumped down from the ring at the same time, saying without any sign of weakness. “I ask you to go away, and don’t you give in to me? Don’t think that your Xiaoyao Sect is really hot s.h.i.t. I, Li Zepeng, look down upon you wicked trashes who think they are from n.o.ble sects but actually throw their weights about and do evil everywhere.

“Good point.”

At the moment, Liu Feng couldn’t help praising Li Zepeng and came in with applauding. “I have also heard that Seven-Hurt Disabled Boxing is a kind of kung fu which is practiced by indecent people. This kind of people should be like rats crossing the street, as obnoxious to everyone.

“Who are you?” The young man with a broken finger suddenly turned his head, looking at Liu Feng with a pair of bitter eyes.

“Second Young Master, my Master Peng. He is Liu Feng.”

“Master Peng, there are Li Zepeng before us and Liu Feng behind. Today isn’t a good day.”

The other two young men reminded the Second Young Master Peng instantly aside.

The young man with a broken finger was exactly the Second Young Master Peng of Peng’s Family in capital, and he was also the one who killed Sikong Nian in Xizang and took away the blood evolution formula. Besides, he also wanted to kill Sikong Luo.

It was the Second Young Master Peng who asked his men to knock Liu Feng’s plane down, which made Brother Feng fell into Shushan where he met Li Xianyu and Nangong Xue.

The most important thing was that Second Young Master Peng belonged to Xiaoyao Sect. Xiaoyao Sect’s scale had been getting bigger and bigger over the recent years. And as a wide force that embraced the ancient military inheritance of Celestial Empire, it became increasingly disobedient to the shackles of the law and social rules, which had resulted in the dissatisfaction of top-secret troops and national security in Celestial Empire.

Once the two sides met today, there was bound to be a disaster like Mars crashing into the Earth.

“Second Young Master Peng!”

Liu Feng stared at the young man with a broken finger and said, “To know a man by repute is not as good as meeting him face to face. You are really…, a dumbas* !”

“Good point.” Li Zepeng followed suit hurriedly. “Bro, your description of this idiot is too appropriate. A dumbas* ! Just tell me whether you go to fight with this idiot or I go.”

Liu Feng smiled and made a gesture of please. “This is your home court. You beat this dumbas* !”


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