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Read Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star 263 Chapter 263. Reflection 5

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Chapter 263. Reflection (5)

‘What’s going on?’

That was the thought on everyone’s mind when they saw Director Chen Pu excitedly shaking his body and watching the scene again and again.

There was not an ounce of anger on his face. Rather than anger, he was showing happiness. 

A special type of happiness that a director would only show when he had gotten a perfect scene. There was the same type of happiness on the face of Director Chen Pu.

Most of the staff was still confused. They would whisper among each other occasionally, asking if someone knows what’s going on.

In the end, the staff can’t wait but ask a.s.sistant Director Luo.

“Do you know what’s going on?”

“Do you mean the reason why Director Chen is not angered?”

“Rather than angered, he is acting like someone who has gotten a chance to go on a date with a supermodel or something.”

a.s.sistant Director Luo laughed when he heard that. 

He looked at the staff member and decided to satisfy his curiosity. 

“The reason behind his happiness is because the scene was perfect and Director Chen was more than satisfied with it.”

As someone who had worked with Director Chen Pu for years, a.s.sistant Director Luo was someone who knows him better than anyone else.

He has seen that type of expression on Director Chen Pu’s face before but it was a rare type of expression that he won’t show often.

“I can’t understand. Although Xin Ren was good, Na Wen’s whole face was blank during the scene. There were no expressions on it.”

a.s.sistant Director Luo shook his head and retorted, as he replied.

“No, Na Wen was portraying the expressions well.”


The staff still don’t know what a.s.sistant Director Luo was trying to say, but he still listened to him. 

“What you said was not wrong. There were indeed no expressions on his face.”

“Like I said…”

“But his eyes and posture was enough to show all the necessary expressions.”

The staff member raised his eyebrows and made a bewildered face when he heard that. He looked like someone who had heard a weird thing. 

As the staff member still didn’t understand, a.s.sistant Director Luo led him besides the camera screen and pointed at it. 

The same scene was playing on it. 

“Look carefully at Na Wen, don’t give focus on his face, but his eyes and posture.”

The staff member nodded and looked at the camera screen with great focus. 

He was someone who actually wanted to become a director one day, but he was just a normal staff member currently.

He felt that he could learn something new today!

‘He is just like a dignified prince.’

The staff member thought as he looked at the screen. His eyes focused on Na Wen and he soon realised what a.s.sistant Director Luo was trying to say. 

Na Wen’s face was blank but his eyes were showing all the necessary emotions.

Shame, anger and a sense of loss.

These emotions were all there in his eyes. Moreover, the reason behind his blank face was because he was playing the character of a crown prince. 

One of the things that are expected from the crown prince is for him to look dignified all the time.

So, Na Wen can’t show the emotions of loss on his face. That’s why he was trying to show them through his eyes.

It was actually one of the things he had gotten to know after diligently studying Xu Tingsheng’s character.

Xu Tingsheng was not someone who would show his emotions to just everyone. One can know what you are thinking by reading your face.

That’s why, his face would be blank most of the time.

Na Wen hadn’t realised this before. That’s why he was out of his character most of the time, but now that he understood it well, he was showing a great performance. 

‘His presence has become more significant.’

Originally, Na Wen’s presence was weak, but for the first time, he was showing a strong presence. 

His acting was right on mark. He was not acting more or less, but it was just right in the zone. It was enough to rival Ren’s acting in the scene. 

“I finally understand.”

The staff member said with realisation in his eyes.

At the same time, he also thought that he had lots of things to learn before trying to direct his own movie or drama.

If he would be able to do it or not was a matter of another time.

* * *

“Haha, that scene was brilliant. You have certainly improved your acting a lot.”

Director Chen Pu came towards Na Wen after the scene was finished. It was the first time he was in such a good mood when talking to Na Wen.

“Thank you. So, will I get another chance?”

Na Wen asked slowly and Director Chen Pu nodded enthusiastically.

“There’s no need to ask. If you can show acting like this in every scene, then I don’t have any problems with you.”

“I will do my best!!”

Na Wen quickly bowed his head a little and said. Then, he raised his head and asked with a hesitant expression. 

“There’s actually something I wanted to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“I want to redo some of my scenes. I feel like my acting in some of the scenes was not good and I can do it better this time.”

Director Chen Pu widened his eyes when he heard that. Na Wen’s request was different from what he was thinking. 

It was also out of his character. Previously, Na Wen would not ask to redo the scene himself.

No director will hate an actor trying to give his best for the scenes, so there was no reason for him to refuse his request.

“Of course, we can shoot them again. There is no reason to refuse. By the way, did something happen, you seem changed?”

Na Wen thought for a while before answering this question.

“Yeah, someone made me realise that what I was doing was wrong from the start.”

“That’s good. I hope you will continue to act like this.”

“I will do my best.”

Director Chen Pu left to prepare the next scene after that.

Standing alone, Na Wen looked at Ren who was talking with Hou Qian and Li Xinru.

If it was not for him, then he would still be thinking that he was not in the wrong. There was endless grat.i.tude filled in his heart for Ren.

‘I will surely repay this favour someday.’

He thought as he walked towards Ren and the other actors. It was now time to say sorry to everyone and correct his relations.h.i.+ps. 


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