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Read Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1023 – Volume 10 – Chapter 32: The Title Guy Is Taking A Break Today (Part 2)

Trafford’s Trading Club is a web novel completed by White Jade Of Sunset Mountain, 夕山白石.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1023 – Volume 10 – Chapter 32: The Title Guy Is Taking A Break Today (Part 2)

Volume 10 – Chapter 32: The t.i.tle Guy Is Taking A Break Today (Part 2)

Song Haoran said, “Let’s not talk about that now. Mr. Billy, we have successfully sent Dr. Franky out. Please follow me next.”

“Doctor!” Mr. Billy was startled, then he showed a touch of joy and nodded in surprise, “Thank you. No matter who you are, I will never forget your kindness when I’m safe.”

Mr. Billy noticed that Song Haoran concealed his ident.i.ty deliberately. But, he didn’t mind these details and proceeded with the flow.

Right at this moment.

DaDaDa! DaDaDa!

The eager voice that sounded one after another was the sound of shooting. At the same time, there was an arrogant voice, “Bucky! Come out. I know you won’t die like this! Bucky!”

“It’s Roger! He’s here!” Bucky narrowed his gaze at this time. Fear amplified in his eyes. He looked in the direction of the gunshot and took a step back instinctively.

“He’s faster than expected.” Song Haoran narrowed his eyes but walked toward the place where the gunfire came from.

“Wait, what do you want to do!?” However, the injured bodyguard next to Mr. Billy couldn’t help but frown at this time, “We should not face them head-on! We should get out of here!”

The bodyguard pointed to the other side of the corridor in the opposite direction.

Song Haoran said faintly, “When you want to contain a person, will you blatantly tell others that you are there?”

The bodyguard was startled and frowned, “You mean, he told us where he was on purpose so that we could back down and go to the other side… Then, he will ambush us.”

“So, you should follow me now.” Song Haoran smiled slightly.

But the bodyguard still hesitated, “This is just your guess. Why can you be sure? Would he deliberately misguide us to think like this? We don’t know how many people they have. Even if it’s only a slight possibility, we can’t put Mr. Billy in danger.”

“As a matter of fact, you’re already in danger.” Song Haoran said indifferently, “Opportunity waits for no one. If you miss it, that’s it. So I don’t plan to waste time here convincing you. Follow me or not; that is up to you and Mr. Billy.”

“We may be able to go to the next floor from the viewing platform of the VIP booth.” Another bodyguard suggested nonchalantly.

O’Neill sneered, “Okay, go ahead! At least eight guns are waiting for you under us. If they can’t hit you being such an obvious target, they are all blind men! Has your bodyguard graduated?”


“Enough!” Mr. Billy snorted at this moment, then looked at Song Haoran and said sternly, “I shall believe you once, and I will follow you.”

“I like your courage.” Song Haoran sighed sincerely. Those big shots naturally cherish their lives. Yet, Mr. Billy had unique courage.

Mr. Billy smiled bitterly, “You will definitely not go here. My bodyguards and I are exhausted. If we run into thugs, we can’t deal with them. Besides, it is no good for us to be scattered now. Young people, I hope your judgment will not push me to demise. I also hope that I will have the opportunity to repay you in the future, instead of resenting you in the afterlife.”

“If Mr. Billy can visit my business more often in the future, that will be enough for me.” Song Haoran smiled, looking relaxed.

Nevertheless, he still accepted the P-90 from O’Neill handed over.

“Boss, do you think they will rush over to us?”

A strong man smiled grinningly. His finger was placed on the gun trigger and aimed at the end of the corridor, just waiting for the prey to appear.

“The man in an ambush on the other side is Brother Doflamingo. No matter which way the big fish goes, they can’t escape.” Roger sneered, “I’m going back in 10 minutes.”

“Boss, there seems to be something moving!”

“Wait, don’t shoot!” He heard a horrified cry.

The person who appeared in the corridor was Bucky! Bucky’s face was hard to see at this time. His face and clothes were covered with a dark red viscous liquid, and he looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y man.

“Roger, it’s me, don’t shoot!” Bucky raised his hands and walked towards Roger with his legs trembling.

Roger had a total of 3 underlings with him now. He looked at Bucky coldly as if thinking about something and said calmly, “Are they behind you?”

“Roger, don’t shoot…” Bucky nodded nervously. At the same time, he tilted his head back, revealing the person behind him.

The person was Song Haoran. He pointed his P-90 at Bucky’s back. His gaze finally met Roger.

“Roger, don’t shoot!”

The scene fell into a weird silence, and only Bucky’s trembling voice sounded. Bucky walked slowly towards Roger and the others in fear, while Song Haoran kept a distance of fewer than two feet from Bucky. He was using Bucky as a s.h.i.+eld and slowly advancing.

“I don’t like being threatened by the enemy.”

At a distance of fewer than five meters between the two sides, Roger suddenly snorted. At the same time, there was a sound of clicking, which was the sound of a gun being loaded.

“But, I just want to get out of here safely.” Song Haoran gritted his teeth and looked nervous. “There are so many hostages down there. Having me or not makes no difference. I just want to leave this place. This person is important to you, right? Don’t lose this guy just for me.”

Roger narrowed his eyes and asked suddenly, “Are you the bodyguard next to Billy?”

Song Haoran nodded, “Mr. Billy was shot. He is now hiding in the bar on the third floor. You can get someone to find him.”

Roger sneered, “You betrayed your employer. You, as a bodyguard, seem unqualified.”

Song Haoran said, “No matter how much you earn, what’s the use if you don’t have life to enjoy? Living is the most important thing. So, you just need to grant me a path so that I can safely leave here. I promise not to hurt this guy! Otherwise…”

He showed a hideous look and said bitterly, “Otherwise, I will die with him!”

Roger’s gaze was still gloomy. He squinted and stared at Song Haoran but suddenly picked up the intercom, “Brother Doflamingo, Brother Doflamingo! Big fish in the corridor on the third floor! Brother Doflamingo, reply, OVER!”

Chacha. White noise sounded from the walkie-talkie.

“Boss… boss… Brother Doflamingo… shot us… he… is the spy.”

Listening to the walkie-talkie, Roger’s face turned ugly. He was stunned on the spot as if he could not digest the news!

At the same time, all the light sources for the entire theater were cut off. The main breaker was down!


“Boss, the police suddenly came in. They know where our ambush lies… Boss… Ah—”

In the darkness, another voice rang from the walkie-talkie.

At the moment when the light was lost entirely, Bucky squatted down instantly with instinct. Song Haoran and Roger’s men started shooting at each other!

In the gunshots, Bucky heard the second intercom. At this time, his heart was palpitating. f.u.c.k! There really is a spy! My lies actually save my life…


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