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Read Transmigrating: I Married The Male Protagonist’s Uncle Chapter 109

Transmigrating: I Married The Male Protagonist’s Uncle is a web novel completed by Tian Qiqi, 甜七柒.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 109: I’ll Go Wherever You Go

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The man’s fingers were pretty and gave off a gentle glow like a white jade bone flute.

He had a pair of hands that one would definitely remember after one look.

Ling Sheng’s eyes were full of surprise. She sat down quietly and lowered her voice. “What are you doing here?”

Jun Shiyan did not turn. He only uttered three words gently. “I’m traveling.”


Ling Sheng was a little embarra.s.sed, but thinking of Europe boosted her confidence. In a small voice, she asked, “Where are you going for vacation?”

Jun Shiyan said, “I’ll go wherever you go.”

“But I’m travelling to film a show. I heard from Sister Mei that the roads there are blocked and the conditions are harsh.” Ling Sheng felt a little warm in her heart, and her voice was soft.

The man was wearing and a mask, so his face was covered completely. Only his well-defined jaw and tall forehead could be seen.

She suddenly wanted to know what kind of face was hidden under his mask.

Was he really disfigured? Was he hideous?

In the meantime, when the other guests heard her talking to someone, they all looked over.

Ling Sheng smiled as she explained, “This is my friend. I didn’t expect to meet him here.”

The remaining few people just sized him up curiously. The man was wrapped up tightly, and his face was not visible. However, he emitted an air of elegance and he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Shi Lingyu had initially wanted to ask if she could change seats with the man beside her so the two girls could talk while sitting together. However, she had not expected them to know each other, so she gave up.

Su Yi was sitting beside Shi Lingyu. She was 25 years old and she had delicate features. She also had short hair that gave off the vibe of a tomboy.

A few years ago, she had been the winner of a popular singing show on a television station. After clinching the winner’s t.i.tle, she had been restricted and she had been trying to file a lawsuit for a few years. She had only terminated her contract last year. Not only had she lost her popularity, but she had even been criticized by the company until she had become a web singer.

Su Yi was quite chatty and she had a bubbly personality, so the duo started chatting quickly.

Behind them sat Chu Zhian and Ji Fanchen, who had come with Su Yi.

“You’re not planning to disembark with me, right?” Ling Sheng asked cautiously.

She felt that she must have been overthinking.

The Third Master was really busy. How could he keep her company for two weeks in a village?

“It’s a secret.” Jun Shiyan laughed softly. He then tapped the call b.u.t.ton on the table and the air stewardess brought food and drinks over. He nodded gentlemanly before asking gently, “Have you eaten?”

Ling Sheng nodded. “Yes, I have.”

She initially thought that he would remove the mask to eat, but she had not expected there to be some kind of trick to it. He opened the mask directly at the mouth, making her gasp in amazement.

The man ate slowly, chewing slowly and elegantly, making one unable to take their eyes off him.

While Jun Shiyan was eating, he saw the little girl’s eyes glancing at him from time to time. He offered her a piece of steak and said, “It does not taste bad.”

Initially, Ling Sheng had not been hungry. However, upon seeing him eating, she had gotten hungry again. She opened her mouth and bit the steak, her lips fragrant as she nodded hurriedly. “Tasty.”

When Jun Shiyan finished his breakfast, he could not help but laugh, his chest full of joy.

Some people claimed they had already eaten but ended up eating more than him.

Even Ling Sheng felt a little embarra.s.sed. She seemed to have eaten more than half of it, which was a lot. However, she could not be blamed for that. After all, he always fed her!

After getting off the plane, the eight of them were driven into the wilderness by a van of the production team.

Then, the production team carried over a big cardboard box and threw it in front of the guests.

Mo Ning looked at everyone and smiled kindly. “Stretch your hands in and choose by yourselves!”


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