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Read Transmigrating: I Married The Male Protagonist’s Uncle Chapter 350

Transmigrating: I Married The Male Protagonist’s Uncle is a web novel made by Tian Qiqi, 甜七柒.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 350: Her Fans Are Blind Supporters

The male dance team’s goal was to exhibit a sense of power and coolness to attract attention. They had achieved all that.

To be specific, the young men dancing with her were lacking compared to her and had thus ended up accentuating her and making her look even more valiant and beautiful. She had instantly become the main dancer and lead singer.

The video was shared by a video blogger who had a million fans on the homepage of a video website. At a speed visible to the naked eye, the number of views exploded. In ten minutes, the video had reached the video platform’s homepage.

The comments below were also strangely consistent. They were all about how beautiful, valiant, domineering, and aggressive this young lady was. The praise was all affirmative. Is the young lady in love? This young lady is too cool. I want to have a child with Ling Sheng.

Of course, there was no lack of criticism online. There were also haters who said she had not danced well.

If things had gone in a good direction, as they should have, she could have used this opportunity to gain the label of a multi-talented artist who could sing while dancing. However, when the video was transferred to Weibo and became the hottest topic, the situation started to develop in a strange direction. Suddenly, the trending topic #LingSheng’sPrimarySchoolExperiences# appeared.

It would have been better if she had not seen it. However, after seeing it, she got so angry that she laughed. They were saying she was only a primary school graduate? She was obviously a high school dropout!

This girl had become really popular now that she was capable. Some people had even started spending money to hire the Internet Water Army to slander her.

It would have been better if this Weibo post had only said that she had graduated from primary school. However, the key point was that it had exposed the fact that she was attending the Imperial Capital University’s Mathematics Department. It even mentioned Chao Lu, the math genius she would be portraying in Chen Mo’s new movie “My Wife”. Chao Lu had entered the junior cla.s.s at 16 years old, but Ling Sheng had not even graduated from primary school.

In addition, the blogger had taken a screenshot of Ling Sheng’s extraordinary speech, praising her for being multi-talented and impressive.

[Question: Would you accept someone with primary school standards and a domineering persona?]

Ling Sheng was doubted by the audience because of the newbie role in Chen Mo’s movie. They thought she was not worthy, so they criticized her.

The topic was currently trending. After being influenced by someone with evil intentions, Chen Mo’s fans could not take it anymore. The haters could also use this opportunity to mock her without restraint.

[He he he, a primary school chicken should just go home and farm. Why is she in the Imperial Capital University’s Mathematics Department? I just have one question: Do you know what 1+1 equals?]

[I definitely won’t watch her movie. Ling Sheng, please leave the film crew of “My Wife”. Are you willing to watch a primary school student’s movie?]

[I’m a normal person. I don’t like the illiterate. Thank you. Could I trouble you to get out of the entertainment circle?]

[OMG, what gave her the courage to go to the Imperial Capital University? We don’t expect all our idols to be from top schools, but they still have to complete the most basic nine-year compulsory education!]

[Forget it, I don’t want to mock her anymore. A straight-A student? She’s a straight-A student who graduated from primary school. Her fans must be blindly supporting her. I hope they know what’s going on!]

[Today is a big display of confusion. Please get out of Chen Mo’s movie, alright? @Chen Mo, if Ling Sheng is in this movie, I refuse to watch it.]

[Her fans don’t seem to belong in the same world as normal people. In their world, Ling Sheng is a straight-A student. I have brains and eyes. I hope her fans do too.]

The Peanuts rolled up their sleeves indignantly and prepared to f*ck these people up. However, they were stopped by the studio, who told them to keep quiet and not help the haters gain attention.

They had not known that things would turn out like this. They had just been celebrating and feeling hyped in their group chat. Ling Sheng had worked really hard to earn this movie role and had gone to university to further her studies. What reason did they have not to like her?


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