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Read Transmigrating: I Married The Male Protagonist’s Uncle Chapter 374

Transmigrating: I Married The Male Protagonist’s Uncle is a web novel produced by Tian Qiqi, 甜七柒.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 374: Something Happened

“If he dares to cause trouble again next time, call me. Don’t be afraid of him.” Ling Sheng looked as though she was supporting him, her aura seemingly strong.

Xu Xi looked at the Third Master, who was smiling lovingly beside him. Master had really fallen for her. He nodded and replied respectfully, “Okay.”

Only then was Ling Sheng satisfied. Then, she remembered that she had bitten him. After scolding him, she looked at him and extended her hand. “Show me your hand.”

Jun Shiyan pa.s.sed his hand over obediently. When he saw the young lady touch the index finger she had just bitten, his eyes filled with heartache and his heart warmed.

However, a moment later, he sucked in a breath of cold air painfully. The young lady dropped his index finger and grabbed his middle finger. She bit it ferociously and pretended to be fierce as she asked, “Do you remember everything I said?”

She was biting his finger, so her words were unclear. She was fierce and adorable as he nodded. He wanted to laugh but was afraid of angering her. In a low voice, he said, “I remember everything.”

Only then did Ling Sheng let him go. He would only remember if he was in pain. However, when she saw the bite mark she had left, her heart started to feel weak again. There were also ambiguous water stains on his fair fingers, which made her blush instantly. She wiped them hurriedly, but her expression was very calm as she said earnestly, “It’s good that you remember. Don’t do it again in the future.”

“Yes, sir.” Jun Shiyan looked at the young lady’s flushed face. Even her earlobes had become tender. Her heart raced as she stood up suddenly.

Before Ling Sheng could react, she felt a chill on her lips. Her eyes widened instantly. When she looked up, the man had already returned to his seat calmly. His magnificent appearance made one not dare imagine that he had stolen incense just now.

Huo Ci had arrived in C City the day before yesterday to film two episodes of celebrity interviews. Other people only filmed one episode, but he filmed two. He had filmed the first episode yesterday and would be filming the second one in the afternoon.

During the intermission, the makeup artist touched up his makeup. Someone beside him said, “Did you see the news? Something happened to a plane. It was flying from the capital to C City!”

“Wasn’t there a storm in the capital today? There was even a hailstorm. My WeChat Moments are flooded with messages. If the weather is so bad, why is a plane still flying?”

“It hasn’t been long. They only took off after the weather cleared up in the capital. This has nothing to do with the weather. There are many planes flying!”

“What should we do? I saw this. My cla.s.smate posted on his WeChat Moments that a friend of his was on that flight. Everyone in the family is anxious. I hope everyone is safe.”

Huo Ci frowned. Suddenly, he remembered that the brat at home was also on a flight this afternoon. His mother had called him and asked him to take good care of her. When he heard that something had happened, his heart skipped a beat. He could not help but ask, “Which flight is it?”

The few workers who were talking softly had not expected the Best Actor to speak. They hurriedly told him about the flight. “Teacher Huo, do you know anyone who will be flying to C City today? Hurry up and ask about that flight!”

Huo Ci, who was worried, asked Mei Xuelin for Ling Sheng’s flight number. He did not know why he had suddenly become an old father. Even if something had happened to the plane, nothing would have happened to the brat. She was a scourge!

“I got someone to send you the flight details. We’re having a meeting here. Bye.” Mei Xuelin was having a meeting with her subordinates to talk about Du Manqing.

Du Manqing had already suggested terminating the contract. He was a little busy, but she thought that Big Boss still cared. He was in C City, so he should be going to the airport to fetch Sheng Sheng.

On the filming site, the makeup artist was packing up after finishing applying makeup. While doing that, she saw Best Actor Huo’s phone drop to the ground. She hurriedly bent down to pick it up. “Teacher Huo, your phone.”


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