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Read Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 14 – Adulating And Buttering Up

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast is a web novel created by ShinSungmi.
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Read WebNovel Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 14 – Adulating And Buttering Up

“Then, I’ll just listen to unnie,” Soohyun replied back.

Although being a celebrity wasn’t Soohyun’s preferable choice of occupation, she was desperately needed money at this moment, and applying for normal jobs was not an option with Moon Jiwoo’s status.

Even if Soohyun’s character in the advertis.e.m.e.nt was a background character, she was alright with it unless or until it invaded her bottom line.

Growing up as a poor orphan, Soohyun did not have many advantages, and in order to survive in the cruel society, she was required to adapt properly. For doing that, Soohyun couldn’t let her true emotions be visible and had to put on multiples of mask. Acting in front of a screen was a small matter for Soohyun.

Ryujin was shocked by Jiwoo’s words. Was she really accepting this without asking for what her position was going to be? Did she change for real?

‘This is too soon to judge, but as long as it doesn’t disturbs the work, it is alright.’

“I’ll come over to pick you up tomorrow early in the morning.”

“Got it, unnie! It must have taken you a lots of effort to find this job. I’m really grateful, unnie. Did you have dinner yet?”

Adulating and b.u.t.tering up to someone was one of Soohyun’s best attribute, and it would be a waste to not use it now.

“Not yet,” Ryujin spoke out. Surprise couldn’t be concealed in her tone.

Although she did believe in superst.i.tious matters, Ryujin had a doubt that Jiwoo was possessed by some kind of spirit. This much change within a short time was truly unbelievable!

“Unnie, I’m sorry. I’ve been too naughty and added on to your burdens. In the future, I’ll behave myself and try to act properly. You’re really magnanimous to keep me by your side until now.

With your talents, you could’ve gotten a better artist than me, but you still stuck by my side. I’m really thankful for that,” Soohyun said.

The contract between Moon Jiwoo and Jung Ryujin would last for one more year. If Ryujin were to terminate the contract, she had to pay the penalty.

For this alone, Ryujin continued to be Moon Jiwoo’s manager until this point. Nonetheless, Soohyun pretended to ignore this matter whilst she spoke out the earlier words.

“I’ll be hanging up the call then,” Ryujin said after a little cough.

“Alright, unnie! Good night!”

The rectangular spectacles was in front of the pair of brown irises, and the dark black hair was pulled into a neat bun. Adding on the navy blue suit and nonchalance, Jung Ryujin exuded professionalism, as she stood in front of Soohyun’s closed door.

“Did you have breakfast yet, unnie?” Soohyun questioned with a smile on her face.

The light-hearted expression made Jiwoo look lovely and utterly different from the other times Ryujin had seen her.

Surprise filled within Ryujin for the question she was asked by Moon Jiwoo. Since when did Jiwoo started to care about whether or not she had breakfast?

“Not yet,” Ryujin answered shortly.

“Unnie, I know you’re busy, but you should take better care of yourself. I made some pancakes, and we can have the breakfast together.”

The concern noticeable in Soohyun’s tone and countenance did not appear to be a fakery. Being aware of Moon Jiwoo’s acting skills, it was doubtful for her to put on such a expression that was completely genuine looking.

What bought greater shock to her was how Jiwoo mentioned she made the breakfast herself. Although Jiwoo tried to learn cooking for the sake of Eunwoo, she treated her skills like a treasure and never used them unless it was for Eunwoo’s sake.

Sharing the breakfast Moon Jiwoo made with Ryujin was something Ryujin wouldn’t have imagined.

“Make it fast,” Ryujin replied curtly.


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