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Read Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 238 – By Topping

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast is a web novel completed by ShinSungmi.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 238 – By Topping

Lee Soohyun had no idea on how long she had been sleeping for. However, waking up, she found herself feeling refreshed.

Opening her eyes, she recalled about all those struggles she had to go through, and although she did not have to go through any physical labour, thinking about it made her muscles ache.

Nonetheless, seeing how she was alive now, she was sure that all of those efforts were worth it, and a small smile formed on her face.

“Am I vampire now as well?” Soohyun mumbled to herself as she reached out her hand into her mouth.

Moving her thumb to touch her canines, she found them feeling sharper and more pointy than before. As she grazed her thumb across it, a small cut formed on the surface of her thumb, and a wince left her mouth at the pain.

Bringing her thumb in front of her eyes, Soohyun noticed how the small wound on top of it was healing, and a stain of blood was left above it.

Lee Soohyun could not help but be amazed at the entire thing. Although the trans.m.u.tation process did not make her entirely keen on it, now that she is a member of the Red Clan, she was excited on the matter.

She was interested in discovering about all sort of abilities within her and wondered about which rank she belonged to currently for that would be responsible for her rank.

At that moment, Soohyun heard some noises— mostly probably footsteps— and staring at the direction of the door, she expected for someone to enter in.

Instantly, the door to the room was pushed in, and Minhyun walked in. Knowing that her hearing skills had amplified, Soohyun clapped both of her hands together.

“I heard you from—”

Before Soohyun could continue to further, her eyes fell on the gla.s.s of blood in Minhyun’s hand, and a sharp pain went through her blood. Her excitement went all down at the pain.

Holding her forehead, she stared down and bit her lips. However, as she glanced at the gla.s.s of blood, another wave of pain hit her, and this was stronger compared to the last time.

Soohyun felt her throat get dry at that moment, and more saliva was secreted inside her mouth at gazing at that red liquid. She found herself craving for the liquid in Minhyun’s hand.

Her focus was solely on that blood, and she could not move her eyes away from it. A piercing pain went through her chest as Soohyun extended her hand towards the gla.s.s of blood.

She needed it.

Lee Soohyun’s desperation towards the blood was instantly noticed by Minhyun, and clutching on to the gla.s.s of blood, he stepped towards Soohyun. After she had woken up, he had expected for her to crave for blood.

Standing in front of her, he held out the gla.s.s of blood to her mouth, and as Soohyun’s mouth touched the edge of the cold gla.s.s, she inhaled the scent. Greedily, Soohyun drank down the entire gla.s.s of blood.

Her senses were returning gradually as the blood entered into her system, and the head ache stopped. Removing her head away from gla.s.s, Soohyun licked her lips.

Unlile the last time, the thought of blood did not feel disgusting to Soohyun, and she felt as if the entire drink had a pleasant flavour. This was something she could continue drinking forever.

“How are you feeling?” Minhyun asked after he had placed the gla.s.s of water on top of yje nightstand.

“Now that I have drunken that blood, I feel perfectly fine,” Soohyun vocalised, “That blood was quite delicious. No wonder Vampires crave for blood that much in the movies.”

“Do you want more?” Han Minhyun questioned.

Lee Soohyun shook her head, and her eyes fell on the mask on his face. She wanted to ask him to remove it and see his reaction after that. However, she was afraid of facing rejection.

Things have been sailing pretty smoothly between the two of them, and a rejection from him would just be ruining that. Therefore, regardless of how much she was tempted, she held back her tongue.

“Stay in your room. I have a few matters to handle, and after that, I will be coming back to explain some matters to you,” Minhyun ordered.

Soohyun nodded at Minhyun’s words. She had many questions to ask Minhyun, and most of them were no what she would be able to do at this moment with her abilites.

After that, Han Minhyun turned his back on Lee Soohyun and started walking towards the direction of the door.

Extending his hand towards it, he turned the k.n.o.b to the door and stepped out of the room. After he had left, Soohyun let out a sigh. Her own sigh sounded louder than usual.

As her eyes scanned through her surroundings, she noticed how her vision had improved, and her eyes were capable of noticing things she would not have done before.

This just made her more excited.

At that moment, she recalled about Han Minhyun could read her emotions, and now that she was one from their Clan, she wondered on whether or not she could do the same. That would be incredible!

“I was looking for a chance to appear. Dim down your excitement for a while, and congrats! You have completed your first mission!” Minnie said.

Hearing those words from Minnie made her eyes wider, and she had a hard time comprehending it. Soohyun could not recall about completing it.

‘Topping Minhyun? I don’t remember doing it. Don’t tell me! Did it happen when I was unconscious? That’s gross!’

A confused expression sat on Soohyun’s face, and the thought of Minhyun sleeping with her unconscious self was enough to give her chills.

“What strange ideas go around in your mind? Of course, that is not how the things went, Lee Soohyun. By topping, I meant that you will be lying on top of Minhyun and drinking his blood. What did even think?”


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