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Transmigration with QQ Farm is a web novel produced by 蝶戀花花戀蕊, Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui.
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It was barely daybreak when the two of the reappeared on the peak of thehill.

The did not return to town right away but waited for the sun to risebefore the two of the held hands and walked down the hill together. Theirfeelings toward each other had grown much stronger than it was before.

Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mo Xuanzun returned to Cheng Yu’s courtyard. ChengYu, his daughter, and his grandson were all packed and ready to go. When theysaw the two of them, Cheng Yu had a happy look on him.

Cheng Yu was the oldest. He could tell now that the two of them had beenmuch closer than they were a day earlier. There was a little distance in theirintimacy yesterday.

After they have greeted each other, Cheng Xiao Xiao summoned twomystical cranes, one for herself and her aunty and the other for Cheng Yu andhis grandson. She also told him that the mystical crane was a gift for him.

Cheng Yu had long since heard that Cheng Xiao Xiao was a master beasttamer, but he was still very emotional when he truly witnessed her summoningmystical beasts. He, however, did not decline her generosity.

There was no reason to turn down a nice gift.

Cheng Huihui was envious of the mystical crane, but Cheng Xiao Xiao,next to her, just pretended that she didn’t notice. Even if she wanted to gifther a mystical beast, now was not the time. Sometimes the timing was asimportant as the gift itself.

If she was just handing out mystical beast to anyone and everyone whocrosses her path, that was not being generous, that was just silly.

The three mystical crane quick rose into the air and disappeared fromthe town of Chunyang. Naturally, Ma Chaoyu and w.a.n.g Siwei, who were stillstanding guard in Chunyang, witnessed the three mystical cranes taking off and disappearedin their envious look.

“Let’s head out too. At our pace, it will take no more than three daysto get to Daling. Once we get to Daling, it would be much easier to locatethem!” smiled Ma Chaoyu. They were merely a inside disciples, not among the top10 disciples; if they were, the clan would have a.s.signed them mystical beastsas well. It would have made travelling much easier if they had mystical beastsas their transportation.

w.a.n.g Siwei finally stopped looking on with envy. He nodded and, with acringed look, he asked, “I was only teasing shi xiong Mo, do you thinkhe will kill me the next time I run into him?”

“I can’t say for sure if shi xiong Mo would kill you, but Iguarantee you that our shi sao Mo will have a bone to pick with you….”

“Oh no…” moaned w.a.n.g Siwei, full of remorse. He should have thought itthrough before he opened his big mouth and not just blurt out everything thatcrossed his mind, now….

He was distressed that he was travelling toward a beating. He said in alow voice, “Shi xiong Ma, what say we skip going to Willow Village andjust head back?”

“Of course not! We have already accepted the a.s.signment, naturally Iwant to complete it. Think about all the valuable items that they have atWillows, it’d be silly of me to give that up. If you want to go back, you cango by yourself. I am heading to Willows!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go! Alright?”

While they were chitchatting,they have already mounted their magnificent horses and headed toward Willows.




Three loud shrieks from the cranes stirred up the entire Willow Village.The folks below, busied with their own business, couldn’t help but looked uptoward the sound and just happened to saw the three returning cranes and therides on the cranes.

The guards of the Cheng’s main building immediate reported toHousemaster Cheng that Miss and guye were back with the others.

Old Man Ying was the first to sense the returning party. He went up tothe roof of his own building to try and spot them in the air.

From the back of the crane, Cheng Huihui saw the paradise-like village.Surprised, she asked, “Xiao Xiao, this is your place?”

“Yes, Aunty Huihui, we started building our home about 6 months or soago. It is mostly done now, but we are still finishing up some of the areas,”Cheng Xiao Xiao nodded as she responded to Cheng Huihui.

Comparing to Cheng Huihui’s marvel, Cheng Yu appeared much calmer. Inaddition to joy, there were also hope in his eyes. He had great hope for thisplace.

At the same time, this was the moment he realized that he would not bedisappointed. Just from this sight, he trusted that with this Cheng’s empirebuilt by Cheng Biyuan, destroying the Emperor City Cheng’s was entirely not adream. They definitely possessed the ability to accomplish that.

He finally felt relief!

He now knew that he had made the right decision!

“Miss is back! Guye is back!”

“Miss and guye are back!”



Everyone greeted the returning party with bright smiles as they hoppedoff their cranes!

Cheng Biyuan had also rushed over to them along with Zhou Jinjiang, notso much for his daughter and son-in-law but for Cheng Yu, the Eleventh Elder.

“Eleventh Elder!” Cheng Biyuan called out uncontrollably as he saw ChengYu with a little boy in his arms. He almost didn’t recognize this man withwhite hair and beard as the Eleventh Elder.

“Biyuan, I didn’t think I’d finally come and stay with you after allthat had happened!” Cheng Yu didn’t say too much but just have him a smile.

Cheng Biyuan didn’t care that he was tearing up. He threw his armsaround the elder whom had helped him so much in the past and, choking back histears, said to him, “Uncle, it was all my fault for not realizing what washappening sooner. Why didn’t you come to me? You think we’d be afraid of them?”


Cheng Yu’s face froze for a second but he was able to suppress hissurprise and emotions and forced back his tears. After a long while, he finallysaid to him, “Biyuan, why don’t we go and talk inside?”

“Oh yes, that’s right, uncle. Where was my manners?” Cheng Biyuan smileda little, tears still swirling in his eyes. He pointed at the man next to himand asked, “Uncle, do you still remember him?”

“Of course I do! You two used to drink together at the inn. I have methim a few times. This is Zhou Jinjiang, right?”

“Indeed, I am, Eleventh Elder. We are all together again, finally!” saidZhou Jinjiang with complicated emotions. “Home! Let’s go home!”

The two of them saw Cheng Yu into the house and actually forgotten aboutthe youngsters. Cheng Xiao Xiao sent the mystical cranes away and turned to theslightly awkward remaining ones and said, “Aunty Huihui, let’s go inside too.My mom is probably already waiting in the living room for us!”

“Okay, let’s go inside. How’s Aunty Yuqin been doing?”

“Well, everyone has been doing well.”


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