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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 698: Hidden Tempest (2)

Chu Lian found it strange as well. The original novel hadn’t mentioned much of Miss Su. Over the few times they had interacted, Chu Lian understood that Miss Su wasn’t an innocent and naive young lady. Perhaps this was what she had chosen for herself.

As for how Miss Yuan had struck an agreement with her, Chu Lian didn’t want to know. She had nothing to do with House Ying now anyway.

It was better for her to keep a peaceful mind and wait for the birth of her child in her own estate.

When Royal Princess Duanjia saw how calm Chu Lian was acting, she gaped a little. “Chu Liu, aren’t you curious at all about this?”

Chu Lian poured a new cup of honey water for herself before answering, “You know what my relations.h.i.+p with House Ying is like. I don’t want to pay attention to whether they’re doing fine or not.”

Royal Princess Duanjia set down the cake in her hands and s.h.i.+fted closer to Chu Lian, “It’s good that you’ve already drawn the lines between you and House Ying. That father of yours isn’t someone good anyway.”

Chu Lian thought to herself, she was a transmigrated soul. Her father wasn’t in this world at all!

Royal Princess Duanjia stayed until He Changdi returned, upon which she was chased away.

It was getting harder for Chu Lian to move around, so she had Senior Servant Zhong send Royal Princess Duanjia away in place of her.

He Changdi walked up to Chu Lian. With a smooth and practised movement, he slid one arm under her back and another under her knees. He then lifted her up from the chaise and brought her into their bedroom.

Chu Lian had a little blush on her face. She patted He Changdi’s solid chest, “I’m a little heavy now…”

He Sanlang looked down at his blus.h.i.+ng wife. Although his face was still stuck in its stiff expression, the look in his eyes was as warm and gentle as could be. He bent down to kiss her soft lips before speaking in husky tones, “I don’t mind.”

Chu Lian was set down in a sitting position on the bed. He Changdi grabbed a thin blanket from the side and covered her with it. He sat by the bed, an arm slung around Chu Lian’s shoulders as he pulled her to lean on his chest.

Chu Lian raised her chin slightly to look at him. She noticed the stubble on his chin and the dark circles under his eyes.

She touched his slightly p.r.i.c.kly chin and asked, “Did you just get back?”

He Changdi nodded, “The situation at court is becoming more worrying. I can’t leave it alone for long. I took some time to visit Prince Yongkang’s Estate in the afternoon. Since Royal Princess Duanjia came by, I suppose you already know all about what happened?

Although Chu Lian no longer kept contact with House Ying, from an outsider’s perspective, Chu Lian was one of House Ying’s ladies. He Changdi had gone to Prince Yongkang’s Estate in place of her to give their congratulations to the new couple, and to prevent any loose tongues from wagging.

Chu Lian nodded, “How is Fifth Sister?”

He Changdi’s brows were slightly furrowed, “She’s still in Prince Yongkang’s Estate. The guests have already left, but Royal Prince Shou kept her back. I’ve had my men investigate this matter. Chu Su and Royal Prince Shou have met before.”

Chu Lian’s eyes widened, she was clearly shocked by this news.

He Changdi snorted, “I’ve told you before, your Fifth Sister isn’t a simple person. This time, the entire Ying Estate is likely going to fall, thanks to these two sisters. However, I would be glad to see that happen.”

Miss Yuan had likely intended on taking revenge on House Ying, so she had come to some agreement with Miss Su in secret. One of the troublemakers had now disappeared by herself, while the other had been married to Royal Prince Shou as per her wishes, and was now safe in Prince Yongkang’s Estate.

Chu Lian was rather in ‘awe’ of these two sisters. However, it didn’t matter to her whatever happened to them now.

“Are you tired? Do you want to nap for a bit?” Chu Lian asked He Changdi tenderly. He had been keeping late nights recently. At his busiest, he might not even return home for one or two days. He had slimmed down visibly. Whenever he made a rare trip home, he could only hug her to sleep before heading out again early the next morning.

He Changdi rubbed his temples and stood up to take off his outer robes. He tossed his clothes to one side and slid under the blankets next to his wife.

He carefully hugged Chu Lian, his other hand reaching to her chest and groping it. The eyes he had just shut flew open again, and warm puffs of breath blew over Chu Lian’s sensitive ear as he said, “It’s a lot bigger.”

Chu Lian: …

Wasn’t it normal for her b.r.e.a.s.t.s to swell during pregnancy…

“Are you going to sleep or not?!”

He Changdi kissed her earlobe, a smile evident in his slightly husky voice, “I’m sleeping.”

Chu Lian moved his wandering hand down to her waist. He Changdi didn’t resist and simply pressed even closer to the soft body in his arms, “Lian’er, please wait two more months. Once everything is settled, I’ll spend more time with you, and our child.”

“Just go to sleep. I’m doing just fine by myself without you.”

She wasn’t like the other n.o.ble madams, who were carefree without their men around. She had plenty on her plate to do!

He Changdi chuckled into her ear. Soon, his low chuckles faded into soft breathing.

Since he had fallen asleep so quickly, he must have been very, very tired.

Somewhere else, within a plain residence, there was a couple locked in embrace with each other.

The woman was sprawled in the man’s arms. Before she could even catch her breath, the man was already questioning her impatiently.

“What about the information I asked you to get from Imperial Concubine Wei?” Xiao Bojian’s voice was husky from their recent activities and release.

The woman harrumphed in a charming manner and directed a pout with her full, red lips at Xiao Bojian, “How heartless, Sir Xiao. You didn’t even me rest for a bit. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll change my mind and refuse to tell you anything?”

Xiao Bojian suddenly let out a sinister smile. The gap between the darkness in his eyes and his ethereal features made the woman drunk on his beauty.

“Are you really not going to tell me, Madam?”

The woman looked his body up and down with a seductive gaze, and caught hold of his face, “I can’t bear not to tell you, thanks to this face of yours.”


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