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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator is a Webnovel completed by Misty Snow-capped Mountains, Xue Shan Lan, 雪山岚.
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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
Chapter 225: Keeping Her Behind (1)
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This time, Xiao Bojian had actually sent a proper message for once. What he had written on that note actually wasn’t flowery professions of love this time, but since he had ‘cried wolf’ so many times, it wasn’t surprising that Chu Lian didn’t even want to look at it.

The contents of that note were related to Chu Lian’s father.

Through sheer luck, the normally idle Second Master of House Ying, Chu Qizheng, had somehow gotten a proper fifth-ranked position that in reality was just a cushy job. Not only that, but he seemed to have gotten connected to the Pan Estate somehow.

There was definitely something up considering how abnormal this situation was. Xiao Bojian had just wanted to inform Chu Lian of this news and ask if she had any idea what was going on. Unfortunately, that little paper note had already gone up in flames.

When Xiao Bojian noticed that he’d been clenching his fists this entire time, he realised that he was starting to lose his patience.

The Autumn Examinations!

This year, no one was going to stop him. He had put up with so much these past ten years, all for the sake of finally showing off his brilliance in court. He was definitely going to become the person who stood on that peak!

Chu Lian led her maidservants into Old Duke Zheng’s bedroom. At this time, Old d.u.c.h.ess Zheng and Matriarch He were both waiting for her in the outer room.

When she heard someone report that Chu Lian had come back with the food, Old d.u.c.h.ess Zheng couldn’t sit still any longer and quickly stood up.

Matriarch He gently rea.s.sured her, “Don’t worry, this old woman has faith in the cooking skills of Sanlang’s wife.”

Chu Lian was actually more anxious than the two elderly women. She even had a little doubt in her heart. Was Old Duke Zheng really going to be cured by just eating a tasty meal?

She was led to Old Duke Zheng’s bedside. Some maidservants had already set up a small table next to the bed. Chu Lian took the box of food from Xiyan’s hands and personally arranged the dishes one by one on the small table.

Chu Lian glanced at the unconscious Old Duke Zheng and frowned. Her s.h.i.+ny black eyes darted about, and then after a moment of thought, she began to speak in a soft, gentle voice.

“A superior man possesses extraordinary comprehension and intellect. His excellence within is displayed through his posture and actions without. To seek enlightenment from crabs, today we have offered up some oranges with crab inside.

“The cool of mid-autumn is when the taste of crabs and oranges are at their best. No wonder Old Duke Zheng has them in his thoughts. However, as a gourmand, Old Duke Zheng surely must have eaten many fresh crabs and quality oranges before. However, have you ever tried eating crabs and oranges together?

“This junior has a secret recipe here called stuffed orange with crab meat. With this method of cooking, you could say that the fragrance of oranges and the freshness of the crab have both been expressed to their fullest. Fresh and fragrant, paired with five other types of seasonings. For those who are unable to taste this dish at least once, it’ll be their life’s biggest regret…”

While Chu Lian was describing the dish, she opened up one of the stuffed oranges. The originally sealed aroma instantly drifted through the air and diffused across the room. The whole room was now br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a smell that was as fresh and fragrant as Chu Lian had described.

Furthermore, her speech was so tempting that even Old d.u.c.h.ess Zheng and Matriarch He, as well as the imperial physician waiting off to the side, had all secretly took a whiff and immediately had to gulp down their saliva. Of course, this also had an effect on the bedridden old duke.

Old Duke Zheng had still been in the midst of unconsciousness. Suddenly, his eyelids twitched and he opened up his wrinkled old eyes.

Although his pupils seemed a little misty at first, they quickly sharpened. He wrinkled his nose, as if detecting the smell of good food in the air.

When he finally distinguished what that aroma was made of, his old eyes shone with a new light. Old Duke Zheng struggled to sit up, shouting with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Quick, quickly! Help me up!”


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