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Read TranXending Vision Chapter 807 – Female Corpse and Container

TranXending Vision is a web novel produced by Li Xianyu, 李闲鱼.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel TranXending Vision Chapter 807 – Female Corpse and Container

It was a day of worry and anxiety for Xia Lei.

Anjum Khan bribed the security guards of the biotech company. He had successfully got in the company but he was restricted to the lower-level areas. He was only able to access areas that the guards were able to.

Anjum Khan sent Xia Lei a few photos that he took. A lot of surveillance cameras could be seen from the photo. The security guards guarding the higher-level areas were not wearing their uniforms. As identified from the photo, Mighty Biotech was not an ordinary pharmaceutical company. It wouldn’t make sense for a regular company to have this many security guards around.

Xia Lei stayed the night in his office to wait for updates on Anjum Khan’s operation.

“If Amanda was alive, it would be much easier.” Xia Lei thought of Amanda as he waited for news. Amanda was the hacker in the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team. All it took was a computer and an internet cable for her to hack into the most secure locations. The death of such a talent was a huge loss to the Chinese Battle Team.

He also thought of Liang Siyao and Long Bing. They had professional hackers working under them but they were all agents from Bureau 101. It was a risk to ask them to support Anjum Khan’s operation.

Beep… Beep… Beep…

The satellite phone that was placed on the desk rang.

Xia Lei’s thought was interrupted. He immediately picked up and asked, “What is the situation now?”

Anjum Khan’s voice rang from the satellite phone. “I’m on the thirtieth floor now. I’m currently scaling the building.”

Xia Lei could hear the wind blowing when Anjum Khan talked.

Xia Lei was shocked. “You climbed thirteen floors with your bare hands?”

“I’d have taken the elevator if that was an option,” said Anjum Khan. He had such a dry sense of humour.

Xia Lei smiled wryly. “Be careful. This company is not an ordinary organisation. Abort the operation once you face danger. We can think of other ways.”

“Don’t worry, boss. From what I heard, this company is indeed abnormal, but it’s not as powerful as you think. Their security guards are all hired from the same security company. I can handle them,” said Anjum Khan.

“Every security guard is hired by the same security company? Are you sure?”

“Some are ex-soldiers, but they are not a threat to me. Oh well, I have to head in now. I’ll contact you soon. Anjum Khan hung up the phone.

Once again, it was a long waiting process.

After ten minutes, Anjum Khan called again.

“I’ve knocked out two security guards on the thirtieth floor, and I’ve entered their core area,” said Anjum Khan.

“Be careful of their surveillance.” Xia Lei reminded Anjum Khan.

“I’m currently in their control room. The two guards that have been knocked unconscious are the guards in this room. Wait…”

“What did you find?” Xia Lei was anxious.

“I saw her, Ning Jing. Wait. Let me take a photo for you.”

Xia Lei received a few photos from his satellite phone. He was shocked as he saw the photos.

The photos were taken from the surveillance cameras. It was a bit blurry but still viewable. The first photo was showing a laboratory with a few staff wearing antibacterial clothing. Ning Jing was also in white antibacterial clothing. She stood in front of a metal bed as if waiting for something.

The bald old man, Nahar was also in the photo. There was a large gla.s.s container in front of him. The container was filled with red liquid. The liquid was transferred from the wires and pipes that connected to it. A figure, apparently a woman, could be seen in the gla.s.s container. She was soaked in the blood-red liquid. However, her face could not be seen.

The last two photos showed two female corpses. One of them was a blonde western woman. She was tall and well-proportioned, with a muscular body. She was probably a sportswoman. She seemed young, in her mid-twenties. Another corpse was an Asian woman. She was pet.i.te with delicate facial features. However, she was not a frail-looking woman. Her muscle density was much bigger than most men. She was very young, around twenty-five years old. Delicate face, with superb muscle definition. She was a Macho Queen in real life.

A Western woman, a sportswoman that could be an athlete. An Asian woman that could have undergone weight training or combat training, with a muscular body. Both of them died at such a young age. Xia Lei was curious upon seeing their corpses. At the same time, he felt sorry for them. After all, they were two beautiful women.

A huge question appeared in Xia Lei’s mind after looking at the photos. The two women who were in the large gla.s.s container and Ning Jing. What was their relations.h.i.+p?

There must be a connection between them, or else Ning Jing would not have gone there from China.

“Boss, have you seen the photo?” Anjum Khan’s voice rang.

Xia Lei snapped back to his senses. “Yea I saw them but I still don’t know what to make of it. How much longer can you stay there?”

“Around ten minutes,” said Anjum Khan. “I’m not sure what to do now. I’m near to the laboratory but I’ll be found if I go in. I can knock down everyone in the laboratory and get Ning Jing out of there if you want.”

Should he get her out?

Xia Lei hesitated.

Xia Lei knew that Anjum Khan had the skills. It would only be too easy. He could instruct him to do so. However, would Ning Jing be willing to do so? It was truly bizarre. She went from China to India, then to appear in a laboratory with corpses in a mysterious biotechnology firm. Would she be doing this without reason? He was afraid that if Anjum Khan took her out before he found out the truth, it would lead to an undesirable result.

“Boss?” Anjum Khan called Xia Lei when he wasn’t replying for a long while.

Xia Lei sorted out his thoughts. “Don’t take her. Leave her there. Copy the surveillance footage of the lab and give it to me. It’ll be a bonus if you can find out what they are doing there.”

“Alright, I’ll try.” Anjum Khan hung up the phone.

Once again, it was a long and anxious waiting process. After half an hour, Xia Lei had the idea of calling Anjum Khan. However, he was afraid that he was sneaking into an office to steal the materials and his phone call would expose him.

“I need a hacker. It was easy to find a hacker but it was impossible to let him join the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team. Some of the things that I’m doing cannot be exposed. Well, I should learn to be a hacker.” This thought popped into Xia Lei’s mind during the waiting process.

He had some software knowledge during his stay in Germany to steal Josef’s intelligent lathe technology. Then, during his stay at Rheinmetall AG, he had also learned the knowledge in this area. However, what he learned was related to electrical engineering and software engineering. He had never learned to be a hacker.

It only took him a few minutes to turn his idea into action. Shortly after, he phoned Long Bing.

“Yawn… It’s so late now. What’s the matter?” Long Bing answered the phone with a languid voice but warmth and joy could also be heard from the voice.

“Are you acquainted with hackers? Knowledgeable ones.”

“Why do you need the hacker?” Long Bing was suddenly sobered.

“I’m not asking for a hacker. I want to learn to hack. If there’s a person who can teach me, I’ll be able to grasp on it faster,” said Xia Lei.

“Oh, that’s why you’re asking for a hacker. No problem, I have men who know about hacking,” Long Bing said while yawning.

“Ask him to bring some books regarding hacking when he comes over tomorrow.”

“Alright… Oh yeah, why are you still up? It’s late now.”

“I can’t fall asleep.” Xia Lei didn’t tell her about Anjum Khan’s operation.

“I can’t sleep after your call. What should I do?”

Xia Lei smiled. “Just rest your eyes. I can’t sleep either, how can I help you?”

“Oh well, then you may continue with your stuff. Good night.” Long Bing hung up the phone.

Doot… Doot… Doot…

Anjum Khan called as soon as Xia Lei hung up the phone.

“Boss, I’ve left.” Anjum Khan’s voice rang.

“What took you so long?”

“I snuck into an office. I realised that it was the office of the CEO, Nahar when I saw the photo and the name tag on his desk. I’ve got the materials you want.”

“That’s great. Please send it to me immediately. If it’s in paper form, please take pictures and send it to me.” Xia Lei was impatient.

“There’s too much. I need a computer to do so. There is a computer in Nahar’s office but I’m afraid you would be investigated if I used it,” said Anjum Khan.

“You handled it well.”

“Boss, are you sure you don’t want me to extract her? I’m getting very weird vibes from the place,” said Anjum Khan.

“No need, send the materials to me and continue to monitor the company. Let me know if she comes out. If Nahar comes out, try to approach him and set up a bug on him,” Xia Lei instructed Anjum Khan.

“I got it.” Anjum Khan hung up the phone.

Once again, he had to wait. However, Xia Lei wasn’t anxious anymore. He felt closer to the truth. He might be able to piece the puzzle together once he received the material.


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