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Tang Yuyan and Long Bing left but the special forces remained at his residence. Half of them guarded the Peace Mansion while another part guarded the Thunder Horse Military Factory. Though the general hadn’t met Xia Lei personally, he was aware of their duty. They were here to protect him and the Thunder Horse Organization while keeping a close eye on him.

There was an air of love and wholesomeness in the bathroom.

Liang Siyao helped Xia Lei scrub his back then lathered his hair with shampoo. The product dripped on her body unintentionally, turning her into a glistening figure.

“Is Sister Fan Fan alright?” Liang Siyao was worried. “I tried calling her earlier in the car but her phone was turned off.”

“I’m not sure but there’s nothing to worry about. I’m certain she’ll be alright.” Xia Lei continued, “If they’re convinced that the AE capsules exist, the person they should look for is me.”

The woman huffed a sigh. “I really hope she’s okay. I’m worried about her.”

Xia Lei stood up slowly. “I’ll have someone check on her tomorrow. I’ll tell you as soon as there’s news.”

“Okay. Wait, don’t move. I’m not done yet.” Liang Siyao pressed him down. She continued to ma.s.sage his scalp diligently.

Xia Lei obediently sat on the plastic stool she prepared. “Siyao, there will be a lawyer coming tomorrow to settle my will. I need you to keep it well.”

“No!” Liang Siyao smacked his back. “Do not bring up anything about the will.”

However, Xia Lei grabbed her feminine fingers. “Siyao, listen to me. Even if you don’t wish to prepare yourself for my doom, you need to be considerate of our children.”

Liang Siyao froze. There was a momentary pause before she laid herself against his back. Her moistened smooth skin and her warm body were pressed tightly against his skin. The fragrant shampoo followed the curves of his hair and dripped onto the both of them. Liang Siyao desired security from the contact of his warm skin. Unfortunately, instead of feeling safe, something else overwhelmed her. Her chest heaved and her breathing was rapid.

“Siyao?” Xia Lei noticed the abrupt change in her demeanour.

“I’ve been through so many hards.h.i.+ps with you and yet you might still abandon your child and I?” Liang Siyao’s eyes were red with unshed tears. She choked on her next words. “Promise me… Promise me that you won’t leave us behind, please?”


“Promise me.” Liang Siyao hugged him tighter. The force she had exerted was as if the woman was trying to envelop him into her body.

Xia Lei nodded. He suppressed the sorrow within him and offered, “Siyao, let me help you with your hair.”

“No, I want you to wash my feet. When you washed my feet the other day, it felt really good. Come, wash my feet for me.” Her voice was soft.

Her legs were the most beautiful out of Xia Lei’s flowers. Liang Siyao loved to have him wash her feet because the action would allow her to offer her very best to Xia Lei without doing much.

The woman plopped down onto the plastic stool and stretched her legs forward. Her legs were dainty and delicate. It looked like it was carved from the finest ivory in the world. Everything about it was just right, a little more meat would look chubby but a little less meat would make her look too thin. The jade-like skin covering her muscles were translucent, letting some of her darker blood vessels to peek through from between the fragrant foams.

“Are you going to keep staring and do nothing?” Liang Siyao’s voice was fleeting and teasing. It was gentle and very alluring.

“Nope! I’m not going to wash them!” Xia Lei changed his mind and immediately pulled her into his embrace.

The showerhead continued to rain on them while their scattered clothes on the floor outside silently told of a story children were too young to listen.

One hour later, Liang Siyao was asleep. The smile on her face was blissful and content.

Xia Lei tucked her in and left her room. The earlier rendezvous made him feel better. It cleared his head and allowed his brain to return to its original sharp state.

He entered his study and sat in silence, before pulling out the satellite phone used to communicate with the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team. The man dialled for Sa’im.

“It’s me.” Xia Lei spoke in a low voice.

“Boss, we’ve retreated.” Sa’im voice rang through. “There are special forces and agents from the Bureau 101 all-around your house. We cannot continue to stay in Jingdu.”

Xia Lei replied, “I know. All of you need to lay low for the time being. By the way, do you know where my father is?”

“I don’t know. Has he left?”

“Yeah, probably did so last night.”

“Your father hasn’t contacted us yet.” Sa’im continued, “But I know he wasn’t going to stay put forever. If he wants to leave, no one can stop him. Boss, do you need us to locate him?”

“No need. Since he hasn’t told me where he was going, it’s clear that he’s trying to hide his tracks. I’ll let him be for a while and continue to wait for his news. If you learn anything new, inform me immediately,” uttered Xia Lei into the device.

“We know that you’re in trouble now. If you need any help, feel free to instruct us. Also, I’d like to tell you something…” Sa’im paused in hesitation.

Xia Lei urged, “Go on. You’re free to tell me anything.”

Sa’im went on, “Boss, you’ve managed to acc.u.mulate wealth that could last you forever. I feel like there’s no need to keep handling your military factory anymore. If this goes on, you’ll be stuck forever. How about you leave China now, buy a small island and live a hidden luxurious life with all of your lovers? Isn’t that better?”

Xia Lei huffed a bitter chuckle. “I’m not producing weapons for the sake of money but I understand your sentiment. I’ll leave when the time is right, not now.”

“Alright then, boss. We’ll keep in touch, farewell.”

“Wait.” Xia Lei halted him. “I need to ask you something.”


“The woman I had you follow earlier, Zhu Xuanyue, where was the last time your men spotted her?”

“In Was.h.i.+ngton. But you know…”

“I know. That’s all I needed to know. Keep in touch, goodbye.” Xia Lei hung up.

Immediately after their call, Xia Lei retrieved his hacking computer from the safe. Sa’im may have lost Zhu Xuanyue, but Xia Lei still had his ways to find her. He was going to utilize his hacking skills for that.

Though Sa’im knew a thing or two about hacking, his skills paled tremendously compared to the late Amanda, let alone Xia Lei who was basically unstoppable. Xia Lei’s brain was like a supercomputer, along with his fundamentals and learnt hacking techniques, Xia Lei had the ability to locate Zhu Xuanyue in America from his study.

Zhu Xuanyue was a ticking time bomb he planted in America.

The Americans were eager to force him into submission and Lockheed Martin’s CEO, Folsom, had delivered a splendid first attack. It was about time he did something about it.

Aside from the black-robed man and Zhu Xuanyue, there was no one else on this planet that could attack him and escape unscathed.

The study was a calming silence. The hacking computer whirled quietly while Xia Lei’s fingers furiously danced across its keyboard, entering commands in a flurry. His speed was so fast that the only thing you could notice about his fingers were the shadows it lagged behind. The harmony between his brain, his mind and his fingers was the peak of human capabilities. If something required ten minutes to be completed by other hackers or even experts of the field, Xia Lei would only need one minute.

Ten minutes later, his fingers began to slow and the screen was now filled with security footage. Those were footage from Was.h.i.+ngton city’s traffic monitoring system. He even had a facial recognition software running in the background. The software was busy at work, searching for a match among the occurring different faces.

Xia Lei had chosen not to hack into Was.h.i.+ngton’s police monitoring system and decided to stay away from the CIA network. Tracks left behind would be inevitable and that would have him traced and locked down instead. Hence, he chose the traffic monitoring system which had a relatively low protection level for safety concerns.

Minutes ticked by, the facial recognition system ran its rapid course within all of the traffic monitoring records. However, the heap of information was too immense. Zhu Xuanyue was still not found even after half an hour.

Xia Lei was bored from waiting. Left with nothing else to do, he grabbed a pen and a few sheets of paper to draft his will.

The first one would be for Liang Siyao and her child.

The second one would be for Jiang Ruyi and her child.

The third one would be for Fan Fan and her child.

The fourth one would be for Long Bing and her child. Though Long Bing wasn’t pregnant yet, Xia Lei was confident that she would carry his offspring with time. This was also why he wrote one for her even if she wasn’t pregnant.

His four lovers and their children would receive fifteen percent of Thunder Horse’s original share each. If the organization had maintained its current scale and no major changes were to be made to its a.s.sets, they would obtain approximately fifteen billion in a.s.sets. As the Thunder Horse Organization continues to grow, his lovers and their children are bound to receive more.

The fifth one was written for Xia Xue. The man decided to give her thirty percent of Thunder Horse’s original share. After all, Xia Xue was his biological sister and was a daughter of the Xia family. If his death was untimely, she would become the new owner of the Thunder Horse Organization. Her sister in laws would most definitely help her.

In the last will, he left ten per cent of his shares to the people who had helped him establish the business. Guan Lingshan, Zhou Xiaohong, Qin Xiang, Lu Sheng along with Annina and Sylvia. He hadn’t forgotten to include the White Hun tribe in Afghanistan. Szlamy would be receiving a generous amount of a.s.sets.

But of course, this was just the drafts. Many of its details still required a lawyer’s service to complete.

It took him an hour to finish off the draft.

However, the facial recognition software still hadn’t found a match.

When Xia Lei decided to leave his seat for some coffee, the facial recognition software had focused on a face and a notification was triggered. Match found, one hundred percent certainty!


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