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Chapter 28: Successful Entry

Translator: Vicky_ Editor: Vicky_

As Hans’s words resounded around the room, the entire environment became really awkward.

Both Li Du and Hannah understood that this bast*rd was speaking nonsense, so they started trying to argue with him. Hans was a person who lived off of his communication skills, however, so the two found themselves completely defeated.

After a final round of bullsh*t from Hans, the two found themselves somehow engaged. Thus, they both felt an unnatural fear of Hans. Li Du immediately tried to drag Ah Meow back to their room.

However, Ah Meow was still in the middle of finis.h.i.+ng the tuna, so it continued trying to resist.

Li Du angrily slapped its b.u.t.t and yelled, “Food, food, food! All you know how to do is eat! In that case, you don’t need to sleep with me tonight.”

“Then you can let Hannah accompany you in bed,” quipped Hans.

“F*ck you.” By now, even the normally gentle Hannah had been pushed to the edge by Hans.

“You can do that with Li!” Hans wickedly retorted. “I’m your brother, so you can’t do that with me.”

With that, Li Du completely disregarded Ah Meow, and directly turned and left.

Even now, Hans continued his shameless ramblings. In this world, a shameless individual was truly undefeatable.

Seeing Li Du leaving, Ah Meow picked up the food and immediately ran after him. Despite wobbling horribly, with hops in between steps, Ah Meow’s speed was still quite fast.

The next day, Li Du woke up early, and went out for a run.

Using the little bug made him realize that he had to increase his stamina, and exercise his body, in order to better use the ability of the little bug. After a series of experiments, he found that, although he would become very tired, it wasn’t just that the little bug took away all his energy, but that it took a physical toll on his body.

He returned from the run just in time for Hannah’s breakfast.

Antic.i.p.ating what she was going to say, Li Du directly got to the point: “Hans was drunk last night, so everything he said was under the influence.”

Hannah gave him a quick smile. “If he didn’t meet you, then that guy would eventually become an alcoholic. So he’s really lucky that, thankfully, you’re in his life.

“Li, my brother told me that you are full of talent in the treasure hunting business, and that you are aided by a mysterious power. Hans really likes you. He really enjoys working with you.”

“It’s only became we’re lucky,” Li Du shrugged.

“Hans doesn’t think that. He clearly understands your value, which is why he wants us to get together.” Hannah shook her head. “But, Li, although we live together, we really don’t have any feelings between us past those of friends.h.i.+p.”

“There’s no need to explain, Hannah,” smiled Li Du. “I understand that you are a kind girl. I will keep your help forever in my heart.”

“Li, what I want to say is that you are a great man, and if it weren’t for some boy already, I would probably already have a crush on you.”

“Some boy?” Li Du asked in a gossiping tone.

“You can probably guess who; it’s Stephen Chandler,” Hannah said with a cheerful smile. “Although he hasn’t gone out and said it, I can tell that we both like each other.”

Chandler was the guy that helped them a.s.semble the Harley. Hannah and him had been cla.s.smates in both elementary and middle school.

As Hannah continued her story, a breakfast that consisted of eggs, sausage, toast, and milk was soon ready.

After eating a bit, and preparing the full course for Hans and Li Du, she left for work.

Li Du watched as the car drove away until a voice suddenly interrupted him: “Poor guy, it seems that you’ve been turned down.”

As the voice spoke suddenly, Li Du was really started. When he turned around and saw Hans, he angrily retorted, “I really am quite pitiful, but that’s because you startled me.”

After finis.h.i.+ng their meal, Hans went to find more information about other auctions while Li Du practiced his abilities.

In the afternoon, Hans returned, but this time, he had two enchanting girls with him.

“Here, pick one, our heartbroken boy,” Hans encouraged. “This is Terabel, who’s got a great body, and that one is Susana, who’s unmatched with her mouth skills!”

Seeing the two girls giving him the eye, Li Du felt somewhat helpless and directly went upstairs.

“My beauties, whoever kicks it with my buddy, I’ll give you an extra two hundred in tips. In addition, let me tell you, he’s still a virgin,” Hans added.

“Is there really a virgin that’s over twenty in this world?” the red-haired Susana laughed.

“I swear that he is; otherwise, I’ll give you both five thousand!” vowed Hans.

The two girls’ eyes immediately started s.h.i.+ning, closely following Li Du’s movement as he went into his room before locking it.

As Hans pounded on the door, he threatened, “Yo, buddy, if you aren’t going to come out, then I’m going to enjoy a threesome.”


“Sh*t, why aren’t you interested in girls?” Hans murmured, “You aren’t gay, right?”

“F*ck off!”

Hans normally slept in the living room, so it wasn’t long before a series of arousing sounds started from that direction.

Ah Meow looked outside with a very curious gaze, as if it wanted to jump through the window and find a way to watch.

Li Du threw the ball outside, and Ah Meow didn’t even hesitate before jumping out the window and running after it.

Listening to the battle occurring outside, Li Du could only helplessly sit in his room. Now that he had some extra cash, it was probably time to move to a better house.

After an entire afternoon of craze, Hans seemed even weaker than Li Du after using his bug. His legs shook as he walked, causing Li Du to stare at him in shock.

However, Hans was still very trustworthy. After a night’s sleep, though he still seemed quite tired, he nevertheless took Li Du to the Phoenix branch of the treasure hunter a.s.sociation.

When they walked into the lobby, a Mexican guy came toward them. He asked with a chuckle, “Are you still looking to join the a.s.sociation?”

It was Lucas, who knew of the denial they faced last time.

“Isn’t this our all-knowing Lucas? Um, why are you here? Looking for insider news?” Hans pretended to be very surprised.

“Make sure your information is clear this time, don’t mistake a Yamaha piano for a bike again,” Li Du said, acting as a sidekick with an extra punch.

“You two idiots, how did your mother birth two clowns like you? No more bullsh*t—you still haven’t got the rights to enter the a.s.sociation!”

“Lucas, they fulfilled requirement. They got a bunch of stamps from Havasu that sold over 28,000,” the chubby attendant from last time corrected.

“What? Were they really that lucky?” Lucas’s face quickly turned dark at this news.

Shaking his head, Hans replied, “No, but we’ve got ‘insider information.’ You must understand what insider information is.”

“F*ck you two b*tches, f*ck off,” Lucas cursed.

“We can’t do that because I still need to help Li Du fill out the forms,” Hans replied, shaking his head. “But, you can stay to watch, if you want.”

“That’s right, come celebrate with us,” Li Du smirked. “If you act nicely, I might even give you some ‘insider information.'”

Lucas’s eyes turned even deadlier before he shoved Hans away and left.


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