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Read Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 492: So It Was You

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Chapter 492: So It Was You

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Staring at the computer screen, staring at the online game interface, and staring at the cubes onscreen and the weapons contained in each cube, Li Du held back what he wanted to swear out loud: F*cking r.e.t.a.r.d!

These were indeed storage units, but what kind? The kind in games! The storage units in those online games! Definitely not the real kind that they need!

Hans could no longer hold it back: “Buddy, is there something wrong with you?”

The young man looked shocked and then gave them a wry smile. “How do you guys know? Yes, I’m socially handicapped and also have some endocrine-related issues.”

Hearing this reply, Li Du was flabbergasted.

Hans was also stunned; he said listlessly, “I’m talking about mental—you’ve got a mental problem, for sure!”

The young man shook his head vigorously. “No, I haven’t got any mental problems. I’ve gone for a check-up—the doctor said I’m very normal.”

“F*cking quack doctor!” Hans whispered to Li Du.

“The storage units you’ve been talking about,” Li Du said, “are those in there?”

“Yes, World of Warcraft. Look, I have many roles and a total of ten storage units. I’ve got lots of good stuff in there—I even have DNF. The storage also has… Hey, what’s the matter? Why are you guys leaving?”

Li Du and Hans left. It was rude of them, but if they stayed, they wouldn’t be able to hold their punches—and that would be much worse than being rude.

Noticing that they looked irritated, Big Quinn asked, “What happened, Boss? Did he ask for a crazy price?”

Li Du shook his head.

“The units are all full of trash?” he asked.

Li Du continued to shake his head.

Big Quinn knew not to ask anything else.

Hans could not help blurting out the truth: “F*ck, that *sshole showed us the storage units from his online game!”

Big Quinn and G.o.dzilla cracked up.

“Never mind,” Li Du said bitterly. “Let’s go look for my fellow countryman. He’s got gifts for us.”

Chen Haonan was eagerly antic.i.p.ating their arrival. Ever since he’d gotten the call from them, he’d been sitting by the oak tree at the entrance facing the road. When he saw their truck, he jumped up and gave a whoop of joy.

The four of them got out of the truck. Chen Haonan broke out into an angry outburst, as though the Revolutionary Army had just seen the Red Army, and said as he took Li Du’s hand, “Hey hey hey, you ‘re finally here. Gosh, what’ve you been busy with all this time? Why haven’t you come to see me for so long? We’re fellow countrymen! We’re of the same race! We’re all descendants of the dragon—the future hope of society!”

Li Du broke out in cold sweat.

G.o.dzilla rubbed his nose and said, “This friend of Boss’s reminds me of Lu Guan.”

Li Du’s eyes lit up; he patted his shoulder and said, “Chen, later I shall introduce a friend to you. You’re sure to hit it off with him.”

“Another fellow countryman?”

“No, a foreigner, but a very chatty one.”

Chen Haonan knew what he was trying to say, and gave him a wry smile. “I’m not too fond of socializing with the foreigners. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so lonely. Sigh. Anyway, I don’t like hanging out with these foreigners.”

Li Du patted his shoulder, “This foreigner is different. I suspect he’s actually a Chinese man who only looks white on the outside. You’ll know what I mean when you meet him later. You have much in common with him.”

Lu Guan liked to spout nonsense, and so did Chen Haonan. Both were chatterboxes who could not stop once they started speaking. Besides, Lu Guan liked Chinese culture, and Chen Haonan could help him out in regards to this.

Chen Haonan liked to chat about Chinese stuff, and Lu Guan wanted to learn about such things. They would be a great match for each other. But, that was for later.

As they entered the villa, Chen Haonan pointed at a wooden rack and said, “Here, take your pick. Take whatever you like—as many as you want.” His earnest invitation was not just to Li Du, but also for Hans, G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn. “Come, two brothers, I make some big ones for you. See, how’s this?”

The rack was an average man’s height, but around 15 feet wide. There were many hangers on it, and all types of bracelets dangled from them.

Li Du was not very interested in this stuff, and casually picked one. “This bracelet is not bad. I’ll take this.”

Chen Haonan said, “Take a few more. Take this—this was made from the scented rosewood. It will be more beautiful in a few years, and in a few decades, it could become an heirloom.”

Li Du could not wear too many; he was still wearing his Patek Philippe watch. But he thought his parents might like it, and picked out two more. “I’ll get one each for my parents.”

“And Sophie too,” Hans reminded him.

Li Du said in realization, “Right, and another for my girlfriend.”

“And your landlord Rose, she’s nice to you. That time in the casino, she went there to support you.”

Li Du hesitated; it was only right that he gave Luo Qun a gift. “Then add on one more?”

“Sophie’s parents may also like these things?”

That made sense. Li Du took out his wallet. “I’d better pay for them.”

Chen Haonan laughed out loud. “Pay? I made these out of interest, to give them to family and friends. But I’ve got too many in my house, and no one is interested. Take as many as you want.”

Li Du shook his head—these rosewood bracelets were valuable. Ding Xiaofeng’s estimation of them being worth 10,000 dollars each had probably been an exaggeration, but they would surely be in the region of 1,000 dollars each.

With the thought of Ding Xiaofeng, Li Du asked, “Have you heard anything from Ma Zhi-an?”

Chen Haonan’s grin widened. “I’ve been antic.i.p.ating your return, to share good news with you! Haha, guess what happened to Ma Zhi-an, that *sshole? Arrested by the police!”


“Yes! So f*cking happy that these American police have done a good deed!” Chen Haonan clapped his hands in glee. “Not sure what the b.u.g.g.e.r did—he’s always been very careful!”

Hans asked, “Can you guys speak English? I don’t understand!”

Chen Haonan’s English was only average, and so he preferred to speak Mandarin.

This time, because he was delighted over Ma Zhi-an’s arrest, he started speaking English for Hans’s sake.

After hearing him, Hans turned to look at Li Du. “Li, was this because of what you did?”

Chen Haonan looked at Li Du in shock. “Meaning?”

After some thought, Li Du told him about how Ma Zhi-an had been in cahoots with Ma Cheng and the others to cheat him, and how in the end he had called the police on them.

An agitated Chen Haonan said, “Such a thing happened? What didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“What’s so worth telling?”

“Totally worth telling! D*mmit, they were the reason I was forced to change my name! My name was ‘Chen Hao,’ but after this sc.u.mbag cheated me, ‘Chen Hao’ had such a bad reputation within the Chinese community in Tempe that I had no choice but to change it to Chen Haonan!”

“How did he cheat you?” Li Du asked.

Evidently, some parts of the past should not be revisited; Chen Haonan mumbled evasively, “Cheated me, that’s it. Anyway, it’s all in the past, let’s not talk about it. Come come come—let me give you all these beads! Haha, really, I’m so happy it’s you who has done me this huge favor!”


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