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Read True Martial World Chapter 322 – Luminous Moon against the Radiant Sun

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Chapter 322: Luminous Moon against the Radiant Sun

Being covered in metallic heavy armor and with the Totem beam sword in hand, Jun Yue looked like a war G.o.d.

“Yi Yun! I’ve conjured my Aspect Totem to fight you, even though I am one realm higher than you. You should be proud!”

Jun Yue’s voice resounded throughout the arena. It was a shockingly powerful.

“My Totem sword is 100% faster than my flying swords. Your movement technique is extremely fast; but now we shall see, how you are going to dodge my sword.”

As Jun Yue said this, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors began to cheer.

“Jun Yue! Attack!”

Many of them were shouting as the atmosphere went into a frenzy. In the world of warriors, nothing was more exciting than watching experts fight on the same stage. National pride also rested on the outcome of this battle, so their emotions were easily incited.

With the beam sword in hand, Jun Yue raised it above his head. Although he had an indifferent att.i.tude, he could not help but become intoxicated by the excited cheers.

He gave a deep roar as the 24 swords around him shot out like raindrops in a storm!

After Jun Yue conjured his Aspect Totem, the 24 swords were much faster than before!

Yi Yun constricted his pupils and quickly retreated.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The purple tungsten tiles where Yi Yun originally stood cracked. At the same moment, Jun Yue’s beam sword already came slas.h.i.+ng down at Yi Yun!

This sword had locked onto Yi Yun’s location and it came at him with an irresistible force!

Extreme Kill – Vault of Heaven Luminous Moon Sword!

The moment Jun Yue brandished his sword, Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered behind him, forming a emerald green phantom image that resembled the luminous moon.

The luminous moon dangling in the sky was covered in mist, making it look mysterious, as if it was something untouchable.

As for the Totem sword in Jun Yue’s hands, it suddenly rose up. The sword became like a light pillar, shooting straight into the clouds. This slash from the sword seemed to be able to split apart the vaults of heaven.

At this moment, Jun Yue’s domineering armor and his beautiful swordplay made a perfect combination. It created a strong visual impact, making the cheers in the crowd reach a crescendo!

Yi Yun’s mind was as still as water when facing this sword. With both of his hands holding the saber, he circulated his body’s energy as the Radiant Sun Qi began to burn.

Yi Yun knew that the Saber Truth’s 32 Words’ saber intent and the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ were not enough to withstand Jun Yue’s attack. Neither could they break through Jun Yue’s absolute defense.

Yi Yun sent his thoughts into the Purple Crystal, within the Purple Crystal’s core was a small flame, quietly burning.

This small flame was the pure Yang spirit Yi Yun had captured in the burning h.e.l.l.

The pure Yang spirit was a divine item that had been condensed from the infinite pure Yang essence within Fallen Star Gate. Even sages would find it difficult to refine it in a few hundred years alone. And now, it was sealed within the Purple Crystal, becoming the Purple Crystal’s own source of pure Yang energy.

“Your strength shall be given to me!”

In his spiritual world, Yi Yun looked straight at the pure Yang spirit within the Purple Crystal. His voice had a domineering aspect to it.

The Purple Crystal began to gather Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as energy began to rapidly circulate. With an explosive boom, what was at first a small flame quietly burning suddenly shot up!

Extremely pure Yang energy surged throughout Yi Yun’s meridians. At this moment, burning pure Yang Qi poured out from all of the pores of his body as he circulated the burning flame.

It was as if Yi Yun’s body had changed into that of the Sun.

The Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Reigning Supreme!

With the Sonic Deathblade in hand, Yi Yun’s slash was as if a mighty G.o.d had descended, as if a Sun had entered the mortal realm.

The Tang Valley image behind Yi Yun was like a huge picture scroll. It covered the entire arena. If one looked from up high, they would see that, above the arena’s dome, was a burning Yuan Qi flame.


Jun Yue was greatly alarmed but he still powered his Vault of Heaven Luminous Moon Sword and slashed at Yi Yun.

The Luminous Moon against the Radiant Sun, Metal against pure Yang!


A terrifying explosion happened and the world turned silent. The expressions of everyone present froze as they could only stare. They looked at the pure Yang flame, burning in the air. It was like as if a Sun had swallowed the luminous moon!

Metal melted while pure Yang Qi flared.

Jun Yue let out a deep growl as his Totem sword was split apart by Yi Yun’s slas.h.!.+

Yi Yun’s saber did not stop and carried on slas.h.i.+ng at Jun Yue’s armor. From his shoulder to his thigh, the saber slashed diagonally!


Jun Yue flew out and heavily slammed into the purple tungsten walls by the side of the Divine Wilderness Stage.

A foot-long purple tungsten wall was brought down by Jun Yue’s impact!

“Ka Ka Ka!”

Jun Yue’s battle armour was torn apart. His metallic armor could not withstand the burning power of the pure Yang energy. It began to melt from the middle while Yi Yun’s pure Yang saber Qi entered deeply into Jun Yue’s body, burning all his internal organs and meridians.

Jun Yue spit out a mouthful of blood as his face flushed red while his body trembled.

A b.l.o.o.d.y line went from his shoulder to his thigh as blood spurted out, but it was instantly incinerated by the burning hot armor.

Yi Yun’s attack had completely cut through Jun Yue’s flesh and ribs!

Besides his saber injury, there was the internal injuries caused by the pure Yang Qi. The injuries he suffered were horrible.

Yi Yun landed on the tip of his feet with the Sonic Deathblade in hand. The Sonic Deathblade was not covered in blood but had turned heated red from the pure Yang Qi.

The attack Yi Yun used was powered by the pure Yang spirit’s energy. As a medium between the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and the pure Yang spirit, Yi Yun had consumed a lot of Yuan Qi himself.

At this moment, the pure Yang Qi around him was still burning. The rising golden flames left a long trail from Yi Yun’s descent. They looked like the beautiful scene of a phoenix’s tail feathers fluttering.

The entire audience turned silent upon seeing this.

Especially the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors. They went from frenzied cheers to dead silence. Everything had happened in just a few seconds, resulting in many of their frenzied expressions still being fixed on their faces.

Jun Yue was defeated?

At the last moment, Jun Yue had conjured his Aspect Totem and went all out, but he still lost to Yi Yun even at his peak.

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors could not believe it.

Many of the obsessed girls that were crazy over Jun Yue still had their mouths agape.

Many of them had admired Jun Yue for a long time. He was the unbeatable war G.o.d in their hearts, but now, Jun Yue had been defeated.

“How was Yi Yun’s last attack so powerful?”

Many people were privately discussing. In the beginning, Yi Yun clearly could not cut through Jun Yue’s defenses, but his last attack actually defeated him in one strike!

“I do not know. Maybe this is his hidden move.”

People could only comprehend it this way. The pure Yang spirit was hidden within the Purple Crystal which was within Yi Yun’s body. When it spewed out pure Yang energy, it was not much different from the pure Yang energy that Yi Yun usually gave off. As such, no one noticed it. They only felt that Yi Yun’s Yang Qi’s purity and strength rose a level during this sudden explosive display.

Medical personnel rushed to the side of the stage and began checking on Jun Yue’s injuries.

Jun Yue’s was badly injured. In the last instant, Yi Yun was fighting against Jun Yue who was at his peak. He could not go easy or he would definitely be defeated.

“Yi Yun vs Jun Yue. Victor, Yi Yun!”

The Tai Ah Divine City law-enforcer announced the outcome of the battle. Even the law-enforcer, who was usually cold, was so excited that his voice actually trembled.

The victory in this match meant that the teenager group champion most likely belonged to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

After a few moments of silence, the audience burst out into a tumultuous cheer.

“Yi Yun! Yi Yun!”

The Tai Ah Divine City warriors were all shouting loudly. Their expressions were that of joy and frenzy!

From the beginning, as the Tai Ah Divine City warriors were lacking in strength, they did not bear too much hope. When they suddenly obtained the final victory, this unexpected joy made them become ecstatic.

“This kid sure fought well! Hahaha!” In the Elder stands, Cang Yan began laughing loudly. The grin on his face nearly reached his ear lobes. Yi Yun’s victory made this old man, who did not have much of an image, become highly conceited. He suddenly recalled something and looked sideways at the two Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders who previously looked down on Yi Yun. That expression seemed to read, “The two of you, shall we talk about my a.s.s from yesterday?”

The two Elders, whose expressions were already ugly, now saw Cang Yan’s wretched smile dangling in front of them like a chrysanthemum flower. It looked as if they had swallowed a huge house fly, and it was the type that had a green head.

They could only ignore Cang Yan. They knew that, the moment they responded, they would end up being ridiculed.

“Yi Yun really gave me a great surprise!”

Even the calm and indifferent Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord was in a good mood as he gave a heartfelt laughter.

Beside him, the Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner’s face was now gloomy.

The outcome of the battle had completely gone beyond his expectations.

He had originally proposed the alliance tournament because he knew of the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das’ few geniuses in the younger generation. They were invincible against their peers. And with the Tai Ah Divine City facing the pressure of the Shepherd Boy appearing within the borders of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, they had no way but to compromise.

However, now, Jun Yue’s failure was a severe blow to the Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner! With his loss, the plan of taking 60% of the seats came to an end.

The Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner took a deep breath and said to the middle-aged scholar, “The teenager group is just the beginning. Sir City Lord, are you not laughing too soon?”

The Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner did not mince his words towards the middle-aged scholar. He believed that, in the young adult and the overall groups, the Tai Ah Divine City did not have anyone left. Yao Dao and Yang Qian were far from enough. The Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das would sweep it all, leaving the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom with nothing.

Unfortunately, they had lost the teenager group. Although the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das would eventually win, the Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner could no longer laugh.

He had not expected someone like Yi Yun at all. If he knew about him earlier, he would not have separated the teenager and the young adult matches. There would only be an overall group and all the seats would be determined by the overall group’s results. Then, no matter how much of a genius Yi Yun was, he would definitely not be able to win against opponents 4-5 years older than him.

The middle-aged scholar laughed, “I do not ask for much. Your country aimed for the fact that in this year, our Tai Ah Divine City’s new crop has yet to come in to replace the old. And, with the pressure from the Shepherd Boy, you forced me to accept the proposed alliance tournament. However, now that the Tai Ah Divine City has won a third of the seats from your hands. Why shouldn’t I be laughing?”


The Seven Star PaG.o.da Owner snorted and remained silent. He had divided the cultivators into a teenager and young adult group so that he could showcase the strength of the Yun Long 72 PaG.o.das, but he had ended up lifting a stone only to drop it on his own feet.



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