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Chapter 381: Doubts

Seeing Yi Yun complete more than ten runic seals, with each of them being flawless, the middle-aged man beside Su Jie said in an incredulous manner, “Elder Su, did this disciple of yours truly learn the Desolate Heaven technique for just a few months!?”

He could barely accept it if a Desolate Heaven technique apprentice with a certain foundation accomplished this. It was too great an exaggeration for this to come from a beginner!

Su Jie did not say anything. After a while, Yi Yun had already completed more than 20 runic seals. The Mystic Crystal Hand had approximately a hundred runic seals. This meant that Yi Yun had already completed more than 20% of it, and it had been perfectly done.

“Do not tell me he will really complete it up to 40%&h.e.l.lip;”

Su Jie mumbled to himself. And following that, as it it was to confirm his speculation, one runic seal after another was sent out from Yi Yun’s hands like rain.

38, 39, 40&h.e.l.lip;

Although he had reached 40 seals, Yi Yun did not stop.

In fact, one did not have to send out all 100 runic seals from the Mystic Crystal Hand. Just 60-70 of them would be sufficient enough to refine a desolate bone relic.

Now, Yi Yun had already condensed nearly 50 runic seals. Another dozen or so runic seals would be enough to form the relic!

At this moment, other than the man surnamed Sun and his disciple, there were also a few other Desolate Heaven technique apprentices who were attracted by the commotion. They gathered around to watch.

Just the expressions of Su Jie and the middle-aged man were sufficient to make them wonder about what was going on.

And the disciple of the man surnamed Sun naturally became the person to explain the situation. When she finished describing the situation, everyone of them found it impossible to believe.

Slowly, more and more people gathered around. Yi Yun had already completed 55 Mystic Crystal Hand seals.

However, at this moment, as it was Yi Yun’s first contact with the Mystic Crystal Hand, he was unable to perfectly replicate the energy seals Su Jie had sent out earlier despite having seen them clearly. When the 56th runic seal was sent out, flaws and shortcomings began to appear.

Yi Yun’s mind churned. In the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, he had immediately noticed that the runic energy lines in these few runic seals were not as harmonious as the others.

“There is a mistake&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun slightly frowned. As this was his first time learning the Mystic Crystal Hand, he could not figure out where his error was immediately.

Slowly, Yi Yun’s motions slowed down.

Since he had made a mistake, it was meaningless to keep on persisting.

Even if Yi Yun sent out more runic seals and eventually condense a desolate bone relic, he had still made a mistake. The quality of such a desolate bone relic would deteriorate significantly. Even the effects of the relic would be problematic.

Many Desolate Heaven Masters apprentices would carry on even if they made a mistake. This was because completing a relic with flawed runic seals was not easy either. It would still be a proof of their ability.

However, Yi Yun did not want that. He wanted to be able to create a correct and perfect runic seal.

With that, Yi Yun quit.


With a loud crack, the runic seals burst in the air after losing their binding force. Colorful points of light scattered out, turning the scene into a beautiful one.

Many of the spectators were dazed seeing this.

“To form 56 seals&h.e.l.lip;” The disciple of the man surnamed Sun covered her mouth. This number was too ridiculous.

The youth’s talent had far exceeded her imagination.

“Junior Sister Lin Qing, you have been fooled by him.” A youth dressed in a green Desolate Heaven technique apprentice robe shook his head. “Just now you said that he has only learned the Desolate Heaven technique for a few months. That must be him lying. He must have had very long contact with the Desolate Heaven technique, if not he would not have such skillful control of energy. He may have good talent, but it is not to such an alarming degree. He lied because he wants to show off his talent.”

When the green-robed youth said this, many of the other disciples were enlightened. Right, who could guarantee that this kid was not lying?

In the Lin family, the younger generation that dabbled with the Desolate Heaven technique were always in a state of compet.i.tion to decide who was better. By competing, and being unwilling to surrender, they would have a driving force. The Lin family itself encouraged such rivalry.

If it was as described by the young girl Lin Qing, where Yi Yun had only learned the Desolate Heaven technique for a few months in the past, and had just now learned the Mystic Crystal Hand, then him completing 56 runic seals meant that calling him a monster was far from sufficient to describe him.

Be it Su Jie, Thousand Hand Granny or anyone else, all of these grandmasters in the Desolate Heaven Master world would be nothing compared to this kid when they were younger.

No matter how awesome you were, it was impossible for you to put these legendary figures underneath your feet. Hence, it was more believable that Yi Yun was lying.

When something could not be explained, people would often be inclined to believe what was most reasonable.


Lin Qing was slightly shocked and did not immediately react.

“Haha, Young Junior Sister Lin Qing, you are too naive. That kid most likely learned the Mystic Crystal Hand beforehand. He only managed to condense 56 runic seals, if it were me, I could easily condense 90. And I would even say that I learned the Desolate Heaven technique for only 3 days!”

The green-robed youth’s mocked. And with him saying that, many people erupted into laughter with him.

Many of them had already learned the Mystic Crystal Hand and were able to condense 90 runic seals. It was not hard. Some were even able to condense all of the runic seals, which was also nothing worth boasting about.

However, if they lied and said that they had just learned the Desolate Heaven technique, then it would be too ridiculous. It was like meeting a kid on the street who said that he had exceeded a youth Great Emperor. Who would believe that?

Even children knew how to make such a lie.

The discussion of these young boys and girls was naturally heard by Yi Yun.

It was normal for people to doubt. Yi Yun had told Su Jie how long he had learned the Desolate Heaven technique because Su Jie had asked him. If it was someone else who asked, he wouldn’t have bothered to answer them.

Yi Yun took no heed to what others were thinking.

“Elder Su’s disciple sure is a dragon amongst humans!”

The man surnamed Sun stood up and said with a smile. He did not declare whether he believed Yi Yun or not. What he said encompa.s.sed both possibilities while avoiding to offend Su Jie.

“Well&h.e.l.lip; it is okay.” What else could Su Jie say at this moment. He was inclined to believe what Yi Yun had said. Although the matter was a bit ridiculous, he could not say for sure if it was true or not.

After all, Yi Yun was his in-name disciple. If Yi Yun angled for undeserved fame, he too would not look good.

“Yi Yun, follow me.”

Su Jie waved his hand at Yi Yun. Yi Yun followed and walked into a side hall, leaving the group of people behind. They were discussing as they pointed fingers at Yi Yun.

“This kid is Grandmaster Su Jie’s in-name disciple?” People managed to get new information from Lin Qing as she was a person who answered questions if she knew the answer.

Su Jie was awesome, but an in-name disciple was of significantly lesser importance. Usually, in-name disciples would not learn skills that had value.

Amongst the spectating disciples, none of them were in-name disciples. In fact, most of them were personal disciples of grandmasters.

Their masters were not that much inferior to Su Jie, so their statuses were greater than Yi Yun’s.

“In-name disciples are sometimes worse than a medicine boy&h.e.l.lip; Then there is no doubt. Let us go, let us just treat it as a joke today.”

The green-robed youth said as he waved his hands to disperse the crowd. He was like the leader amongst this group of young adults.

“Little Junior sister Lin Qing, if you have any problems with the Desolate Heaven technique, feel free to ask me.” The green-robed youth said solicitously as he came to Lin Qing’s side.

Pretty female Desolate Heaven technique apprentices very easily attracted older Desolate Heaven Master apprentices for them to appear in the form of “Senior Brother”. Of course, those Senior Brothers who had extraordinary abilities, talent and good looks, would easily gain the wors.h.i.+p and admiration of many young girls.

Lin Qing was a bit perplexed. At this moment, Yi Yun had followed Su Jie into a chamber.

This was a bone refinement room for Desolate Heaven Masters. It was higher in quality than the previous hall.

There was a 5 meter long Desolate Heaven technique stone bench. There were all sorts of materials and bone refinement disk arrays placed neatly on it.

Under the stone bench, there was even a large, engraved array, which aided the Desolate Heaven technique in condensing the Power of Desolates.

Also this bone refinement room was independent. Naturally, an independent chamber for practicing the Desolate Heaven technique was much more comfortable than the noisy hall from before.

“Yi Yun, you can use this bone refinement room. There are still two months left until the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. In these two months, I too will need to prepare well. I do not have much time to teach you.”

Actually for the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, the compet.i.tion between the young apprentices was naturally not as important as the compet.i.tion for Su Jie and other grandmasters. As a result, Su Jie naturally had to prepare for it.



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