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Chapter 776: Establis.h.i.+ng Authority

Dong Hu was eyeing the relic in Yi Yun’s hand. He was not afraid of the injured Yi Yun. Even if Yi Yun was not injured, he was not afraid of him since he had three people on his side. Furthermore, Dong Hu had grown up in a Fey race tribal clan that was located in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Although the clan’s bloodline was average, members of the Fey race had naturally stronger bodies than humans, what more Yi Yun who came from a lower realm.

As for whether this matter would result in Luo Fengling’s unhappiness, Dong Hu was not worried.

A person like Luo Fengling was dedicated to cultivation. She came out of reclusion once every one or two years, and what she pursued was her entry into the Luo Divine Hall, becoming a powerful figure in the Luo clan. Compared to Luo Fengling’s martial path, the matters between them, the steward disciples, were completely trivial, so why would she care about it? 

Even if Luo Fengling came out of reclusion, they might not even be able to meet her. And even if they met her, it was impossible for Yi Yun to complain to her. Has it ever occurred where a court maiden complains to the emperor after a fight amongst court maidens?

There were always competing interests between disciples in a sect, it was extremely common. Dong Hu even wanted to take a slice of Yi Yun’s pie — the responsibility over the procurement of fire-elemental materials — in a bid to obtain some benefits.

“Kid, it’s your first time here in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Since you do not know your way around or don’t know anyone, you will be easily bullied. If not for that, you would not have been beaten up badly. I propose that you follow me and become my subordinate. I’ll promise your protection.” Dong Hu said with a chuckle. If this kid fell for it, he could help him feed the Fey beasts and leave the good procurement job for himself. He naturally did not mind protecting Yi Yun in that case.

In a faction like the Fire Cloud State, being alone was not easy. Taking in some minions allowed him to slowly prosper.

“Be your subordinate?”

Yi Yun played with the relic in his hand. In fact, Yi Yun did not care too much for the relic that Luo Fengling gave to him. If he was an ordinary late-stage Yuan Opening realm warrior, he would have cured most of his wounds by using this relic.

However, be it in terms of cultivation technique or nomological insights, including his Yuan  foundation or Dao Seed, they were incomparable to an ordinary warrior’s.

The more powerful a warrior was, the stronger their vitality was, so it was more difficult for them to suffer injuries. Correspondingly, once they were injured, the cost of recovery was also greater.

Such a relic could not have much effect on the heavy injuries that Yi Yun had suffered.

Yi Yun’s recovery mainly relied on the Purple Crystal. For the past few days, he had relied on the Purple Crystal to heal himself on the spirit cruiser, so he had already recovered a bit of his strength.

Although he had recovered a bit of his strength, Yi Yun could not use Yuan Qi to do battle. This was because the moment he used it, his meridians would be activated, causing a relapse of his old injuries. He might get a thrilling experience by using a move or two, but Yi Yun would have to pay a greater price after that, so it was not worth it. 

Although Yi Yun did not care about the relic, he did not plan on giving it to these villains.

“Your name is Dong Hu (Winter Tiger), I guess you were a tiger that gained sentience?” Yi Yun reb.u.t.ted, causing Dong Hu’s face to stiffen. Immediately following that, his expression turned ugly.

The Fey race was split into three major categories — Heaven Fey, Earth Fey and Ancient Fey.

The Heaven Fey was the n.o.bility of the Fey race. There were very few Heaven Fey in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, so they typically established large family clans, large sects or kingdoms.

For example, the Luo clan was a Heaven Fey.

All Heaven Fey species had a long history. n.o.ble blood flowed in their bodies which could be traced to primordial powerful figures of the Fey race. However, the richness in their bloodline differed considerably amongst offspring from different families.

If one’s bloodline was rich enough, they could awaken the powers of the primordial Fey race as they matured. This would then be no trifling matter.

The Heaven Fey were a higher level of existence in the Fey race. Their appearances tended to resemble humans. The babies they gave birth to were in the shape of human infants, so other than the difference in bloodline, they looked almost identical. Only very few members  with sufficiently powerful bloodlines could transform into an Ancient Fey. That would be their final combat form.

The second Fey race species was the Earth Fey, a species far inferior to the Heaven Fey.

They were actually originally beasts or plants. After experiencing a sufficiently long period of growth by absorbing the essence of the Heaven and Earth, they could suddenly achieve sentience one day. Slowly, they could cultivate in the Dao, eventually taking on human form.

They had equivalent intelligence as humans and they were considered half-human and half-Fey.

As Earth Fey bred, their numbers grew greatly, slowly resulting in the Earth Fey species.

The born offspring of Earth Fey would usually have beast-like characteristics. For example, the infants would have fangs, claws, fur, tails, etc. By slowly cultivating, they would completely transform.

Members of the Earth Fey had an innate inferiority complex when facing members of the Heaven Fey.

But compared to humans, they would have an innate sense of superiority.

The bodies of Earth Fey species were significantly stronger than human bodies, but&h.e.l.lip; their perception was inferior to humans. To put it bluntly, their intellect was worse than humans, so in terms of the creation of heritage, learning cultivation techniques or matters regarding nomological insights, they were inferior to humans.

The final third race, the Ancient Fey, were actually ancestors of the Heaven Fey species. They came into being from the condensation of Heaven and Earth essence right at the beginning of the Universe’s formation. They were the first lives in the Universe, and they were an existence that  were close natural G.o.ds.

The Ancient Fey had interesting legends to them. For example, Fey race legends speak of ancient Fey dragons or Bai Ze.

They could also produce offspring, but their ability to reproduce was dismal. The Ancient Fey were originally few in number, so as time went on, they turned nearly extinct.

Hence, when talking about the Fey race in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, only the Heaven and Earth Fey were typically mentioned.

The Fire Cloud State’s Heaven Fire Hall and Earth Fire Hall’s cla.s.sification also came from a result of the Heaven and Earth Fey.

Dong Hu’s family clan belonged to an Earth Fey species. Furthermore, his ancestor was a tiger, who lived tens of thousands of years ago and achieved the Dao.

This was not supposed to be a history worth flaunting, and not only did Yi Yun allude to Dong Hu’s humble origins, he even used the words ‘tiger that gained sentience’ instead of ‘tiger achieving the Dao’.

This was implying that they as members of the Fey race, they were a.n.a.logous to the spirits found in supernatural novels written by humans, so there was no way he could tolerate this.

Dong Hu was infuriated, while the girl named Bai Wei beside him began to chuckle. As she laughed at Dong Hu’s origins, she put on a look as though she was watching a good show, antic.i.p.ating how Yi Yun would put an end to this matter.

Was Yi Yun not afraid of death? Why did he dare to offend Dong Hu and Sun Lie despite being so seriously injured? In the Luo clan, battles between disciples were usually intense.

Dong Hu gave a nasty look after he was mocked by Bai Wei. As he looked at Yi Yun, he said ferociously, “You lowly human, you even come from a lower realm. You have no right to mock my ancestor. This is the first time I, Dong Hu, have come to the Fire Cloud State. I have all this power but with no way to show for it. Today, I shall use you to establish my authority!”

As Dong Hu spoke, he grabbed at Yi Yun. His body was large and muscular, and the hair on his body was extremely thick. He looked just like a tiger!

The Earth Fey species may have poor perception, but their physiques far exceeded humans’. Especially with Dong Hu’s ancestor being a tiger that achieved the Dao, his physical strength was extremely terrifying!

As he watched Dong Hu charge at him, Yi Yun retreated and in an instant, he took five steps back.

Although Yi Yun had recovered slightly, he did not dare to freely fight with others because it might cause his old injuries to relapse.

Against Dong Hu’s claw, Yi Yun circulated energy to his Dantian. “Whew!”

A beam of light shot out of Yi Yun’s Dantian, straight at Dong Hu!

This beam of light was Yi Yun’s Draco First True Gold avatar.

Yi Yun himself was injured so he could not fight, but he had recovered a minimal amount of strength. He could already barely use the Draco First True Gold avatar. As for the more powerful Demon G.o.d puppet, Yi Yun was afraid that he would lose control of the evil energy, so he did not summon it out.

As for Dong Hu and company recognizing the Draco First True Gold avatar, it was something that he did not need to worry about. If it was a Draco First True Gold in its most primordial state, there might be some well-learned members of the Fey race in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven who could recognize it. However, Yi Yun’s Draco First True Gold had already metamorphosed into a body of flesh and blood. In addition to the Azure Yang Lord’s refinement for tens of millions of years, even if weaker mighty members of the Fey race saw it, they might not be able to recognize the material of the avatar.

In a blink of an eye, Dong Hu did not even manage to make out the beam of light, but he did not lose his offensive momentum.


Dong Hu’s claw grabbed at the Draco First True Gold avatar’s chest, but before he could feel triumphant, he felt like he had grabbed a divine piece of metal. The force from his claw could not tear apart the Draco First True Gold avatar’s defenses.

“What is this?”

Dong Hu was alarmed. At this moment, the Draco First True Gold avatar punched Dong Hu straight in the face.

No matter how powerful Dong Hu’s body was, he was inferior to a divine material like Draco First True Gold. This punch resulted in a horrifying cracking sound.

Dong Hu’s vision turned black as his legs went limp. The immense momentum caused the tiles beneath him to crack, as he sunk into the ground.

“Oh? Such a hard head?”

Yi Yun was also slightly surprised. He believed that the Draco First True Gold avatar could smash Dong Hu’s skull to pieces with that punch. Even if the Fey race possessed a strong vitality, he would have to be bedridden for a month or two. He never expected that in that punch, the Draco First True Gold avatar felt an immense resistance. Dong Hu’s head could definitely be used as a hammer.

But even so, Dong Hu was in a daze from being hit by the punch and his mind was momentarily vacant.

The Draco First True Gold avatar leaped up at that moment and jumped right in front of Dong Hu, sending a flying kick at him!

This kick landed on Dong Hu’s face!

The Draco First True Gold avatar’s leg was too hard, so it smashed Dong Hu’s nose bridge in. Like a sandbag, Dong Hu’s ma.s.sive body was sent flying by the Draco First True Gold avatar with a kick. But suddenly, the Draco First True Gold avatar grabbed the flying Dong Hu’s ankle and smashed him down into the ground!


There was a resounding explosion as Dong Hu’s entire body was smashed into the ground. Many of his joints were broken, and he suffered ruptured organs and severed meridians. His injuries were probably not much lighter than Yi Yun’s.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Dong Hu screamed in the pile of rubble. Sun Lie and Bai Wei, who were watching by the sidelines, turned pale. They did not expect the sudden turn of events. The severely injured Yi Yun’s Dantian, who looked as though he was at Death’s doorstep, had suddenly produced a malignant star that flew out of his Dantian, brutally beating Dong Hu in the process.

“What is this thing? Is it a puppet or what?”


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