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Read Trump Card Warm Marriage Chapter 141 – Feng Hua made her move

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Read WebNovel Trump Card Warm Marriage Chapter 141 – Feng Hua made her move

Chapter 141: Chapter 141: Feng Hua made her move


President Yang was looking for Sheng Fenghua because he had something to ask her. When he pa.s.sed by the emergency department, he saw Ru Meng sitting on the ground with a face full of despair. He could not help but ask, “Madam, what happened to you? ”

Hearing President Yang’s voice, Ru Meng slowly raised her head and looked at President Yang. When she saw President Yang’s name tag, her eyes suddenly lit up with hope.

“You are the president of this hospital? ” Ru Meng stood up excitedly and asked.

“That’s right. What’s the matter? ” President Yang looked at Ru Meng and a friendly smile appeared on his face.

“Yes, yes, yes. My friend is sick and needs to undergo surgery. But Director w.a.n.g said that your hospital can’t do it? Aren’t you the best hospital in the city? Why can’t you even perform a surgery? ” Ru Meng was extremely emotional Whenever she thought about how her good friend was suffering from the pain of her illness and she was helpless, she would break down.

“Madam, don’t be agitated. Don’t be agitated. If you have anything to say, say it slowly. ” President Yang saw that Ru Meng’s emotions were a little over the top and immediately comforted her.

Yes, that’s right. Yang’s hospital was indeed the best hospital in the city, but it was only the best hospital in the city. It was not the entire country. Therefore, it was very normal that some surgeries could not be performed.

“My friend is in so much pain that she’s about to die. I can’t help but be agitated. ” Ru Meng grabbed President Yang’s hand and said, “President Yang, I beg you, I beg you to save my friend. ”

“Madam, don’t be anxious. Let go of her hand first. I have to know what illness your friend is suffering from, right? ”

“Previously, after taking a CT scan, director w.a.n.g said that there was something growing in her stomach that could only be removed by surgery. However, due to the location being more dangerous, the hospital did not dare to perform this surgery. ”

“I see. Then I’ll go and understand the situation first. Let go of me first, okay? ” President Yang once again tried to persuade Ru Meng to stop holding onto him. To be honest, even though Ru Meng was a woman, she had a lot of strength in her hands.

“okay, okay, okay. ” Upon hearing this, Ru Meng seemed to see hope. She followed behind President Yang and went to the emergency department’s Office again.

When the doctors in the office saw President Yang coming over, they all stood up and greeted him.

After greeting him, director w.a.n.g looked at President Yang and asked, “President Yang, why are you here? ”

“I was just pa.s.sing by and happened to into this lady. She said that her friend was sick, but our hospital was unable to perform the surgery. What exactly is going on? ”

Director w.a.n.g glanced at Ru Meng, then walked to the computer and turned it on. After he pulled out the CT image, he said to President Yang, “president, look. The thing is growing in this position. It’s very difficult to handle. If you’re not careful, the patient’s life will be in danger. ”

President Yang looked at the computer and fell silent. The position of the thing was indeed not good. Even he was not sure.

After pondering for a while, the image of Sheng Fenghua suddenly flashed across president Yang’s mind, so he decided to let her take a look at the situation. Perhaps she might have a way.

Therefore, President Yang got up and walked to the phone. He called the outpatient clinic and asked Sheng Fenghua to come to the emergency department.

Sheng Fenghua happened to have no patients. After receiving the call, she went straight to the emergency office.

“President Yang, you called me. ” Sheng Fenghua saw president Yang and asked with a smile.

“Fenghua, there is a patient here who needs to be operated on. The position is a little special, so we are not sure. Let’s see if you have a way? ” President Yang pulled Sheng Fenghua to the computer and let her look at the CT image.

Sheng Fenghua took a look and understood who the patient was. She turned to look at Ru Meng, who had been stunned by Sheng Fenghua’s arrival.


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