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Chapter 1439: Chapter 1438: Feng Lan’s third marriage


She hoped that everyone could be happy, just like her, Si Zhanbei, Si Mufeng, and Mei Ruolan.

As if sensing Sheng Fenghua’s emotions, SI zhanbei tightly held Sheng Fenghua’s hand and said, “wife, we will be happier than them. ”

“Okay! ” Sheng Fenghua glanced at Si Zhanbei and smiled, leaning her head on his shoulder.

After Si Mufeng’s wedding, old master SI’s last worries were put to rest, and he felt like he was going through p.u.b.erty.

He made an appointment with a few old friends and went on a trip. He said that he wanted to take advantage of the fact that Sheng Fenghua had not given birth to a child to have a good time. When she gave birth, he would not be able to play even if he wanted to. That was because he had two babies to take care of.

No one in the SI family objected to old master SI’s decision. He had worked hard for his children all his life. Now that his children and grandchildren were happy, it was time for him to go out and relax.

Old Master Si left for two months. Sheng Fenghua did not have to return to the mansion anymore. Whenever she had time, she would get together with Mei Ruolan and talk about children, beauty, and some topics that women were interested in.

Now that Mei ruolan’s belly was slowly growing, Si Mufeng did not let her go to work anymore, so she and Sheng Fenghua could be a good companion.

Because Sheng Fenghua’s home was closer to where Si Mufeng worked, Mei ruolan simply stayed at Sheng Fenghua’s home until when Si Zhanbei came back. Only then did she return to her own home.

At that time, Si Mufeng also came back, so it was just nice for the two of them to spend time together. Oh No, it should be a three-person world.

Initially, Si Zhanbei was still a little worried about Sheng Fenghua, worried that she would be bored when old master SI went out. Now that he saw that Mei Ruolan was accompanying him every day, he felt a lot more at ease.

Time pa.s.sed very quickly. Seeing that it was almost Sheng Fenghua’s due date, old master Si, who had gone on a trip, also returned.

He brought gifts for everyone, including the babies in their bellies.

It was rare for old master Si to return, and it was also a, so everyone discussed and decided to have a family dinner.

This time, they did not go to the hotel outside. Instead, they placed the dinner in the SI family mansion and invited the chef outside to cook.

That afternoon, the Si family members returned to the mansion one after another. The first to arrive was Si Muyuan. Speaking of which, ever since she was pregnant, she had never returned to the mansion. So, it had been almost four months.

This time, Zhong Zhiyun accompanied her. Ever since she was pregnant, Zhong Zhiyun had also stopped thinking. He broke up with the mistress outside and wholeheartedly stayed by Si Muyuan’s side.

He didn’t know if it was because she was pregnant, but Si Muhuan’s temper was much better. She was no longer like before, always throwing a Tantrum and making trouble for no reason.

This kind of Si Muyuan made Zhong Zhiyun like her more and more. In addition, the Zhong family’s two elders saw the child in Si Muyuan’s belly, so Zhong Zhiyun didn’t dare to treat SI muyuan badly.

Not long after Si Muyuan arrived, Sheng Fenghua and Si Zhanbei also arrived.

When she saw Sheng Fenghua, Si Muyuan took the initiative to greet her and shouted, “be careful of her feet. ”

She wanted to help her up.

However, she was a pregnant woman herself. Who would dare to let her help her up. Therefore, before she could get close to Sheng Fenghua, Zhong Zhiyun pulled her back and said, “honey, you’re pregnant yourself. Be careful. ”

Si Muyuan heard Zhong Zhiyun’s words and glared at him. She clicked her tongue and said, “I’m still young this month. I’m fine. ”

“You still have to be careful! ”


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