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Read Trump Card Warm Marriage Chapter 237 – Chapter 237: Feeling Uneasy

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Read WebNovel Trump Card Warm Marriage Chapter 237 – Chapter 237: Feeling Uneasy

Chapter 237: Chapter 237: Feeling Uneasy


The female comrade’s face was a bit unsightly. She was about to flare up, but when she remembered how the people from the Public Security Bureau were afraid of Si Zhanbei just now, she could only suppress her emotions and signal the people behind her to pa.s.s the medicine to the waiter.

The waiter quickly wrote down the number and returned the medicine to the few of them.

After taking the medicine, the few of them did not stay any longer and planned to leave. Unexpectedly, Feng Rui suddenly walked over and said to the few of them, “comrades, I’m sorry, can I have your names and contact details? ”

He had just gone to the Party and rushed back after hearing about what had happened here. Now that Sheng Fenghua was not here, as the director of the company, he could not let these people leave without any reason. Otherwise, how could he explain to Sheng Fenghua?

“Who are you? ” The female comrade was stopped again and again. She was very unhappy and asked coldly.

“I’m the person-in-charge of this shop, Feng Rui, ” Feng Rui said with a smile and introduced his ident.i.ty.

“You’re the person-in-charge? ” The female comrade looked at Feng Rui up and down, not believing his words.

At this moment, Feng Rui took out a business card from his body and handed it to the other party. “This is my business card. If there’s anything, you can contact me. ”

After taking the card, the female comrade finally believed Feng Rui’s words and said, “we’re from the quality supervision bureau. My surname is Huang. As for the phone number, I think you should know. ”

After saying that, the female comrade glanced at Feng Rui and Si Zhanbei, then left with her subordinates.

Outside the pharmacy, Bai Feifei and Ceng Wen sat in the car. Ceng Wen saw a Cai and his two subordinates enter for a long time without coming out. He was originally a little anxious. Later, when he saw the people from the Public Security Bureau, he became even more anxious.

However, there was no joy or anger on Bai Feifei’s face. Her gaze was always at the entrance of the pharmacy, waiting for Sheng Fenghua to be arrested.

But time pa.s.sed bit by bit. Not only was Sheng Fenghua not arrested, but even the people from the Public Security Bureau did not come out. As for the people from the Quality Supervision Bureau that she had found, they came out, but there was no result on their faces.

It was only then that Bai Feifei started to panic. She looked at Ceng Wen at the side and asked, “Ceng Wen, are the people you found reliable? ”

“Of course they are. Why would you ask that, Feifei? ” Ceng Wen looked at Bai Feifei in confusion. A Cai and his two brothers were reliable people.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked them for help.

“They haven’t come out yet. I’m worried that something might have happened, ” Bai Feifei said her worries. Sheng Fenghua had turned the tables over and over again. Her heart had long been traumatized.

“Why don’t we go in and take a look? ” Ceng Wen suggested when he saw Bai Feifei’s worried look. In fact, even though he said that those people were reliable, he was also worried.

Now that they were sitting here, they had no idea what was going on inside. If things went wrong, they wouldn’t know either.

After listening to Ceng Wen’s words, Bai Feifei thought for a moment and finally nodded.

She couldn’t see Sheng Fenghua being arrested, nor could she see her own people coming out. Why wouldn’t she feel at ease if she didn’t go in and take a look?

However, what Bai Feifei and Ceng Wen didn’t know was that the comrades from the Public Security Bureau didn’t come out because they were interrogating the two men.

Although Si Zhanbei had knocked them out previously, he had acted appropriately. Not long after the security guards brought them down, they woke up.

Coincidentally, the people from the public security bureau had also come.

When they saw the people from the public security bureau, the two men immediately panicked and became afraid.

They had never thought that Sheng Fenghua would actually call the police.


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