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Chapter 237: Don’t Think Too Highly of Yourself

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Huaisheng brought Mu Sisi to the Chutian Hospital. Initially, he wanted to bring her to the nearest hospital as Mu Sisi was losing a significant amount of blood and the wound seemed severe, but Mu Sisi refused stubbornly because she did not trust those hospitals and said that Chutian Hospital had excellent facilities, famous doctors and suited her status.

Mu Huaisheng was surprised that Mu Sisi still had the energy to bother about this type of trivial matter. He complied to prevent her from making noise.

However, when they reached Chutian Hospital, Mu Sisi was making noise again as they had to queue for registration.

“How could they make me wait? Can’t they see my wound was so severe?” The blood on Mu Sisi’s face had almost dried up, leaving traces of it on her fair cheeks and making her looked malevolent.

“I asked you to register for emergency treatment, but you refused and insisted on seeing a specialist.” Mu Huaisheng was restraining his temper. “Someone would be examining you now if you were to register as an emergency case.”

“Those would be one of those interns, would I feel rea.s.sured if I were seen by them? Didn’t you see that my wound is open?” Mu Sisi was pointing at her forehead. “If it was not treated properly due to lousy suturing skills, what should I do after being left with an ugly scar? I come here to see a good doctor, why should I be the subject of practice for an ordinary intern? I provided them with the opportunity to practice, but who can guarantee they would have the required expertise? I’m not poor, why should I allow those interns to examine me?”

An intern who was attaching with the director pa.s.sed by and heard her words when they were waiting outside. The intern inadvertently took a glance at her.

“What are you looking at!” Mu Sisi’s anger was. .h.i.tting its peak now. After she was bullied by Gui Rongxuan, she came to the Chutian Hospital, but did not receive any preferential treatment and had to queue with others, this made her became more and more incensed. “I’m talking about you and your fellow interns, don’t refuse to accept it!”

The female intern blushed after seeing her rude att.i.tude, but she dared not show any bad att.i.tude toward her. It had nothing to do with the money, she was scared to be tagged as a healthcare worker who had a bad relations.h.i.+p with the patients.

She endured the Mu Sisi’s rudeness miserably with a blush and decided not to bother herself by arguing with her. She walked faster to get away from her. After she was far away, she then mumbled to herself, “If the interns don’t have the chance to practice, how can we become a good doctors? Do you think all the famous doctors came out of nowhere?”

People sitting beside her in the queue could not stand her. “What is this young lady talking about? Does she have manners? Which patient here is neither rich nor come from a good background? You could easily meet the richest person from a certain region if you just walk a few steps around. If you randomly knock and open the door of any ward, there would most probably be a prominent government official inside. It’s not only you who have a high status here, don’t think too highly of yourself, such immaturity!”

Mu Sisi clenched her teeth and pointed at her wound. “Look at my wound, shouldn’t I be upset? I’m suffering such a severe injury, but I still have to wait for the queue here, don’t you all feel embarra.s.sed to let me queue? You all claimed to be from a country that values etiquette and courtesy, but why am I not seeing any?”

“Don’t just criticize us as though you’re not Chinese.” Another middle-aged man said unhappily, “Just now your brother said that if you’re worried then just go to the emergency department, there will be doctors there to treat you, but you refused and chose to wait. Since you trust famous doctors so much, you need to wait then because many others want to see those famous doctors as well. You’re not their friend nor relative, on what basis should they give you preferential treatment?”

“You——” Mu Sisi raised her chin. “I’m indeed an American citizen!”

She turned her head around and grabbed Mu Huaisheng’s arm. “Brother, please go and find Brother Chengzhi, he’s a good friend of Chu Zhaoyang who happens to be the boss of Chutian Technology.”

When Mu Sisi was talking, she proudly glared at the two persons who lectured her just now and continue talking, “I just need a word from him so that I can see the doctor immediately. Just a sentence would do, right? They do not have the social connections or special relations.h.i.+ps, so they think others are the same as them! There are many rich people around, but they are divided into different, we have to look at the social circle to see whether we’re from the same cla.s.s. The parvenus could only socialize with other parvenus. Besides money, they have nothing else, of course they have to wait in line.”

The two men snorted, they had started to view her as a mentally ill person and were lazy to continue quarreling with her. On the other hand, they thought the other person involved had the same opinions as oneself and started chatting happily. It felt like they had known each other for very long and it was nice to meet each other finally.

Mu Huaisheng annoyedly flung her hand away. “Since you have the strength to go crazy, then your injury is not that severe. If you’re really hurting, why would you care about who is seeing you? You would be okay with it, as long as there’s a doctor! Stop embarra.s.sing yourself here, are you not satisfied with losing face in front of Qi Chengzhi only, now you’re trying to be a disgrace here and make people laugh at you. Don’t you have a little self-respect?”

Mu Huaisheng laughed uncontrollably out of exasperation. “You still want me to ask Qi Chengzhi for help? You have disturbed their lives to that extent, and you still dare to ask for their help? However, after hearing what you said, I’d like to know that if I call him to ask Chu Zhaoyang for help, and tell him that you’re injured and you’re currently in Chutian Hospital now, would he simply request Chu Zhaoyang to chase you out and forbid all the doctors to see you in the future?”

Mu Sisi’s lips were trembling due to anger, they were twitching right and left repeatedly.

At this moment, the door of the consultation room opened and a nurse carrying a patient’s folder came out. “Why is it so noisy? This is a hospital, please keep quiet.”

When the nurse was talking, she intentionally stared at Mu Sisi and Mu Huaisheng.

Mu Sisi almost lost her temper but was pulled back by Mu Huaisheng.

The nurse stopped staring coldly at them and turned to look at the middle-aged man who lectured Mu Sisi a while ago. Her stare returned to normal again. “Senior Official Xiao, it’s your turn.”

The middle-aged man nodded and stood up. He then snorted softly at Mu Sisi and followed the nurse into the room without saying anything further.

What did Mu Sisi say just now? Parvenus did not have anything else besides money, even rich guys were divided into depending on their social circle.

The snort of the middle-aged man at this moment was clearly implying that Mu Sisi was the parvenu compared to him.

Mu Sisi’s face turned completely red, it was hard to discern whether it was due to her fury or embarra.s.sment, since her face was covered with blood. Mu Huaisheng felt that she was blus.h.i.+ng because of her anger, since she had never felt embarra.s.sed in her whole life before.

After a while, the middle-aged man came out, and the other man who lectured her earlier entered. From the way the nurse addressed him, he was also an influential person.

The middle-aged man shook hands with the other man and they exchanged contacts. He smiled at the other man and said, “I’ll contact you in the future and we’ll have a good chat!”

“Sure, sure.” The other man nodded with a smile and entered the consultation room.

The middle-aged man turned around and left. When he pa.s.sed by Mu Sisi, he stopped, turned his head and stared down at her.

A moment ago, Mu Sisi was not aware of his imposing manner, but now that he was standing right in front of her, she felt a little hard to breathe due to his aura.

The middle-aged man pouted. “Young lady, there’ll always be someone better or more powerful than you, don’t think too highly of yourself. Some people did not argue with you because they didn’t take you seriously, not because they were afraid of you. You think that you’re very powerful, but many people know it’s not the case. You are quite obsessed with yourself, but in the eyes of others you’re not precious at all.”

The middle-aged man had had enough life experience to know that Mu Sisi would not heed his advice, so he did not stay to listen to her retort and left straightaway.

Mu Sisi clenched her teeth madly and glared at the middle-aged man’s back. “Who is he! Who does he think he is to lecture me like that, even my parents have never talked to me in such a way, how could he! He’s so good at criticizing me, don’t you think he was also thinking too highly of himself!”

“Enough is enough, how are you able to quarrel with all the people you meet no matter where? Does a person whom you would admire exist? He said nothing wrong. There’s no need to talk about the whole country, there are already plenty of people more powerful than the Mu Family in the capital. There are times when you must be submissive and compliant. Besides, we’re coming from another place and haven’t fully settled ourselves. At first, we had the Qi Family to support us, but you have offended the whole of Qi Family. You’re making enemies everywhere, one day you’ll offend someone you can’t afford to, then I’ll see how you’ll be finished off!” Mu Huaisheng said impatiently. If it were not for her injury, he would have left already.

“How could you keep scolding me? Look at my face, I may be disfigured, how am I supposed to have a good mood? How could you do this to me because of two total strangers? Compared to those strangers, aren’t you supposed to be concerned about me first? Look at my wound and consider my mood, can’t you please comfort me?” Mu Sisi felt angry and wronged. She was suffering like this, yet Mu Huaisheng did not offer her any kind words and even reprimanded her coldly.

“Where did you get this wound from? Isn’t it because of your arrogance and rudeness that offended others? If you apologize earlier with a sincere att.i.tude, would she beat you? You were the one who simply threw your shoe and almost hit her, it was your fault from the beginning, why are you still finding excuses! Mu Sisi, when will you start to admit your mistakes and recognize your wrongdoings, and stop blaming others for your mistakes?”

Mu Huaisheng could not take her anymore, he was casting pearls before swine with his advice, her brain seemed to be lacking a type of nerve for reasoning.

“I’m not wrong, why should I apologize! It was her fault, she beat me up just because we had some dispute. She is a shrew with no manners at all! If my face is ruined, I’ll make sure she compensates me with a new face!” said Mu Sisi fiercely.

“Alright, I’ll stop arguing with you about this.” Mu Huaisheng was dumbfounded by her extent of obduracy, he had no idea what she was thinking in her head. “Why were you at the entrance of Chengs.h.i.+? Why did you go there? Were you disturbing Song Yu again? When would you allow them to live peacefully? I need to work, I am busy expanding our business in Asia and don’t have so much time to look after you. How could you be so immature? You’re already a grown-up, why don’t you have some common sense and wisdom? You said you want to work, no problem, I offered you a job hoping that it would make you live your life more fully and think less about improper matters. I would offer you even the most important job if you could let go of the things that should be let go of, but look at what you’ve done!”

Mu Huaisheng’s expression changed suddenly. “Were you finding Song Yu because you wanted to tell her about the bankruptcy of the Song Family?”

Mu Sisi was looking downwards blankly for a moment, her big eyes were rolling left and right in the sockets. She suddenly looked up and straightened her neck, then she asked with a sharp voice, “So why did you also go to Chengs.h.i.+?”

“I’m the one asking you now,” replied Mu Huaisheng with a deep voice and glared at her.

Mu Sisi and looked at Mu Huaisheng scornfully. “Come on, Mu Huaisheng, you’re not a child anymore. We’re not playing some childish game that requires the person who was asked first to answer first before asking another question. Why did you go to Chengs.h.i.+? Were you looking for Song Yu?”

Mu Huaisheng’s kept quiet as his expression became stiff and gloomy. He was exhaling heavily through his nose.

Mu Sisi pouted for a moment and stared at him mockingly. “Are you falling for Song Yu? She is your good friend’s wife, no wonder you are treating her so nicely. You were protecting her from whatever things I’ve done. Mu Huaisheng, you’re really something! Does Brother Chengzhi know about your feelings toward Song Yu?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You’re thinking of all those dirty nonsense every day, so you think others must be thinking the same as your filthy mind!” said Mu Huaisheng disgustingly.

“Look at you, you’re so emotional, are you feeling guilty?” Mu Sisi raised her eyebrows and snorted. “If you’re not falling for Song Yu, then is it Ruan Danchen you’re falling for?”

Mu Sisi simply said it without thinking much actually, but unexpectedly Mu Huaisheng did not reply to her and remained silent. His expression was still gloomy but he behaved like someone who was being seen through.

Mu Sisi was stunned, she felt her head buzzing painfully and she did not know whether it was due to her head being hit or that the information she had just gotten was too astonis.h.i.+ng. She felt like somebody was using a string in her brain for fluffing cotton.

“Mu Huaisheng, you’re really something! Unexpectedly, you took a fancy to Ruan Danchen. What did you say when I asked you about this last time? You denied it so quickly! Why aren’t you denying this time? Ruan Danchen is just a commoner from an alley without any background or status, you can toy with her but don’t think about getting into a serious relations.h.i.+p with her. Marrying her would be even more impossible.” Mu Sisi snorted scornfully. “That Ruan Danchen would be so happy now, she has managed to get close to the crown prince of the Mu Family. She’s good at scheming. Wouldn’t she try her best to bind herself to you and not let you go till the day she dies? After all, she would depend on you to live comfortably for the second half of her life.”

“That’s enough! Don’t apply your narrow-mindedness in judging others and think that everyone is as sn.o.bby as you are.” Mu Huaisheng warned her, “Don’t try to disturb her, she would never accept me because of you, Besides, my matters are none of your business, don’t try to get involved in it!” replied Mu Huaisheng furiously.

“How could you intervene in my matters, stopping me from finding Song Yu and Brother Chengzhi, but not allow me to intervene in your affairs?” Mu Sisi glimpsed at Mu Huaisheng, and said disdainfully, “Ahh, are you serious about this, you want to marry her?”

“Don’t talk rubbish——” The door of the consultation room opened again before Mu Huaisheng could finish his sentence and the man who chatted with the middle-aged man just now walked out of it, followed by a nurse.

The man took a glance at Mu Sisi and Mu Huaisheng and left without saying anything.

“What’s wrong with you guys? We could hear the sound of you quarreling outside from the room and it interrupted our consultation a few times. This is a hospital, please don’t make a racket.”

The nurse stared at them coldly and sternly, then looked at her folder and said, “Next, Mu Sisi.”

Mu Huaisheng accompanied Mu Sisi into the consultation room with a stony expression. The doctor in the room asked the nurse to disinfect Mu Sisi’s wound.

Mu Sisi was screaming in pain when the nurse was cleaning the blood on her face. “Please be gentler, is this how you take care of patients? Just now you were so good at lecturing us, how come your professional skills are so terrible? Are you only good at talking?”

The nurse pursed her lips indifferently and kept quiet. Mu Sisi shrieked when she applied a cotton ball soaked with alcohol to disinfect her wound, frightening the doctor and Mu Huaisheng.

“Why is your standard so low? Is it because you dislike me, so you’re trying to give me a hard time? I am going to file a complaint about you at the administration office!” Mu Sisi slapped hardly at the hand of the nurse and almost caused her to drop the forceps that she was holding.

Mu Sisi snorted. Wasn’t she very just now? She dared not utter a sound now, try to be again if you could!

“Are you done!” said Mu Huaisheng angrily. “Don’t purposely look for trouble here, if you do not want to see the doctor then I’ll bring you away, it’s your business if your face is ruined by the wound!”

He then looked at the nurse and apologized with a nod, “Sorry, this is her character, it is quite unreasonable, please don’t be offended by it.”

Mu Sisi twitched her mouth and sneered, but surprisingly she did not retort or say anything unpleasant.

The nurse nodded coldly and glanced at the doctor. The doctor nodded back at her to rea.s.sure her.

The nurse then suppressed her anger and continued cleaning Mu Sisi’s wound.

After all the blood was cleaned, the wound on Mu Sisi’s forehead was revealed. It was an open wound with the size of a one Yuan coin, and it was mangled.

Moreover, the wound appeared to be sunken.

The nurse was not too sure about it and let the doctor examine.

When he saw that Mu Sisi was behaving well, Mu Huaisheng took his cell phone out and went out of the room.

The doctor examined Mu Sisi’s wound and thought that it needed to be sutured. Therefore, he applied a layer of painkiller on the surrounding skin. However, the painkiller was unable to completely numb the pain, she could still feel the pain intermittently. Mu Sisi’s tears kept on rolling down when the doctor was suturing her wound.

After the doctor was finished suturing, Mu Huaisheng returned.

The doctor explained to them about the things that needed to be taken note of and the time for removing the suture.

Before the nurse bandaged her wound, Mu Sisi asked for a mirror first. When she lifted the mirror and saw the suture at her forehead, she screeched frenziedly, and almost threw the mirror away.

Although the suture was very neat and well done, but, in her opinion, it looked a centipede which was fixed on her forehead.

“Why is the wound so long? I was only knocked a few times by a shoe, how could it be so severe and even required suturing? What should I do if there is a scar after it heals?” Mu Sisi threw the mirror on the table.

“Your wound was so large like a big hole. If I do not suture it, you can just wait for it to rot,” said the doctor impatiently. “After I remove the suture, you can go for a surgery to remove it, so it’s not such a big deal to have a scar.”

“You make it sound like it is very easy, but can it be the same as before after the surgery? Scar removal surgery can only make it less obvious. After the surgery, it still needs to be covered up with makeup, but what happens if I remove the makeup? I plan to marry someone in the future! You have to compensate me for ruining my face!” Mu Sisi’s eyes were full of tears. She was very proud of two things in her life, one was her family background, and the other was her appearance.

“You should ask for compensation from the person who damaged your face. I’m only responsible for treating your wound and it’s not my responsibility to ensure that you look pretty after treatment. Besides, compared to worrying about the scar that hasn’t formed yet, why don’t you be more concerned about the hole on your forehead.” The doctor pointed at her forehead and said to the nurse, “Quickly bandage her wound, and call the next patient in.”

The nurse saw Mu Sisi touching her wound when she was walking toward her. Mu Sisi’s fingertips were trembling, the effect of the painkiller was not over yet and she could feel some p.r.i.c.kling pain, but the pain was still bearable.

She could feel the sunken part of the wound with just a touch, it was definitely more sunken compared to the surrounding skin.

“I have to warn you about this, don’t simply touch the wound. There are plenty of bacteria on your hand, what if your wound was infected? You couldn’t stand seeing a suture on your face and thought it had ruined your appearance, but if your wound is infected and become ulcerated, you should give up on having a decent look,” said the nurse who did not have any other choice but to take some alcohol-soaked cotton b.a.l.l.s to help her disinfect the wound again.


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