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Why Do I Stretch My Hand Out?

If it was on land, it meant that it was Edwy’s time to act. He immediately started to give out orders.

Maki and Chiharu were moved to an area that was about 100 meters away from the lake. Then a fan-shaped s.p.a.ce was created out from that point, and it was surrounded by soldiers. The birdfolk chased the gazers into it. A row of archers stood in front of Maki and Chiharu, and from there, they shot their arrows at the oncoming gazers. However, the gazers were very quick, and the arrows did not seem to find their targets.

Finally, a single gazer was struck by an arrow, and let out a dim light before disappearing. And with that, a magic stone fell to the ground.

“It disappeared.”

“Monsters are like objects made of miasma that have a will. They are made by G.o.d, but they are not living creatures, it seems. That’s why they leave the stones and disappear.”

This was explained to them by a young merman who stayed beside them as they watched in shock.

“Merfolk usually drive the monsters away. Or we just escape into the water. This is also my first time seeing a hurt monster disappear.”

For some reason, he said this with a pained voice.

Eventually, half of the gazers were gone. The remaining gazers that approached were now met by soldiers with swords. And the soldiers cut them down without hesitation.

Why? Why were they coming towards Maki and Chiharu? When there was only one gazer left, Chiharu suddenly felt an eye on her.

Above? She looked up to see a different gazer staring quietly at her. Why are you looking at me? Chiharu reached up with her hand. Maki did the same next to her.


The young merman asked quizzically. All the while, the gazer was descending and it was about to touch Chiharu’s outstretched hand. But then, there was a sound of something cutting through the air, and the gazer split into two pieces. A magic stone fell on the ground.

Ahh, why does my heart hurt?

“Chouze. Norfe. What are you doing? That’s a monster.”


Chiharu said without thinking.

“I see you still attract all kinds of things. I was so worried.”

Nyran said as he sheathed his sword. He touched Chiharu’s wet hair and looked at her for a moment before brushing it back.

Ahh. Merfolk. Gazers. How could we hide it in this situation? Chiharu looked at Maki and shook her head with exasperation.

Nyran brought his face close to Chiharu and whispered in her ear.

“The handkerchief on your forehead. And your wig. They have come off.”

Chiharu immediately brought her hand to her head. It must have been when she fell in the lake. Oh, no. It didn’t matter if they were disguised or not when around the merfolk, but with the soldiers…

Just then, they heard a shout coming from the front. The last monster had been slain.

“Maki-chan, what should we do?”

“I think you can faint, maybe.”


“Well, you were attacked by gazers and dropped in the lake and miraculously saved by merfolk, weren’t you? Even one of those would be a good enough excuse to faint.”

“Excuse to faint…”

Maki was laughing mischievously.



“Call me Amia.”


The young merman smiled gently.

“There are not many lakes and rivers in the dwarven lands, and so it was difficult chasing after you two. I’m glad you took the scales. It made it easier to find you.”

“Chase after us? How?”

“The world of water is much larger than what land-dwellers think. That’s how it is.”

“Well, thank you so much.”

“I am glad I could be of use to the beloved child. Maki.”


“Come to the merfolk island again. Promise me.”

Maki nodded.

“Now, Chiharu, you may faint.”

“What? What!”

“Hurry! I will cover you in a cloth!”

“Uh, alright.”

Chiharu let the strength go out of her and pretended to faint as she fell to the ground.

“Ryan! Ryan!”

“This young one has fainted from shock! You must help him!”

“(You’re a terrible actor, Amia.)”

“(So are you, Maki. Besides, they’ll just think merfolk are like that.)”

Edwy and Kaider ran to them first. Aeris followed them from behind.

“Oh, not, not Chih, ohh.”


“I am sorry.”

“I will carry him.”

Edwy quickly remonstrated Aeris while Kaider reached out to Chiharu.

“No, I’ll carry him.”


“I saw him collapse.”

“Alright then.”

“Maki, are you sure?”

Edwy asked with a puzzled expression. Maki nodded.

“Everyone, thank you for helping my younger brother!”

Maki thanked all of the soldiers with a loud voice.

“What a terrible thing to happen.”

“I’m glad he’s okay.”

The soldiers said. And then Nyran carried Chiharu to the mayor’s mansion. 

“So, you’re Amia, aren’t you?”

“And you’re the prince of Midland. You’ve grown.”

He had met Edwy and Arthur a long time ago.

“Do you think we could talk?”

“I have no business here now. I will be leaving.”

“Just let me ask you one thing. Is something happening that it was so important for you to protect them by traveling all the way here?”

“Why are the beloved children sent to the human territories instead of the other three? Think about it. Even within caverns underground, the monsters are excited. Excited with joy.”

“What do you mean?”

“This is as far as we can protect them. It is up to you now.”

Amia glanced back at Edwy once before returning to the lake without another word. Kaider looked confused as he asked,

“Edwy. What is going on? Who is the beloved child? Why were those two boys targeted?”

“I do not know. But…”


“But something is different.”

No matter how much Maki and Chiharu may want to hide it, it was not likely that they would be able to anymore.

“I will tell you what I know. But let’s clean up here first.”

“Very well.”


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