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Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife is a web novel completed by Zhao Zhao, 昭昭.
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T/N: Chapter sponsored by patrons, thank you for sponsoring! Do not read my translations outside of broken jinsei site! Jing Wan went to the main courtyard. Regarding this matter, she and Luo Old Madam actually didn’t utter a single word. Do not read my translations outside of broken jinsei site! Rather, Bai Yiniang can be said to be the most unfortunate one, and also the one that suffered the most. Originally, she was still wholeheartedly hoping for Luo Rong Yan to be able to come back and visit her, and to tenderly comfort her. She was also thinking of how to use this chance gain his pity. Unfortunately, no matter how much she thought, it was all pointless. Luo Rong Yan didn’t come back until nighttime, and was even completely drunk. He was directly sent to Falling Plum Residence. When the incident had occurred, it’s not even known whether the servant that went to find him reported the matter to him or not. Translations belong to broken jinsei! After Bai-s.h.i.+ heard this, she angrily threw a tantrum. All the things in the room were thoroughly smashed. And the people serving by her side were all subjected to her venting, and had the things directly thrown at them. It was already light to just get hit once. The closer the person was with her, the more severe their injuries were. Because of that matter with Cai Ling, it made her feel that no matter who she looked at, they were all conspiring behind her back. Her entire person already appeared somewhat deranged as she cursed and screamed.

Ping Yiniang who lived in the same courtyard remained silent, pretending to not hear anything, but Ji Yiniang found it somewhat unbearable. Although her two daughters also had their own courtyards, it was part.i.tioned out from this courtyard of theirs, separated merely by a wall. For Bai-s.h.i.+ to make a disturbance like this, it was very difficult for the two sisters to even pretend to not hear it.

Ji Yiniang was quite angered. If her two daughters were to be led astray, she will definitely tear apart that Bai-s.h.i.+ alive. But, Bai-s.h.i.+ right now was a lunatic, if she goes up to her door now, who knows what will happen. Ji Yiniang could only soundly swallow this anger. She then turned to go visit her two daughters. Translations belong to broken jinsei! If you have to say, similar circ.u.mstances have happened from time to time in the capital in quite a few upper cla.s.s residences’ rear court before. The truly lively place was still the third branch’s rear court.

Liu-s.h.i.+ had finally, with great difficulty, recovered a bit. But before she could even completely calm down, the servant came to report that third master returned, and moreover brought back a woman, a very beautiful woman! Do not read my translations outside of broken jinsei site! This kind of thing for Liu-s.h.i.+ was already the norm since long ago. Originally, she wasn’t that concerned about it. However, what happened next instead made her once again explode in anger. That woman didn’t come to see her first thing, and Luo Rong Ping even arranged arranged for her, her own courtyard. If it was just like this she probably would’ve just let it be, but Luo Rong Ping just had to send his own people to that woman’s side to serve too.

The women that have entered the third branch rear court in the past were usually all arranged however she pleased. The ones Luo Rong Ping cared about, at most he would just instruct a few words, but this time he instead explicitly showed his treatment towards that woman was different from the rest. He was protecting that woman. This was a never before threat. Translations belong to broken jinsei! Liu-s.h.i.+ toughened up her spirits. She sure wanted to meet that woman. Just what kind of national grace and divine beauty was she to have been able to let Luo Rong Ping, that man who viewed power more important than anything else, to no longer regard his reputation and tear his relations.h.i.+p with her.

Liu-s.h.i.+ brought along a bunch of people and grandiosely charged over. In the originally already well decorated little courtyard, the servants were all busily coming and going. When they saw Liu-s.h.i.+, quite a few people’s legs instinctively weakened. Those that were close by could only summon their courage to greet her. And those standing far away, seeing the unfavorable situation, just directly took another path. Translations belong to broken jinsei! In the outer room of the bedroom that was sorted out first, under the warm candle light, Luo Rong Ping was holding a woman in his arms, tenderly and carefully. Although that woman was still a bit far from a devastating beauty, she was certainly still a first cla.s.s beauty, gentle, coquettish, and helpless looking like a little bird. Her gaze towards Luo Rong Ping were deep with fondness and admiration, as if he was precisely her everything, without him, she was unable to continue living on alone. And that thick pa.s.sion and sweet affection between the two instantly pierced Liu-s.h.i.+’s heart painfully.

Before she married, although Liu-s.h.i.+ indeed didn’t fancy Luo Rong Ping, but after the matter became set in stone, she also fantasized before for her husband to be able to wholeheartedly treat her well, protect her, and pamper her. But unfortunately, after learning that his tongfang was pregnant, and that he was dead set on not letting that woman abort the fetus, and on the second day of her marriage, she had to promote that woman to a Yiniang, all her beautiful fantasy instantly shattered. Luo Rong Ping was the same as her, unsatisfied with this marriage. From the start, the two of them ‘respected’ each other like honored guest. Because both had their own needs, they only maintained that bit of feeling of husband and wife on the surface. Between them, afraid there wasn’t even a tiny bit of tender feelings.

“Master brought a person back, why didn’t you say anything to this wife? And now to even have master personally make arrangements, wouldn’t that be this wife’s misconduct? Seeing the two act as though there was n.o.body else around, whispering sweet things to one another, Liu-s.h.i.+ spoke out with a fake smile. Do not read my translations outside of broken jinsei site! That woman forcefully lifted her head as if she was startled from Liu-s.h.i.+’s sudden voice. Following which, she quickly got up, “This lowly concubine greets madam.”

The corner of Liu-s.h.i.+’s mouth twitched. Just as she was about to open her mouth, Luo Rong Ping finally lifted his head and swept a glance at her. A distinct coldness reflected in his eyes. “Careful, don’t harm the child in your stomach. Madam is a virtuous and magnanimous person. She certainly wouldn’t fuss over those rules and etiquette with you in this crucial moment.” Translations belong to broken jinsei! Just listen to what he was saying?! Whether she was truly virtuous or fake magnanimous, he, Luo Rong Ping, wouldn’t know? Treating it like she couldn’t tell he was sarcastically warning her!? She hasn’t even said anything, haven’t even done anything, and he was already s.h.i.+elding her! Furthermore, this woman was pregnant! In that instant, Liu-s.h.i.+ was so angered that she nearly had a heart attack. At the same time, there also seems to be a gust of cold air climbing up to her head from the bottom of her feet.

What kind of person Luo Rong Ping was, Liu-s.h.i.+ had always thought she knew very clearly. She’d thought that it was impossible for him to have real feelings for a woman, but now, reality gave her a slap to the face. It’s not that this man wouldn’t have real feelings, it’s just he still haven’t met that person yet. Although this woman in her eyes was just a sham, pretentious, and a vixen, but a man that was in love was impervious to reason. Something like ‘favoring the concubine and eliminating the wife’ could be very easily done. Even if it’s unknown as to how long this love of his can be maintained. Translations belong to broken jinsei! Liu-s.h.i.+ felt an unprecedented fear. She wasn’t certain how far Luo Rong Ping was willing to go for this woman. The only reason why she was able to establish herself in the Luo family, and do whatever she pleases in the third branch was because she relied on Luo Rong Ping’s indifference and apathy. Although she disdained it, and although she was unwilling to resign, she still had no choice but to admit that if a woman didn’t have a strong maiden family, to want to stand firmly in the husband’s family, they still had to rely on their own husband’s support. And once this man not only not support her, but even helped another woman, even if she had a thousand abilities and all kinds of tricks, it was all to no avail. Translations belong to broken jinsei! Compromise? Get off her high horse and compete for favor with these vixens, begging for his affections? She has been strong-minded for half her life, she wasn’t able to do it. Especially since she completely didn’t have any good feelings towards this man. There was completely no desire. She only wanted to monopolize him because she was his officially wedded wife. The things that belonged to her, even if she disdainfully didn’t want it, others still aren’t allowed to dip their fingers in either. Similarly, she monopolized him for the sake of her children’s future.

That woman lightly pushed away Luo Rong Ping’s supporting arm and embarra.s.singly pursed her lips with a smile, “Madam is virtuous, but this lowly concubine can’t become arrogant from being pampered and forget the rules.” She looked towards Liu-s.h.i.+, appearing like a weak willow in the wind, yet properly performed a formal bow. “This lowly concubine originally wanted to serve tea to madam, just going over at this time, was afraid would disturb madam’s rest, yet didn’t expect that it made madam personally make this trip. This lowly servant is truly at fault, still hoping madam would forgive.” Translations belong to broken jinsei! The corner of Liu-s.h.i.+’s mouth twitched. She had a feeling like she’d met her match. But this kind of opponent completely didn’t make one feel at ease. This woman in itself wasn’t easy to deal with. In addition to Luo Rong Ping’s bias help, to want to trample her to death, to want to eliminate that lowly seed in her stomach that might threaten her son, these were all very difficult things to accomplish. “Look at what younger sister is saying, I know that master loves younger sister dearly, so serving tea and what not, it’s just that, whether you serve or not doesn’t matter. You’re someone master puts at the tip of his heart, what else can anyone say. Your body now is heavy, it’s most important for you to properly take care. If you need anything, just need to tell me.” Do not read my translations outside of broken jinsei site! A concubine serving the main wife tea, that was right and proper. To not go through this process was like not getting acknowledged by the main wife, and that would be illegitimate. Even if she understood what the current situation was, Liu-s.h.i.+’s anger today was just too heavy. She really couldn’t help being sarcastic with her words.

Luo Rong Ping’s gaze towards her turned colder. Just when he wanted to open his mouth, that woman instead quietly tugged on his sleeve, “This younger sister is a newcomer here, so naturally need to trouble older sister. When the time comes, older sister better not disdain this younger sister for being troublesome.” She very perceptively followed along Liu-s.h.i.+’s words and changed her address. Translations belong to broken jinsei! Her movements looked obscure, but was clearly done for Liu-s.h.i.+ to see, so Liu-s.h.i.+ naturally wouldn’t miss it. She was stabbed by Liu-s.h.i.+, yet didn’t retort, further not letting Luo Rong Ping ruin the relations.h.i.+p between them as husband and wife for her sake. This kind of implicit display of patience, grievance, and tolerance contrasted Liu-s.h.i.+’s actions. Her image inside Luo Rong Ping’s heart instantly became even more beautiful and agreeable. In addition to his clear understanding of Liu-s.h.i.+’s ruthlessness, he naturally became increasingly disgusted with Liu-s.h.i.+. “Just serve the tea tomorrow morning. Also, the matters on this side, you don’t need to take care of. All expenses will come from my account. Wan Niang needs to take care of the fetus, so in the future paying respect will also be exempted. If there’s nothing else, you can go back first.”

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