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Read Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 140: My Friends By The Hills, How Are You Doing Today?

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Chapter 140: My Friends By The Hills, How Are You Doing Today?

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“Zhng…” A single string was strummed as the sound vibrated in the air.

“Boom!” Almost at the same time, a loud roar could be heard from within the Lightning Pools. Two of them started vibrating violently as bolts of electric energy coalesced around the pools.

The attention of the crowd s.h.i.+fted once more as they broke out in animated discussion.

“Quickly take a look. Tiger King has succeeded!”

“Indeed. He managed to activate two Lightning Pools!”

“Haha! That silly monkey took an entire day to tell his story in attempt to slander the Tiger King but it was futile.”

“The new King of Demons would clearly go to Tiger King now!”

“Once the Tiger King succeeds, this d.a.m.ned monkey would die a horrible death!”

The Sky Demon Tribe elders nodded their head gently as they bore forced smiles on their faces.

“Our friend Sun has failed this time. He failed to stop the Tiger King.”

“Ai, there’s no choice. It was just a story. Seeing as to how steadfast and determined the Tiger King was, he wouldn’t have been swayed by a mere story!”

“Looks like our hopes for our Queen to sit on the throne is gone!”

“For now, we should think of a way to rescue Xiao Qi!” Su Ling’er spoke out gravely.

“Zhng zhng…”

After the roars of thunder had receded, the sound of the Qin being strummed could once again be heard.

Soon after, Xu Que’s bright and high pitched voice rang out from his throat, “A pair of tigers, a pair of tigers, fell in love, fell in love. One without his ears and the other without his tail. It’s so strange. It’s so strange…”

Everyone around who heard this curled their lips as droplets of sweat started to form on their foreheads.

What on earth. The story was told to be in such a poetic way that would even manage to touch the audience. What was wrong with the song? Why did it sound so upbeat and joyful?

Where were the tears which he had promised?

Didn’t he promise a lovely and sorrowful tune?

Was this your d.a.m.ned sorrowful music which would evoke emotions and cause tears to fall?

Indeed, just as the audience was left speechless, Xu Que’s lyrics changed.

“A pair of tigers, a pair of tigers, fell in love, fell in love. Both of them were males, both of them were males, it’s so gross. It’s so gross…”

Once again, everyone around froze in shock.

Everything around the Lightning Pools was completely quiet.

The only sound that was left was Xu Que’s voice still singing as he repeated himself over and over. The more he sang, the more excited he sounded and the faster he sang.

The tune and lyrics were very simple but caused everyone around who heard it to feel at loss for words.

While Xu Que was playing the Qin, he imbued his One Star Musician ability into the notes. Hence, the music which he played was able to sway the emotions of those who heard it.

This came along with the fact that he had told a story earlier on and the lyrics of the song which went, “Both of them were males, it’s so gross…”

Based on this situation, this mental imagery and the music being played, a strong impression was ingrained on the minds of the audience. Everyone around could almost see a very life-like and realistic situation forming before their very eyes.

They all could see it. On a cold and quiet night, Second Tiger pushed open the door leading to Tiger King’s room. He then walked over to the Tiger King and removed the layer of clothes covering his back.

Soon after, something happened which is too inappropriate to be discussed. As a result, the Tiger King let out cries of pleasure and was so loud that the entire tribe could hear them.

Several breaths later…

“Chi chi!” Su Ling’er couldn’t contain her laughter as she covered her mouth with her hands. Tears were starting to form at the corner of her eyes as a result of trying to hold her laughter in!

She never expected this monkey to be such a great Alchemist and talented in so many other aspects. He was so witty to be able to base an entire story on how close the tiger brothers were. In fact, he even managed to compose a tune and lyrics based on it.

Soon after, the few Sky Demon Tribe elders were holding their stomachs and laughing hilariously.


“My friend Sun, you… You really have such a strange talent!”

“Aiyo… No. I can’t take it anymore… I’m going to die of laughter!”

The few of them were finding it extremely difficult to catch their breaths while laughing non-stop!

The rest of the tribes around them were trying to suppress their laughter out of respect for the Tiger King. Seeing as to how all the elders of Sky Demon Tribe were laughing out loudly, they too couldn’t hold it in any longer and broke out in unrelenting laughters.

The only group of people who didn’t laugh were those from Thousand Demons Tribe. They watched on as their vision started to turn dark, most of them nearly pa.s.sing out.

Second Tiger was clutching his chest as if trying his hardest not to vomit blood. His killing aura was emanating from his body as he glared at Xu Que.


At the same time, the Tiger King perched atop the altar felt immense anger welling up within his heart as his soul strength shattered from the lack of concentration once again. He looked down and saw that he had managed to activate two Lightning Pools. However, he had lost connection with one of them due to his lack of focus. The other was still successfully channeling electric energy with him via the altar.

However, this was still a failure to him. Along with the five waves of Tribulations and the one Lightning Pool which he managed to activate, he only had six points. This meant that he had the same points as Su Ling’er.

This meant that he failed to achieve victory over her!


In that moment, the Tiger King was enraged as he reared his head back and let out a huge shout. His eyes were bloodshot with killing intent as he glared at Xu Que down below.

He badly wanted to rush over to Xu Que and rip that darned monkey into pieces. He would then boil him even before he had the chance to die.

It was a pity that a huge surge of energy from the Lightning Pool was still connected to him. Before the channeling was complete, his body was still connected to it and his physical strength was still being tempered by the Lightning Pool. This meant that he couldn’t leave the altar.

Knowing that he was unable to leave frustrated him to no end. The rage in his heart was unrelenting and couldn’t be quenched!

Right at that precise moment when the Tiger King was fuming, Xu Que then stood up and held onto to the Qin with one hand, next to his right leg. He then turned towards the crowd and started waving his free hand, “Come on! Everyone sing along with me, hey! A pair of tigers, a pair of tigers, fell in love, fell in love…”

In the crowd, a Tribe of demonic humans which were half sloths and half humans were laughing so hard their eyes squinted so small, they looked like mere slits. It looked exactly like their eyes were closed and that they were sleeping.

Xu Que watched them closely before pointing them out and shouting loudly, “Fall asleep your sisters! Come on, and sing together with me!”

“Monkey, we… We weren’t sleeping. We were laughing too merilly…”

“Laugh your sisters. Quickly open your eyes and dance together with me! Sing along with me. Everyone sing together!”

As he spoke, Xu Que then picked up the Qin once more and looked like he was playing the guitar with the Qin. He was bobbing his head up and down, as his tail waved back and forth, like he was performing a live concert.

When the Sky Demon Tribe elders heard this, they realized that this was part of Xu Que’s ploy to distract the Tiger King from successfully channeling energy from the Lightning Pools. They then started singing along together with Xu Que. All of them raised their voices towards the sky and sang, “Both were males, both were males. That’s so gross, that’s so gross!”

The elders started taking the lead, encouraging the rest of the audience to sing along with them. Most of the crowd had been led along by the joyous singing and the catchy tune as they started singing along as well.

“A pair of tigers, pair of tigers, fell in love, fell in love…”

“Both were males, both were males, that’s so gross, that’s so gross…”

Before long, the huge area by the Lightning Pools were alive with singing as the audience chimed in along singing loudly and happily!

Xu Que was enjoying every moment of his life concert as he watched the audience before him like they were his fans. Everyone was shouting at the top of their lungs as he incited them further, “Come on, let’s sing together. Let’s all sing together. I still can’t hear you! Let me see your hands…”

Xu Que looked further away and realized that those people who were standing around the Lightning Pools were people whose cultivation level were of a certain level. There were still many groups of people further away, on the smaller hills, whose cultivation level were too low to stand around the Lightning Pools.

Hence, he hurriedly spent 1 act tough point from the system store and purchased a loudspeaker. He then pointed it towards the smaller hills, and started shouting, “Hey, hey, hey, my friends over by the hills, how are you doing today?”

“My friends on the top of the mountain, and those at the foot of the mountain, please raise your hands, let me see you! All together now, let’s sing together at the top of your lungs. My friends by the trees, raise your hands, sway your heads with me. Yes, that’s the way. One… Two… A pair of tigers, pair of tigers… That’s so gross, that’s so gross!”


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