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Chapter 1443: They’re Crazy!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Outside the city, there was the sound of an enormous explosion.

There was a ma.s.s of terrifying Spiritual Qi, dark as black ink and already close to being completely condensed, which, if touched by anyone, would invade the body, greatly weakening its cultivation and strength.

However, Xu Que, b.u.t.tface, and Duan Jiude could move around under this ma.s.s of Spiritual Qi. They had borrowed the method of a restrictive spell and were controlling the Qi, chasing the ten Celestial Kings. At first, they weakened the kings’ strength, and then they started after them in hot pursuit. Their goal was to attack them fiercely.

“D*mn, we’ve been in here too long. Not only have we been branded by the restrictive spell, but now we’re being chased by the terrifying Spiritual Qi,” a Celestial King said in a deep voice that was full of anger.

Their original situation of domination had evolved into this sh*thole for them. “Who could have seen this coming?”

At the beginning, Xu Que and his partners used the illusion to tease the ten Celestial Kings, but, in fact, they were luring the ten Celestial Kings, step by step, into the biggest trap of all.

First they irritated them, and then they created the illusion that they were delaying and condensing the terrifying Spiritual Qi. In fact, the terrifying Spiritual Qi had already been condensed. They then led them into the area beneath the terrifying Spiritual Qi and moved around in the restrictive spell. In this way, the ten Celestial Kings were all branded with the restrictive spell and instantly invaded by the Qi, which weakened their cultivations significantly.

This kind of attack wasn’t a big deal to the Celestial Kings. As long as they had time to stop and adjust the breadth and the operation of their Celestial Core Power, they could expel the terrifying Spiritual Qi from their bodies.

But at this time, Xu Que, b.u.t.tface, and Duan Jiude were chasing them and trying to kill them with the terrifying Spiritual Qi.

Because of this, they had no time to stop and recover their strength, and at the same time they were afraid of being eroded by the terrifying Spiritual Qi.

After all, it only took a little bit of terrifying Spiritual Qi to make their strength fall sharply. If the amount of erosion became too great, it would endanger their lives in minutes.

This was just like if an ordinary person swallowed a.r.s.enic. If he only swallowed a little bit, he might get a stomachache, which could be easily cured. However, if he swallowed a lot, no one would be able to save him.

Thus the ten Celestial Kings had no choice but to keep running away. There was no way they could fight back.

“Xu Que and you other audacious b*stards, you even dare to attack me,” the Celestial King of the Divine Farmer Clan roared.

He’d suffered the most serious erosion, and his cultivation had already fallen to the Earth Celestial Stage. He’d been particularly harra.s.sed by b.u.t.tface, who’d been chasing him all the way.

“Even Celestial Kings can be trapped, so obviously they are nothing.” Xu Que chuckled while chasing other Celestial Kings. “In my eyes, Celestial Kings are all f*rts.”

“Such being the case, can’t you just let go of us like f*rts?” one of the Celestial King shouted loudly, his face livid. He was definitely begging for his life, regardless of his fame.

After all, Celestial Kings had always maintained their human nature inside. The the higher people climbed, the tighter they’d be tied up, and the more they were afraid of losing everything they already had.

It could be imagined how much they cherished their lives because, to achieve the stage of Celestial King, they’d had to bury themselves for tens of thousands of years in order to wait for a new era to come before awakening.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I have a bad habit. I like to hold in my f*rts, instead of letting them go.” Xu Que smiled nastily.

“Let these Celestial Kings go? No way!”

“None of you will leave today. The escape door has been sealed by me, his Holiness. Let’s see your escape skills.” b.u.t.tface laughed excitedly.

This area had been sealed off by a spell. The ten Celestial Kings had been running around inside this area the entire time. It was impossible for them to escape until their strength recovered to its peak.

“B*stards, do you really think you can kill us by trapping us like this?” Soon another Celestial King could be heard asking a question.

They were afraid of the terrifying Spiritual Qi, but this didn’t mean they were afraid of Xu Que and the others.

At the bottom of their hearts, they were very upset. They thought they’d just made a small mistake by underestimating the enemy.

This was actually the truth. If they hadn’t been careless about this enemy, Xu Que really couldn’t have made all these things happen.

So what?

As the saying goes: all is fair in war, and the strategy itself is a kind of strength.

“Xu Que, if you stop now, we can let bygones be bygones. However, if you want to be stubborn, the consequences will be too much for you to bear,” the youngest looking male of the Celestial Kings shouted coldly.

He didn’t actually belong to the Divine Farmer Clan. He’d come here to trade the Divine Farmer Clan a favor and execute the so-called Treaty of the Celestial Emperor at the same time. After all, this treaty could be very beneficial. Therefore, among the ten Celestial Kings, only three of them were from the Divine Farmer Clan, while the other six had all come for the same purpose as the young male Celestial King.

Even at this moment, perhaps, many other Celestial Kings with the same idea were on their way to Tian Sha City.

However, in the situation where he then found himself, this young man decided to admit his losses and retreat, getting himself out of this quagmire.

Such a thing as prestige, lost, could be refound. However, life, you could never get it back once you’d lost it.

“Xu Que, you have to know that, although you have control of this ma.s.s of terrifying Spiritual Qi now and we can’t do anything to you at the time being, you can’t ever outmatch us. If all of us continue to be deadlocked like this, then the one who runs out of Celestial Core Power will lose.”

“Do you really think your Celestial Core Power is likely to be stronger than ours?” another Celestial King asked, joining in. He also wanted to choose to retreat. It was just simply unnecessary for him to risk his life.

As for today’s shame, there were plenty of opportunities to seek revenge in the future.

“A compet.i.tion of Celestial Core Power, ha, ha, ha, I’m not afraid of that either, because I’m extremely confident. Let’s try it out and see who will lose all their Celestial Core Power first?” Xu Que responded with a big smile.

Although the System was in its upgraded state, there still remained some basic functions, such as the automatic recovery function, which had already been activated by Xu Que. The Celestial Core Power consumed up until then had been refilled about 70 or 80 percent.

Therefore, if there was going to be a protracted fight, he was not panicked at all.

However, the problem was that he was too lazy to fight a protracted fight. He also had a similar idea as the ten Celestial Kings. If he dragged this fight on, he worried that there might be some unexpected incidents: the longer the night, the more the dreams. To continue in this stalemate using the Spiritual Qi, he wasn’t sure that he would be the one who was laughing in the end.

All the people in Tian Sha City were stunned and dumbfounded as they witnessed the scenario taking place in front of them.

“Is this guy crazy?”

“The Celestial Kings took the initiative to surrender, and he still refused to give up?”


“Does he really want to fight to the death with these ten Celestial Kings? It’s really not necessary.”

“It seems that all the rumors are right. There is a rule in the Exploding Heavens Faction: Fight as if you undervalue life and death. These people are truly crazy.”

All the onlookers were discussing this, and they were all amazed.

Chang Duangeng was becoming even more depressed, as were all his family members. He couldn’t help but have some self-doubt in his heart. Was it really necessary to offend such a gang of madmen?

At the moment, Ji Qinghan was also surprised, with her mouth hanging slightly open. Obviously, she hadn’t expected Xu Que to be such a crazy man. When he’d forced the ten Celestial Kings to give in, he was still being aggressive and refused to give in. This was really beyond her imagination.

It was terrible to offend a powerful enemy, and it was also terrible to offend a resourceful enemy, but it was obviously more terrible to offend a madman who had wisdom and means.


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