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Chapter 1716


The violent explosion sound sounded, the air waves rolled in an instant, and the golden light splashed all over the sky, making the people around unable to open their eyes.


The surrounding fairy king and immortal Zun worked together to swing away the smoke and dust.

The golden light gradually calmed down. When they saw everything in front of them, the whole audience widened their eyes.

“What’s going on?!”

Xu Xu grabbed the Dragon G.o.d’s neck and pressed it on the ground. As for the powerful spear, it was full of cracks on the ground.

Xu que stretched out his hand and gave a “clang” sound. The long gun instantly disintegrated into countless fragments, which turned into thunder and gradually dissipated.

“How can you stab me without a gun?”

Xu que sneered twice. His right hand suddenly exerted force and wanted to pinch the Dragon G.o.d’s neck.

However, the Dragon G.o.d burst out a burst of violent golden thunder. He was shocked and blocked Xu Xu.

“Still dare to block?”

Xu que gave a low roar, suddenly raised his right foot, and a bright light bloomed.

The small adult holy body and the forced leg made of 100000 forced value gathered into a fierce force and stepped on the Dragon G.o.d.


A crisp sound, under the astonished gaze of everyone, the legendary Dragon G.o.d was directly trampled into pieces, just like the previous golden spear!

Like fireworks on the ground, the fragments burst into golden thunder and poured into Xu’s body.

“Well… Comfortable.”

Xu Xu stretched hard, and the sound of bone explosion was heard all over his body. With the stretching of his body, Lei Guang was gradually absorbed and became stronger.

“It’s too weak, too weak. I fell before I made the effort. This ancient catastrophe is not very good.”

Xu que looked into the air, raised a middle finger and said provocatively, “is there anything better to fight?”

Although the strength of the Dragon G.o.d just now really exceeded his expectation, if it weren’t for the improvement of his cultivation, his body became more tenacious, and the magic of his skill, he couldn’t escape that shot anyway.

If you get that shot, you will be half disabled if you don’t die now, and there will be no chance of the next disaster.

But now, since even the legendary Dragon G.o.d can’t hit himself, what else to be afraid of?

The ancient Holocaust is rubbis.h.!.+

“I’ll hit ten!”

Xu Xu shouted loudly.

Everyone looked at each other, and it was difficult to hide the horror in their eyes.

That’s the Dragon G.o.d!

Known as the leader of the eight departments, the powerful Shura people in the second level are just the subordinates of the Dragon G.o.d!

Xu’s strength has far exceeded their expectations!

“Unprecedented Dharma…” the old monk saw at a glance that Xu Ke’s skill had reached the level of immortal Dharma.


Just then, a deafening sound sounded again in the thunder cloud.

However, after the sound, the large black clouds in front of me suddenly dispersed, just like the end of the disaster.

Everyone was stunned, and their faces showed a puzzled look.

“How did the robbery end?”

“It’s reasonable to say that there are at least three natural disasters…”

“Isn’t it a natural disaster? I’m afraid of this guy… So I took the initiative to withdraw?” Someone guessed boldly.

If Tianjie understood these people, everyone would agree.

you ‘re right!

That’s the boy!

Like a psycho every time, don’t let me go if you don’t empty me out!

Is it easy to acc.u.mulate so much ancient havoc?

If you chop twice more, you’ll run out of inventory!

But when they saw the robbery escape, they were all relieved.

Xu Ke’s natural disaster is really too terrible. If he comes again twice, the people present can’t bear it.

“Sleeping trough! What happened? Two robberies will be over? “

Xu Ke is suddenly dumbfounded. He hasn’t absorbed enough!

Although the Golden Dragon and Dragon G.o.d were broken just now, in fact, the lightning absorbed was not even one tenth of their own needs.

It’s gone. When will you have a chance to absorb it again?

“Don’t go! Come back! “

Xu que roared, picked up a small black stick and rushed towards the robbery cloud.

Everyone present was stunned and almost fell to the ground.

Why did you call it back when people took the initiative to leave?

Is it really a disaster with no temper?

However, no matter how Xu que shouts, Tianjie rides the dust, as if he doesn’t intend to turn back.

“Hey, if you leave today, you won’t give me face!”

Xu que was immediately angry and directly burst out all the remaining forces in his body, and the breath of dynamic compaction rose madly.

The beginning of fairyland! Mid fairyland! Late fairyland! Fairyland peak! Xianzunjing! The remaining power of the inheritance of the ancient Buddha pushed him to the immortal realm at one time“ Ah! ” The unparalleled power filled his body. Xu Ke couldn’t help roaring and releasing the pressure brought by the rapid breakthrough! Everyone was stunned“ This… What’s so special? ““ Didn’t he just break into Wonderland? Why is the immortal state again? ““ What a monster this boy is! I’ve never seen such a continuous breakthrough! ” Among the Xianw.a.n.g xianzun present, one is counted as one. Those who break through are not prepared in every way for fear that they will fail to cross the robbery accidentally. It’s a good boy. Even if he breaks through, he’s even going through two disasters at one time! Even if the Immortal Emperor is here, he doesn’t dare to play like this! Boom! A low roar sounded. The robbery cloud that had left returned again and gathered again on Xu Ke’s head. Somehow, they heard a hint of suffocation from the thunder. Think about it. I’d rather go if the third thunder robbery didn’t fall. As a result, I was forcibly broken by this boy and summoned back again. Why has the robbery been so oppressive“ Hum, do you want to go without my consent? ” Xu que raised a flamboyant radian at the corner of his mouth and hooked his finger at Lei Yun. “Come on, let me see what strength xianzun Leijie is!” As soon as the voice fell, Lei Yun moved. A large number of golden thunder bloomed in the dark clouds and gathered into a golden light composed of thunder, which fell to the ground like a channel. Then, a golden illusory light and shadow came slowly from the clouds. Xu que sneered, “Hey, who’s this time…” bang! Before the words fell, there was a dull noise, and then the man disappeared. Everyone was stunned and turned around. Xu que, who was still smiling triumphantly, was suddenly blown away by a huge force, fell to the ground and directly hit a huge pit. This scene immediately stunned the people present. Even the old monk couldn’t react at once. What happened. But soon, they saw a golden light and shadow, just like a sharp arrow, straight at Xu Qian. Two dogs were stunned and suddenly murmured, “teacher Duan, do you think this scene is familiar?” Duan Jiude looked dignified and said, “indeed… Quite deja vu.”


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