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Ultimate Scheming System is a web novel produced by Lord Of The Common People, 太上布衣.
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Chapter 1799

Although nishang fairy felt quite uncomfortable at this time, she did not completely lose consciousness.

At the beginning, when Xu que peeped with the spirit, she only focused on fighting against the power in her body, but she didn’t notice it.

But now even people are breaking in. Even if she feels any worse, she should have a reaction.

Especially in Xu que, he shouted, “don’t worry, fairy. I’ll help you solve the fire of desire in your heart!” After that, my heart was even more fl.u.s.tered.

The monk really has a bad intention!

During the day, he still looks dignified. He wants to attack himself while it’s dark?


Before the words were out, he saw that Xu Xu had reached the bedside and stretched out his hand to his collar.

Even though it was high and cold in the ordinary days, the nishang fairy was very fl.u.s.tered now.

I’m a big disciple of the holy moon hall. How can I be defiled!

However, I don’t have any strength now, and I can’t even focus my eyes.

The influence of that force on herself is too great. Now the immortal yuan in her body is in a mess and there is no way to mobilize it.

Xu que did not notice that the fairy was conscious at all, and took his own rescue action.

He reached out and grabbed the skirt of the nishang fairy, and whispered the Buddha’s name: “Amitabha, I didn’t mean to. Please forgive me, fairy.”

The nishang fairy was almost crying with anger.

Your hands are almost in your clothes!

And said he didn’t mean it?

Where is such a hypocritical monk like you!

“Even if jade and stone burn, I will never let you, a prost.i.tute monk, succeed!”

Nishang fairy was cruel in her heart. As the eldest disciple of the holy moon hall, her arrogance will never make her like those fragile women who compromise.

If you dare to touch me, everyone will die together!

Just as she gritted her teeth and was ready to detonate the Dantian with all her strength, she suddenly felt a warm breath pouring into her body.

Then, the force that has been disturbing itself is beginning to disappear!

Although the nishang fairy still had no strength to control her body, she was already shocked!

This guy’s cultivation is less than xianzun. Can he control the power in his body?

That’s a strange force that even she can’t resist!

Xu Xu is using the system to absorb the evil Qi in the nishang fairy.

It has to be said that there are so many evil Qi in the nishang fairy that her balance progress has been reduced by 1%.

You know, the magic Qi absorbed by Xu lacked before is a complete amount of extraterritorial demons.

Even if it is only one percent, it is a quant.i.ty that can not be underestimated for a friar.

“Strange, how can there be so much evil Qi in the nishang fairy?” Xu que absorbed it and wondered, “and what is the special scene during the day?”

The reason why Xu lacked blood during the day is not the reason for the bulls.h.i.+t of excessive power consumption.

But because when he used fatalism to observe the fate of the nishang fairy, he saw an endless dark void.

In the depths of the void, there was a powerful force, which blew out of the land boundary.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and made up a set of words to deceive the nishang fairy.

After all, if there is that kind of existence from nothingness in his body, even if Xu lacks himself, he will be anxious at night and can’t sleep.

Although his hands kept moving, his mind had already flown out of the sky.

Nishang fairy also found out that Xu que was completely helping her, regulating the chaotic power in her body, and recuperating the meridians in her body.

After all, the force just ran around, and even myself suffered a lot of damage.

As Xu lacked absorbed the magic Qi faster and faster, the nishang fairy only felt that her body became comfortable, as if all three souls were going to leave her body.

“Ding, the prohibition cracking is completed.”

I don’t know how long later, the voice of the system suddenly sounded in Xu Ke’s mind.

He suddenly recovered and loosened his skirt.


The comfortable feeling suddenly left her body, and the neon fairy subconsciously groaned with dissatisfaction.

what the f.u.c.k!

Xu que was so frightened that he stepped back on the spot and looked up and down at the people on the bed with vigilant eyes.

Isn’t this special going to wake up?

Look at the surrounding situation, lonely men and women, untidy clothes, wake up at this moment, even if you have eight mouths, you can’t explain clearly!

After careful observation for a while, I was relieved to find that the nishang fairy just breathed steadily and had no sign of waking up.

“s.h.i.+t, I have one, two, three, four… I don’t know how many wives. If there is a scandal, I’m afraid I won’t be torn by my hands.”

Xu que patted his chest, stood by the bed, looked down at the exquisite and beautiful face, and suddenly had a bad heart. It’s a rare opportunity to be so close to the high nishang fairy. Isn’t it a good opportunity to do nothing? Lying in bed pretending to sleep, the fairy was still thinking about when Xu que would leave. Suddenly, she felt a big hand stretched out and squeezed it hard on her face! The man who did it also commented: “Amitabha, it feels very good.” A moment later, the fairy tentatively opened one eye and determined that Xu lacked had left before she sat up from the bed. Just now, the strength in her body has calmed down, but I felt that if she got up like this, the scene would be quite embarra.s.sing, so I chose to pretend to sleep. But I never thought that Tang Sanzang was so bold that he dared to regulate his breath“ But… The people of the fried sky Gang don’t seem so bad? ” The fairy subconsciously thought. She knew her charm and how powerless she was just now. If someone else came in, even her younger martial brother couldn’t promise not to move her mind. It happened that the monk Tang Sanzang did nothing, although his words were a little presumptuous and even dared to pinch himself. Even took the initiative to help themselves solve this problem! The fairy sat by the bed and stared at the half open window. The moonlight outside the window is like water, falling into thousands of homes. Xu Wei left nishang fairy’s room and went straight to the lake he had just seen. At this time, the prohibition has been completely untied. It looks like the previous scene from the outside, but with one step, the scene in front of me suddenly changes“ Woge… Did anyone steal the lake water? ” Xu que stared blankly at the dried up lake in front of him, and muttered in his heart. Two dogs and Duan Jiude are short of moral goods. Did they implement the three lights in the holy moon hall


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