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Read Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 214: Stories About The Dog Emperor

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Chapter 214: Stories About The Dog Emperor

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Boundless energy exploded out from the Emperor’s body and it wrapped around him, covering him from everything else.

The rage on his face was evident and he looked extremely fearsome!

Xu Que’s methods of fighting, with no morals or principles, would certainly cause everyone to feel enraged! He was too unorthodox.

What happened to the blade which you said would claim lives every time you wield it?

You only used it to rip apart his robes. In this cultivation world, only people with no moral standards would do something like that! All the cultivators often adhered to a strict moral code, despite the amount of hate. n.o.body would resort to such underhanded methods to humiliate someone.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were taken aback by this. The Fire Emperor was the monarch of this nation yet Xu Que had repeatedly humiliated him. Regardless of the outcome today, the Fire Emperor would’ve lost his face. That was for sure.

Concubine Fantasy’s eyes were wide open in shock. She understood Xu Que the best among all this people and was stumped to see him act this way.

Was this still the same person from before? The same well mannered, shy and respectful young man?

They’ve been apart for less than a year and yet the changes in his personality was so vast, it seemed almost impossible.

“Hahaha! Dog Emperor, you’re just… Hehehe.” Xu Que’s laughter rang out uncontrollably from the skies.

Xu Que thought about how the Emperor looked when he was naked and couldn’t help but laugh out.

Everyone around was wondering what Xu Que was up to again. What was the reason for him to laugh so loudly?

“Everyone! Everyone… After fighting for half a day, I’m tired too! Why don’t I tell you more stories about this dog Emperor? What do you say?” Xu Que was beaming as he spoke, withdrawing his smile soon after.

Stories about the Emperor?

d.a.m.n you Xu Que, how many stories and secrets have you heard about the Emperor and the royal family?

Everyone around was extremely curious especially about the internal affairs within the Imperial Palace. Who wouldn’t love to listen to such tales?

It was only that n.o.body dared to reply Xu Que or show the slightest interest in whatever he was saying. However, they straightened their postures and p.r.i.c.ked their ears to listen. They were all waiting in antic.i.p.ation for more juicy gossips regarding the Fire Emperor.

“Ai? Why is everyone so quiet? Since silence means consent, it means that all of you wish to hear more! Sure, I shall accept your request! Dog Emperor, I shall count to three. If you remain silent, it means that you’re in agreement as well and that I should tell them everything about you…”

As soon as he said that, Xu Que rattled off the numbers rapidly, “One, two, three! Done! Looks like you agree too! I shall tell them then…” Xu Que’s shameless and thick skinned behavior rendered the entire crowd speechless as they opened their eyes, astonished at how crazy this person was. The Fire Emperor was down below, very close to spitting blood once again.

To meet someone as shameless as this person… was impossible! n.o.body could ever beat this Xu Que in a shamelessness contest!

Xu Que clearly didn’t care about what people thought about him. He thus gave an approving look as he started speaking excitedly, “Once upon a time, this dog Emperor was feeling rather ill and unwell, and thus invited a doctor over…”

When the people down below heard this, they were curious. “Yo, this story is about the Emperor falling sick but… The Fire Emperor is of the Infant Transformation Stage and his body is incapable of falling ill. How could this be true?”

What Xu Que was about to say, was probably fabricated, considering how he’s so lacking in morals.

However, the group of people down below who were eating seeds and watching the entire conflict didn’t care whether Xu Que was lying or speaking the truth.

After all, he had lived within the palace for so many years and was the Lord Prince Consort! Especially something as intimate about the Emperor seeing a doctor, only people who were close to him like Princesses and Prince Consorts would ever know about this.

Hence, everyone listened attentively to Xu Que. The Fire Emperor called for a doctor in. What was the reason for that?

Besides, Xu Que was exceptionally good at tricking people and was a master of telling stories, being able to captivate attention everywhere he went!

Seeing that he had gained the attention of the crowd, he once more. Since they were now at his disposal, he continued the story, “The dog Emperor secretly called the doctor to visit him and told him strictly that no matter what he saw, he must not laugh. The doctor nodded his head earnestly and promised not to laugh. However, the Emperor still didn’t believe him and reinforced his point once more, this time, threatening the doctor, saying that if he laughed, he will be killed.”

Hearing this, the crowd felt extremely curious. What sickness did the Fire Emperor get? Why did he insist that the doctor must not laugh?

“After the doctor made three consecutive vows that he wouldn’t laugh, the dog Emperor finally called the doctor over before gradually pulling down his pants.”

Xu Que continued speaking as he looked down and saw the Fire Emperor below, shaking in anger. He then laughed out and continued the story, “As soon as the doctor saw the Emperor’s privates, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing. While he was laughing, he was asking, ‘why was it so small? Hahaha! Why was it so small?”

As soon as Xu Que finished speaking, everyone simultaneously turned their heads to look at the Fire Emperor. Although he was s.h.i.+elded in fire which covered most of his naked body, everyone could still faintly see his privates. And indeed… It was, cough, cough, very small!

However, this wasn’t a big deal!

Regardless of how small the Emperor was down there, n.o.body dared to laugh!

Still, as soon as Xu Que broached this subject, a small group of people couldn’t hold their laughter in and started laughing.


“Outrageous! What are you laughing about? If you continue laughing, I shall put you to death!” The Fire Emperor had been angry for a long time now. After seeing the crowd burst out laughing, he raged out at them and shouted angrily.

Who would’ve expected that as soon as he lashed out, Xu Que pointed at him and shouted even louder, “Yes, yes, yes, correct! As soon as the doctor laughed out, the dog Emperor said the exact same thing! If you continue laughing, I shall put you to death…”

That was the exact situation!

After Xu Que had said this, the crowd could almost imagine the scene which he had described. All of them could envision the doctor, doing his utmost best to stop laughing and the enraged Fire Emperor standing across.

However, the Emperor was truly angry at this point and almost took his rage out onto the people who were laughing.

At this moment, the group of people who were laughing held a hand to their mouths to stop themselves from laughing further. Their faces had turned red because even if they found it funny, they knew they couldn’t laugh!

“Yes, yes, yes! The doctor looked exactly the same as all of you right now! It isn’t easy to be a doctor as well! After seeing something so hilarious, he can’t even laugh. But all this was caused by… Ai, all this was caused by the dog Emperor in the first place…”

Xu Que sighed out and shook his head as he continued to speak, “After trying his hardest, the doctor finally managed to hold his laughter in. He had no choice! If he continued laughing, he would lose his life! Hence, he inhaled deeply and squatted down to look at the Emperor’s tiny little brother. He then asked sincerely, ‘Your majesty, may I ask what’s the problem with your dragon? Can you tell me now?’”

At this point, the group of people eating seeds down below were extremely curious as to what the ending of Xu Que’s story might be. However, they were also afraid of the Emperor’s rage. But they wanted to know what the Emperor’s sickness is.

The Fire Emperor glanced across with intense hatred. However, he didn’t wish to fall into Xu Que’s trap and waste all the Imperial Qi which he had been charging up and ruin his own plan. Hence, he stood there and endured the story. His heart was almost about to explode from anger but he maintained his composure.

He knew that once the time was right, Xu Que would die. There was no question about that!

Right at this point, Xu Que laughed out and continued his story.

“The doctor knelt down and asked the dog Emperor what the problem was. However, the dog Emperor still couldn’t relax and reminded the doctor once again. ‘Once I tell you, you must not laugh. You really must not laugh.’ At this point, the doctor felt like he could control his emotions. Isn’t it because it’s very small? He had already realized this point and he wouldn’t laugh anymore. Hence he made the promise, saying that he wouldn’t laugh.”

After countless more promises, the dog Emperor could finally relax. He then pointed at his private part and told the doctor, “My dragon… is swollen!”


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