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Read Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 41: I Shall Wait Here And Won’t Leave ‘Till We See Each Other

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Chapter 41: I Shall Wait Here And Won’t Leave ‘Till We See Each Other

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Master Song clenched his fists as several veins bulged up on his forearm. He maintained an ashen face as he laughed out angrily, “Fine! Very well. Ever since the day Blood River Sect has been established ‘till today, n.o.body has humiliated or insulted us. You are the first and shall be the last.”

“I didn’t humiliate you, did I? But it’s good that you’re angry. Hurry and bring your reinforcements here. The more the merrier!” Xu Que’s eyes glimmered as he spoke out.

After killing the entire group of Blood River Sect disciples, he had already risen to level 5 of the Golden Core Stage. If more disciples from Blood River Sect would show up— hopefully by the hundreds, he could then kill them all and rush straight for the full foundation Golden Core Stage.

“Very well. If you want a merrier and livelier scene, I shall show you what it means to be merry! Wait here for me!” Master Song shouted out in rage as he flicked his sleeves fiercely, taking his remaining two disciples with him.

“Hold up. Not all of you can go. What if you don’t come back? Won’t I be cheated then? You should stay here and ask your two juniors to go. That should do it!” Xu Que beamed at him, giving the ‘I’m not dumb’ look.

However, those few Great Change Sect disciples almost fell flat on their faces after hearing this.

Be cheated?

Senior, can you please stop joking around!?

How can you be afraid that they won’t return with more reinforcements?

Logically speaking, shouldn’t you be worried that these guys are from Blood River Sect? You’ve offended Master Song and killed so many disciples. Shouldn’t they be afraid that you would run away instead of the other way round?

“You want me to stay? Hehe… You dare to make me stay?” Master Song started laughing out in anger as if he had heard an extremely hilarious joke. He had an expression of mockery as he asked Xu Que, “Do you know who I am?”

Xu Que rolled his eyes, revealing his eye whites, “Silly boy. Aren’t you Master Song?”

Master Song cleared his throat, “The leader of Blood River Sect, Song Yun Hai is my father. I am the young leader for the next generation of Blood River Sect. Are you sure you want me to stay behind?”

“Young leader? So you are the young leader of Blood River Sect?” Xu Que heard this as his eyes lit up once more.

Master Song then laughed out coldly, “Looks like you’re not from Wind City. Maybe you haven’t even been to Wind City? If not, you wouldn’t be so bold to pit yourself against my Blood River Sect and make enemies out of us. I shall give you a warning. Fall on your knees now and beg for your life. I might let bygones be bygones.”

Xu Que looked straight at Master Song as his lips curled into a smile and he remained silent.

Master Song felt a chill ran down his spine and his scalps turned numb. He then asked cautiously, “What are you trying to do?”

Xu Que shook his head and laughed out, “Nothing. I’m just thinking that if I killed you— their young leader, will there be even more reinforcements from Blood River Sect?”

The minute the words were spoken, everyone present froze.

They were all completely shocked!

Killing the young sect leader? Is… is this kid mad?”

The two disciples standing beside Master Song had looks of intense fear.

The 6 disciples from Great Change Sect were terrified as well as they shouted out anxiously, “Senior, please don’t be ras.h.!.+”

“Remain calm and rational! Please don’t kill him no matter what!”

“If you kill him, Blood River Sect will dispatch their full forces to chase and kill you at all costs!”

“No, when that happens, every dark sect from Wind City will be hunting for you.”

When Xu Que heard this, he was elated, “Are you for real?”

“It’s true!” The 6 disciples of Great Change Sect all nodded their heads enthusiastically.

“That’s fantastic!” Xu Que gave an elated shout of happiness before stepping onto his bolt of lightning, his figure moved in a blur as he charged straight for Master Song.

Master Song didn’t have any time to react. He was standing still at his original spot, watching Xu Que. He saw him disappear before his very eyes while a huge black shadow appeared in front of him as the Dark Buster Sword became bigger as it got nearer to him.

Master Song’s eyes gaped wide open as he tried to protect his face from the advancing Dark Buster Sword. His face was stricken with fear.


The minute he screamed out in fear, Xu Que landed his Dark Buster Sword with full force down on his head.

“Smack!” Master Song’s head was crushed into a mist of blood as his body became headless and fell to the ground.

The pair of Blood River Sect disciples were so terrified that they screamed out in horror. Their expressions were aghast, disbelieving of whatever they had witnessed. The young leader had died right before their eyes.

Even the 6 disciples of Great Change Sect were horrified. It took them a long time to regain their initial composure.

“Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!”

“Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden core!”

The beeps rang out in Xu Que’s head as he revealed a contented smile and kept his Dark Great Sword. He then walked straight towards the pair of Blood River Sect disciples.

“Death is inevitable. Control your grief and accept your fate!” He patted them both at the back in condolences.

The both of them were extremely stunned.

He… He killed our young leader and then came over to console us?

What’s he doing? What was he trying to do? This person is insane!

“Here, calm yourselves down and comfort yourselves. After you’re done, go and call more people over. I shall wait here for you.” Xu Que spoke to them warmly and caringly before pulling them up to their feets. He then warmly patted their robes down to get rid of the dusts on them.

The both of them were extremely stupefied, their minds were blank.

After Xu Que had urged them to the edge of the forest and chased them away, they kept walking on like a pair of mindless walking meats. After walking for several meters, they then reached a sudden realization.

When they turned their heads back, Xu Que was standing at the swamp and waving to them warmly and even shouted out, “Safe journeys! Please pay attention to your safety! Don’t trip and fall!.”

“Oh right. Please watch out for demonic beasts too!”

“Hurry, return back and be sure to spread the news of whatever happened to the rest of your Blood River Sect!”

“I shall wait here for you and won’t leave ‘till I see you again!”

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” The pair of them screamed out in fear as they ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

They were extremely unsure if that man in black robes was crazy or have they gone mad themselves and were hallucinating.

The 6 disciples of Great Change Sect opened their mouths as they maintained a rigid and stoic expression. There was only one thought going through their minds at this point, “We’re finished!”

Then they heard Xu Que instructing the pair of disciples to be safe and to watch out for their safety. The 6 of them were so close to retrieving their weapons to chase them down to kill them.

“Senior, you can’t let them go!”

“If they were to really bring the news to their sect, we are all beyond saving!” The few of them counselled Xu Que.

Xu Que then waved them off, not paying attention to them, “Be calm. The more people they send, the more people would die. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“But… This….”

“Yes, okay, yes, okay. No more buts. Let me ask you. Are there any Infant Transformation Stage cultivators in Blood River Sect?”

“No, there aren’t.” The few of them shook their heads before saying impatiently, “But there are 8 Original Infant Stage cultivators in Blood River Sect who control matters within the sect. Especially the Sect Leader Song Yun Hai. He had already reached level 8 of the Original Infant Stage and is the strongest person in Wind City. If we flee now, there’s still a chance that we might survive!”

“I agree senior. We should head back to the city now. Since you’ve rescued us, our Sect Leader would think of ways to let you escape and survive.

Xu Que laughed out loud, “Please don’t worry. There’s no need to run. As long as they’re in the Original Infant Stage, they’re all finished like broken eggs!”


d.a.m.n it. We shouldn’t have spoken about that. The minute you mentioned eggs, I realized how hungry I am!

Luckily, the sky still looks clear. Let’s prepare some good food to eat. If not, where will I get the energy to fight?

Xu Que never took the Blood River Sect disciples as a threat to his safety. At this point, he actually felt hungry as he rubbed his tummy. He then turned to the 6 disciples of Great Change Sect, “Go fetch me some firewood. Let’s take advantage of the fact that they aren’t here yet. Let’s make some preparations!”

The few of them heard this and were immediately alert.

So it seems like this senior has a plan for us!

I knew it! Someone as mighty as this senior wouldn’t take his own life as a joke.

Since he’s already killed the young leader of Blood River Sect, it means that he has people backing him!

But what’s the point of the firewood?

Could it be that this senior wishes to prepare materials to cast a spell?

Yes, that must be it. This senior is fantastic!

The 6 of them started to feel confident as they rushed into the forest to pick some firewood.


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