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Read Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 629 – Are You Going to Make Trouble?

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Chapter 629: Are You Going to Make Trouble?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“It’s not a f*cking coffin. This is an Immortal Mansion! There must be good stuff in it!” b.u.t.tface shouted loudly, fixing his s.h.i.+ny eyes on the Ancient Bronze Hall. He couldn’t restrain his desire to rush into it.

“No, this is absolutely a coffin!” Xu Que felt very sure of this. Even if it was an Immortal Mansion, it really looked like a coffin.

Moreover, he had the specialized knowledge of several grave robbers. Therefore, his eyes were so sharp that he could tell it was a powerful coffin at a glance.

However, the problem was that since this Ancient Bronze Hall made everyone uncomfortable, why did Jiang Hongyan get a feeling she was quite close with it, and even that the ancient hall was calling her?

Could it be that this thing could choose its owner automatically just as it was calling Jiang Hongyan over?

Xu Que used to read a lot of web fictions, so he knew these tricks very well. He made all kinds of guesses in his heart.

“Let me come to the top of it and have a look first!” Xiao Munan said calmly at this moment. Then, he jumped into the sky.

After that, Qin Ji, Han Ying and the other Holy Sons and Holy Virgins also jumped into the sky to check the top of the Ancient Bronze Hall.

However, the next moment, all of them were puzzled.

“There is no entrance?” Xiao Munan frowned immediately.

Xiao Taixuan was also confused. “This is strange! The ancient hall is completely sealed. It looks like a coffin, but a coffin should have a lid. I can’t find a gap on the surface of it, let alone an entrance!”

“It might be related to these runes, which should be decoded first before we can find the entrance!” Qin Ji said in a low voice.

Everyone tossed their eyes to Han Ying, for all of them knew the Holy Virgin of the Heaven Secret Pavilion was the most knowledgeable person among them.

Han Ying shook her head slightly and frowned. “Sorry, guys, I haven’t seen these kind of runes before. Maybe my master could decode them!”

“By the time your master gets here, a lot of big shots will have decoded it, and all our efforts will be in vain,” someone said reluctantly. “I really don’t believe we can miss such a great fortune and let someone else carve it up!”

Xiao Munan squinted his eyes and coolly said, “There must be an entrance somewhere on this ancient hall. Don’t forget the Message Delivering Spells, which prove that a lot of people have entered this hall!”

Right! According to the content of the Message Delivering Spells, someone already entered this ancient hall!

After realizing that, people seemed to find hope again.

“Come on, please make way!” a shout came in at this moment. “If we can’t find an entrance, let me make one by blowing something up!”

Hearing that, people turned around and were almost scared senseless by what they saw.

Xu Que was coming over with a three-colored Fiery Lotus in his hand. He was poised to throw the fiery lotus at the Ancient Bronze Hall.

“Stop! You should never do that!” Han Ying shouted as her expression fell.

“My fellow cultivator, don’t be reckless!”

“Right! Please calm down and don’t do that!”

Everyone stepped out to stop him.

They had witnessed the power of this magic art before, which was extraordinary. It was not a good idea to attack the ancient hall directly, whether it was effective or not.

“Don’t be nervous! Look at how scared you all are! I can easily tell that you haven’t robbed a grave before. How can you call yourself Holy Sons or Holy Virgins?” Xu Que shook his head as if he were quite disappointed in them.

Those cultivators couldn’t help their lips from twitching.

We can’t be Holy Sons or Holy Virgins if we’ve never robbed graves before?

I’m afraid those who used to rob graves are not qualified to be Holy Sons or Holy Virgins!

“Come on, make way! If you don’t know how to solve this problem, just get away from here!” Xu Que pushed the cultivators back and rushed toward the Ancient Bronze Hall with the three-colored Fiery Lotus in his hand.

After that, he pretended to look at the ancient hall carefully and said in a serious manner, “According to my experience acc.u.mulated through years of extensive reading, the name of this thing is the ‘Ancient Bronze Coffin,’ which has an extraordinary history!”


His words stunned the cultivators immediately.

Han Ying, who was also shocked, hurriedly said, “My fellow cultivator, do you know this ancient hall? Could you tell us its history?”

Xu Que solemnly rubbed his chin. “Have you read Zhe Tian before? Have you heard of the Coffin towed by Nine Dragons? This must be the Ancient Bronze Coffin towed by the Nine Dragons! I guess Ye Fan and his cla.s.smates are still in it.”

Zhe Tian?

Coffin towed by Nine Dragons?

Ye Fan and his cla.s.smates?

Xu Que’s description totally confused the surrounding cultivators. They had heard of the Coffin towed by Nine Dragons, while the other information was totally new to them!

However, the term “Coffin towed by Nine Dragons” alone was attractive enough for them.

Whose coffin could be so powerful that it needed to be towed by nine dragons?

“d.a.m.n, little brat, you’re humiliating our Dragon Race!” b.u.t.tface, who was annoyed, said angrily.

Xu Que ignored his comments. In fact, he was cheating these people.

It was impossible for the so-called “Coffin towed by Nine Dragons” to appear in this area; the history of this ancient hall couldn’t be so extraordinary either!

The reason that he placed the three-colored Fiery Lotus in his hand was not to attack the Ancient Bronze Hall but to defend himself. He approached the ancient hall so that he could ask the System to investigate it.

System, can I enter this ancient hall? Xu Que silently asked the System.

After defeating one million celestial soldiers trying to collect debt for the System, he hadn’t received any response from the System—not until now. It seemed it was just going to act as usual without mentioning his debt.

Ding! “After investigating, a powerful rune spell has been found in this thing. The Host can’t enter it!” the System replied.

“I can’t enter? Why? You could just name your price for breaking the spell for me!”

“The System is not able to break this spell for the Host. The Host should break it by enhancing the level of the Spell Master!”

Do I have to enhance the level of the Spell Master?

Xu Que frowned immediately. From the System’s replies, he could tell that the System was able to break the spell. However, when the spell had reached a certain level, the System would ask the Host to break it himself by improving his strength instead of breaking it for the Host!


A dull sound came in from inside the Ancient Bronze Hall as if something heavy had fallen on the ground.

After that, the runes on the bronze wall of the ancient hall suddenly became dazzling and gave off intense Heavenly Qi!

All the runes started to rotate and gather on one bronze wall. Just like an azure lake, these runes melted the bronze wall and created a gap.

It was pitch dark in the gap. Nothing could be seen from outside. However, a cloud of intense Spiritual Qi gushed out of it.

“Did . . . this ancient hall open by itself?” Xu Que was shocked and a little bit dumbfounded. How could this ancient hall open without any cause or reason?

“My fellow cultivator, you are really awesome! You opened the ancient hall!” the Holy Sons and Holy Virgins behind him were also shocked.

They thought the ancient hall had been opened by Xu Que when he approached it!

Xiao Taixuan folded his hands and admiringly said, “I thought you were lying and didn’t expect you could really open it. My fellow cultivator, I hereby apologize to you!”

“Although your cultivation stage is not very high, you are quite powerful and knowledgeable! You shame me!” Han Ying also showed her admiration to Xu Que!

They knew Xu Que’s strength before. Now, they were more or less convinced by Xu Que’s ability to open the ancient hall. At least they thought Xu Que was qualified to race with them bridle to bridle.

“Eh…” Xu Que was a little bit dumbfounded.

It is quite embarra.s.sing to act tough while so confused!

He knew clearly that he had nothing to do with the opening of this ancient hall.

However, since a lot of people were commending him, he should absolutely accept the compliments.

All at once, Xu Que proudly jutted his chin out and puffed up his chest. “Xu Que of the Exploding Heavens Faction will not be stopped by an Ancient Bronze Hall! I even entered and left the Celestial Burial Valley seven times— forget this Ancient Bronze Hall!”

“What? My fellow cultivator, have you ever been to the Celestial Burial Valley?” People were shocked hearing that.

As one of the Nine Deathtraps, the Celestial Burial Valley was extremely dangerous.

Even cultivators at the Form Synthesis Stage couldn’t get out, so how could such a young man at the Infant Transformation Stage enter and leave the Celestial Burial Valley seven times?

“Sh*t, he’s really shameless!” b.u.t.tface cursed immediately. He had bragged about entering and leaving the Celestial Burial Valley seven times first. Now his “achievement” had been stolen by Xu Que.

“This little brat is really good at acting!” Liu Jingning also smiled and glanced at Jiang Hongyan. “Are you really going to enter the hall?”

“Yes!” Jiang Hongyan nodded solemnly. Then, she jumped into the sky and flew toward the ancient hall.

At this moment, someone couldn’t help but say, “Guys, the entrance has appeared, let’s go into it and have a look!”

“Right! Let’s retrieve the fortune and opportunities with our own abilities!” Xiao Taixuan said and also dashed toward the entrance.


Xiao Taixuan disappeared in the black gap as if he were devoured by it.

Seeing that, the other cultivators also caught up with him and didn’t want to be left behind.

After gathering Liu Jingning, Jiang Hongyan, and b.u.t.tface, Xu Que said, “Don’t get separated inside the hall. Stay close to me. In case of danger, I will take you out immediately.”

The only thing he could rely on was the Divine Escape Spell.

“Okay!” Liu Jingning and Jiang Hongyan nodded at the same time.

After that, they also dashed toward the entrance by following the other cultivators.

The closer they got to the entrance, the more uneasiness Xu Que felt in this heart.

Originally, he’d planned to prevent Liu Jingning and Jiang Hongyan from getting involved in this issue. When he saw Jiang Hongyan’s expression, he dismissed his idea.

Maybe he could persuade Liu Jingning, but he could never stop Jiang Hongyan.

This Empress was hard to control. “A woman who could only be controlled by a celestial,” was a perfect description of her.

“Alas! I’m depressed!” Xu Que sighed as he flew forward.

He had failed to win her heart even after saving her by pretending to be a hero. This was extremely depressing!




They got very close as cultivators in front of them entered the entrance.

“See you in the hall!” Xu Que said as he sped up to dash toward the pitch black entrance.

However, the next moment, he was confused.

His body pa.s.sed through the entrance as if nothing was in front of him. It seemed this ancient hall was just an illusion. His body just pa.s.sed through without touching anything. He didn’t enter the ancient hall.

“What?” Xu Que was shocked as he emerged from the other side of the Ancient Bronze Hall.

“What happened? Why can’t I enter?” b.u.t.tface howled from behind him.

Xu Que turned around and found Liu Jingning and Jiang Hongyan had disappeared. Apparently, they had entered the ancient hall successfully. b.u.t.tface also pa.s.sed through the ancient hall and came out of the other side like him.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows immediately. Flames of fury burned in his heart when he looked at this enormous Ancient Bronze Hall.

d.a.m.n! What does this mean?

Does it mean dogs and I are not allowed to enter?

Is there going to be trouble?


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