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Read Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 771 – It Was Your Wife Who Made The First Move!

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Chapter 771: It Was Your Wife Who Made The First Move!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


“He…he offered to go to the Grey Ebb Sect?”

“Did he agee to the deal?”

Everyone, including the followers of the Grey Ebb Sect, was in disbelief.

“Could you still find someone this stupid today?”

“How did he get that piece of enlightenment with that kind of foolishness? Don’t tell them that fortune doesn’t favor the fool?”

“Ha, ha, ha, good! You know what’s good for you, my fellow cultivator! Follow us. Our faction leader and matron are just nearby!” laughed the young man at his easiest robbery yet!

“Wow, your faction leader is married?” Xu Que was taken aback, then sighed enviously, “I’m so envious of him! How beautiful is his wife?”

“You mean our faction matron? She is, of course, an otherworldly beauty! Stunningly and devastatingly so!” the young man smiled as he flattered their faction matron.

The crowd came to their realization once they had heard this conversation. This guy had no clue about the Grey Ebb Sect’s reputation! No wonder he fell for their trick so easily. He was just too young and naive!

“Stunningly and devastatingly beautiful? Great! Quick, bring me to your faction leader and matron now. I’m taking up your offer for sure!” Xu Que said happily. He even came forward enthusiastically and grabbed the young man by his shoulders, as if meeting an old friend that he had not seen for years.

His actions even made the Grey Ebb Sect uneasy for once. They had robbed others for years, but this was the first time they had seen a willing victim! Could it be that he’s just a genuine dimwit? What he said about the Legacy and Celestial Artifact wasn’t made up, was it?

Suspicions suddenly sparked as they glanced at one another.


A few streams of light appeared and landed on the ground. At that instant, more than a dozen figures appeared! The crowd turned to the commotion but quickly stiffened. The followers of the Grey Ebb Sect turned around too, and, when they saw who it was, their faces filled with awe. They called loudly in unison, “Greetings to our Faction Leader Cang Feng! Greetings to our Matron!”

There were just two cultivators in the Infant Transformation Stage among the new arrivals. No doubt they must be Cang Feng, the faction leader of the Grey Ebb Sect, and his wife, Mo Lan.

Cang Feng, as his name implied, seemed tried and hardened by life. He had a slight stubble on his chin and a glaring gaze. A tough character!

Mo Lan, on the other hand, was an enchanting lady. She wore a long black skirt that revealed her white legs and two slight glances of her tender snowy bosom peeked out from the cleavage of her dress, attracting many gazes and gulps.

“Faction leader, I have an important matter to report!” said the youth from the Grey Ebb Sect to the couple, using the art of soundless communication. The three of them kept looking toward Xu Que during their secret conversation. To which Xu Que smiled back and waved warmly.

The crowd was dumbfounded. This fool…was cheering for the very ones who sold him out! The youth soon finished reporting. Both Cang Feng and Mo Lan examined Xu Que as they made their way toward him.

Mo Lan looked right into Xu Que’s eyes, deliberately lacing her gaze with charm and s.e.x appeal as she took him in.

Xu Que immediately stepped forward and excitedly grasped the hand of the faction leader, Cang Feng, “Faction leader, I’m honored to meet you finally!”

“Oh? You’ve heard of me?” Cang Feng asked, frowning. He had initially come to have a showdown with Xu Que. He was determined to strip Xu Que of his enlightenment. After all, a mere cultivator in the Golden Core Stage was nothing in his eyes!

However, Xu Que’s sudden and pa.s.sionate greeting had caught him by surprise.

“I’ll be honest, Leader Cang. From the moment I saw your wife, I decided that we must become the best of friends!” Xu Que said righteously.

“So that’s why….” Cang Feng nodded. Then his face quickly blackened. His eyes grew cold and he said, “What did you say?”

Everyone shut their mouths and looked on incredulously. Xu Que’s words may have seemed innocuous at first, but when you thought about it, they became suggestive.

What were you trying to hint by saying that you’ll be his friend upon seeing his wife?

My gosh, isn’t that the same as directly telling him that you were coveting his wife?

Even if Mo Lan isn’t exactly known for her virtuousness, you shouldn’t go up and say that to her husband!

“Ho, ho, young man, haven’t you heard that misfortune finds its way out through the mouth?” chanted Mo Lan, all smiles. As she spoke, Mo Lan deliberately put out her tongue and lightly licked her lips. Her gorgeous eyes were charming as if trying to seduce Xu Que.

“You’re mistaken, Madam. As the saying goes, when I die under a peony I can still flirt as a ghost! While you are no peony, I would grade you as at least a morning glory!” Xu Que laughed. As soon as the words left his lips, Cang Feng and Mo Lan’s expressions turned livid and murderous.

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes at this development.

To think that Xu Que dared to tease powerful cultivators in the Infant Transformation Stage just like that! It was akin to seeking death!

“Eh, eh, eh, did I say something wrong? Don’t get angry, Madam! If you dislike morning glories, you could be a chrysanthemum instead!” Xu Que promptly explained.

Mo Lan was already piping mad.

Whip! Mo Lan faded away like a shadow hiding from the light and flooded magic art into a closed grip. In a single move, a terrifyingly strong palm technique instantly loomed over Xu Que! Upon seeing this, everyone present caught their breaths in their throats! The prowess of an Infant Transformation Stage powerhouse was indeed remarkable. From this move alone, it was clear that no one, maybe except for Cang Feng who was on the same cultivation stage, could escape her attack.

Xu Que simply smiled casually and took a slight step backward. In front of her palm, he opened his chest to Mo Lan, as if welcoming her into his arms.


With a m.u.f.fled sound, Mo Lan lunged at Xu Que and fell directly into his arms, suddenly immovable.

“What…what?” Suddenly, Mo Lan’s mind went blank and froze in disbelief. The whole arena fell dead silent. Everyone did a double take. It all happened so fast that it was almost a blur! As if, with just a blink of an eye, Molan had already fallen into Xu Que’s arms.

“Matron, don’t be so anxious! It is my first time, and I’m not ready yet!” Xu Que ridiculed her as he slid his palms along her waist. The audience couldn’t close their mouths or contain their anguish.

Your first time?

You were so practiced and skilled that you must have done this a million times!

“How dare you!” Cang Feng finally lost his cool and burst out, das.h.i.+ng straight for Xu Que. His wife’s debauchery was the one thing in life that he could never tolerate! However, as their relations.h.i.+p was rocky, they usually turned a blind eye to each other’s trysts. Despite that, all in all, the one bearing the shame was ultimately still him, the husband! Now, in front of everyone, his wife had fallen into the arms of that toy boy. How could he take it?

“Ah! Leader Cang, what are you doing? Stop! You might not believe it, but it was your wife who made the first move! She did it first, so what has it got to do with me?” yelled Xu Que, who took off once he lifted Mo Lan onto his shoulder.

Everyone stared at each other blankly and uncomprehending.

What kind of play was that?

A cultivator in the Golden Core Stage fighting over the wife of an Infant Transformation Stage powerhouse?

“Die!” Cang Feng trembled furiously and hurled a gush of enormous pressure at Xu Que for the kill!

“Ah! Don’t be like this. Think of it this way! As the ancient saying goes, to make life interesting tenfold, you have to be a cuckold!” Xu Que chirped and moved intricately on his feet, Mo Lan still on his shoulders.

Cang Feng launched several lethal attacks consecutively, but Xu Que easily avoided all of them. At this point, even the densest of all began to realize that something was off. Even Cang Feng began to calm down. His expression turned serious as his brows knitted into a tight frown.

“My husband, save me quickly! This man is suspicious; he is definitely above the Golden Core Stage!” shouted Mo Lan, who had finally caught on, as she struggled on Xu Que’s shoulder. She was horrified to find her True Core Strength sealed by some inexplicable means. At this point, even if she had wanted to kill Xu Que, there was nothing she could do!

“Huh, am I exposed?” Xu Que stopped and asked curiously upon seeing everyone’s appalled faces.

Cang Feng demanded, “Who in the world are you?”

“Who in the world am I?” Xu Que grinned, and with a flick of his arms threw Mo Lan directly off his shoulder. He adjusted his hair and looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle, faintly smiling, “Yours truly, right here is none other than Xu Que, hailing from the Exploding Heavens Faction!”


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