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Read Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 944 – Look Into My Eyes!

Ultimate Scheming System is a web novel completed by Lord Of The Common People, 太上布衣.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 944 – Look Into My Eyes!

Chapter 944: Look Into My Eyes!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Awesome, my foot! Where did a giant snake like you come from? Don’t tell me that you’re the Serpent Orochi from R Nation?” Xu Que turned around and glared at the eight-headed snake.

The eight-headed giant snake stopped for a second before shaking its eight heads, “No, I am the Nine-Headed Snake, or as some would call me, the Nine-Headed Berserk Dragon. I have been here ever since I lost a head. Maybe that’s why the legends have gotten pa.s.sed down wrong.”

“You? The Nine-Headed Berserk Dragon? Hear this. My mount’s an Ancient Magic Dragon!” Xu Que laughed coldly.

The eight-headed snake was shocked. An Ancient Magic Dragon as his mount? Was this fellow this powerful?

“I advise you to stay put and don’t move. Otherwise, you might find yourself dropping a few more heads. Don’t blame me if you find yourself looking like the kid with only three strands of hair in Wanderings of San Mao!” Xu Que chuckled as he lightly tapped the blade of the sword in his hand.


The eight-headed snake trembled with the metallic vibrato. It quickly replied, “Rest a.s.sured, Revered Immortal. I will not move an inch!”

Xu Que finally nodded his head. He put on a pompous act and spoke like an old but arrogant man, “Eh, not too bad of a performance. Now tell me where my friends are and let them out now.”

“Revered Immortal, this…I’m not sure either! Such a peculiar place this is, and I was not the one who laid down this illusory spell. Everything was under the control of that Master!” said the eight-headed snake who seemed to be in a fix. It stared wistfully at the white-clad lady lying on the ground.

“You mean her? She controls nothing! I’m telling you that I’m now the one in charge!” Xu Que snorted and waved his hand. An overwhelming Taoist Connotation gushed out of his hands and suddenly attacked the white-clad woman.


The next moment, the Taoist Connotation transformed into shackles and tied the white-clad woman up. Those shackles restricted the circulation of True Core Strength within her.

Tsk! The eight-headed snake stuck out its forked tongue and drew a sharp intake of breath, shocked, “Revered Immortal, I didn’t know that you liked this sort of bondage!”

“Bondage, your a.s.s! Why do you seem so weird? One look and I know you’re an indecent snake. Are you sure that you’re not from the R Nation?” Xu Que questioned. ( Boxno vel. co m )

The eight-headed snake quickly replied, “Revered Immortal, I’m genuinely not from the R Nation! My previous territory was on an island called the Ying Continent. It was also called Fuso!”

“Don’t play word games with me! That’s freaking R Nation!” shouted an angry Xu Que.

The name of Ancient R Nation was called Dongying. According to legend, it was given the name Fuso as people had mistakenly believed that the Sun Tree grew on that island. Others told the story of the R Nation being the Immortal Island of Penglai, although it remained a rumor.

“Ah? My Fuso became the R Nation? Who…who changed its name? How dare they!” The furious eight-headed snake was stunned.

Xu Que looked at him with no words, then shook his head. It seems like this fellow was trapped for too long. It knew nothing about the outside world.

“Come on, let’s talk about the serious stuff! What is the background of this woman, and where is her real body? If I’m not wrong, this place should be an ancient site of a Sect. Where have the people gone?” Xu Que walked toward the eight-headed snake and asked while patting its heads.

The eight-headed snake s.h.i.+vered. “Revered Immortal, please, you have to uphold justice for me! This place once belonged to the Kunlun Celestial Sect, and that woman was the Master of Kunlun, in charge of the entire sect. An Elder of Kunlun ambushed me and made me the Mountain Guardian Beast. As tough-minded as I am, it’s only natural that I fought back and defied him till the end! And so he locked me up ever since until something big happened.”

“Tell me about it.” Xu Que raised his eyebrows. He guessed that the snake might reveal the reason for the ma.s.s migration of sects back then.

However, the eight-headed snake merely shook its head and answered, “I don’t know what happened either. The only thing I know was that the Master of this area opened the gate to the so-called Road of Heavenly Attainment. Many sects uprooted themselves and migrated there. However, right before they left, the Master of Kunlun laid down a spell to seal this place, leaving nothing but a Shadow Replica to guard the gate. They promised to release me after 5 million years, but now, only 1million darned years have pa.s.sed.”

“….” Xu Que frowned as he listened. He had wanted to gather some information from the snake, but that fellow was unexpectedly ignorant about what had happened. However, there was still one part that caught Xu Que’s attention.

The Master of Kunlun opened a gate toward the Road of Heavenly Attainment. In other words….

“Could the Void Interface Point be found in Kunlun Mountain” Xu Que’s eyes lit up as he looked around. The white-clad woman lying on the floor’s eyes snapped open. Surprised, she examined the Taoist Connotation that bound her before raising her head to glare at Xu Que angry and horrified, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You attacked me from behind!”

” Don’t call me that so quickly.” Xu Que teased.

Deep down, however, he was very shocked. This black rod of his came straight from the System inventory. Even b.u.t.tface went out cold for days when he got hit, but this woman woke up so quickly after suffering a blow. Most important, she’s just a Shadow Replica! How powerful would the real her be?

“Who are you exactly?” The white-clad woman and pressed Xu Que for an answer. Her expression was icy, and it was evident that she was furious.

Xu Que continued to scan his surroundings while smiling mildly at that woman, “Who am I? I’m afraid that you’re not yet qualified to know! The only thing I can disclose is that the moment I was born, I could stand right away. I pointed one finger at the sky and another finger at the ground, shouting ‘I alone am honored in heaven and on earth!’ As for the rest, feel free to make a guess.”

The white-clad woman was stunned at Xu Que”s words.He could stand up straight the moment he was born, pointing one finger at the sky and another finger at the ground while shouting ‘I alone am honored in heaven and on earth’?

Was he the reincarnation of some Supreme Existence?

“The Revered Immortal is awesome!” Screamed the snake all of a sudden.

What the h.e.l.l?

Xu Que jumped in surprise and glared at the snake, “What the heck was that? Weren’t you imprisoned for tens of thousands of years? Where did you learn the word awesome?”

The eight-headed snake smiled shyly, “A group of mortals once traveled to somewhere nearby. When one of them, a good-looking guy, reached the mountain peak, the group behind him began to yell that ‘The Lord of Commoners is awesome!’ So I reckoned that ‘awesome’ must be some sort of praise!”

“You’re quite clever, aren’t you? Better than b.u.t.tface!” Xu Que’s eyes lit up and he made a thoughtful smile. Then he turned to the white-clad woman and shook his head, “The Master of Kunlun, eh? From now on, we, the Exploding Heavens Faction, will take over as owners of this area! I’ll give you three breaths worth of time. Return my friends immediately or else I’ll strip you naked and throw you out!”

“You’re throwing me out?” The white-clad woman ignored Xu Que’s threat to strip her. Instead, she thought that his last sentence was ridiculous. She shook her head, sarcastically, “This place was born out of my illusory spell. I am the spell, and the spell is I. How could you possibly throw me out? Let me put it this way. If you can bring me out of the formation, I would gladly let you strip me naked.”

“Yo-ho? It seems like you genuinely believe that I won’t be able to break your spell?” Xu Que asked amusedly.

While the illusory spell is potent and the System could not help him due to level restrictions, he has a lot of ways to break the spell.

“You…you have a way?” asked the surprised woman, who then quickly shook her head. “Impossible. This spell formation was laid down by my true body. No one except for the Master of Kunlun could break this spell. Why don’t you answer my question instead? If you promise to answer earnestly, I would consider releasing your friends.”

Xu Que smirked. “What do you want to know?”

“Who are you, and where are you from? Answer me, truthfully, or I will never open the illusory spell.”

“So what if I tell you the truth? One true name I’d never change, behold the Exploding Heavens Faction’s Sun Honglei! Pretty Sun is my nickname, though all prefer to call me Hunk Leilei!” Xu Que sneered, then suddenly shot his gaze at the white-clad woman. He bellowed, “Look into my eyes!”

The moment Xu Que’s voice fell, strands of golden flame emerged from his eyes and engulfed his eyeb.a.l.l.s, overflowing with energy.

The white-clad woman felt like someone had suddenly gripped her soul; a loud thud could be felt in her mind, and she stood rooted to the ground, unable to tear her gaze away from the golden flames in Xu Que’s eyes. In that instant, it was as if someone had thrown her into an all-engulfing sea of fire!


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