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Read Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! 253 Chapter 246: Who Won?

Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! is a web novel made by _Ramzey_.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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d.a.m.n it! G.o.d dammit!

The Clone turned panic as it frantically tried to swept each of Duan Li’s attacks away before they reached the ground, in an effort to stop more fire and casualties from spreading.

Although the paper talismans that were mimicking themselves as humans were basically without an ego, a far more inferior product than him, as the Clone himself was also of the same species with them, the Clone still wanted to save them from this madman original of his.

“Have you no heart? This is your village! Stop with this madness!” the Clone shouted out with a little bit of pleading tone apparent in its voice.

“What my village? All these are not real! Don’t you dare try to fool your father here! Go my holy flames! Burn! Burn them all to the ground! Hahahahaha! This is your sin of trying to copy me!” Duan Li laughed out loud with a high pitch tone.


No matter how the Clone tried to counter Duan Li’s attacks, it was all futile in the end. After all, the fire was already spreading to each corner throughout the whole village in the blink of an eye, burning them all into a sea of flames!

“My brethren! Noo!!” the Clone roared out to the sky, full of anguish.

On the other hand, due to the intense amount of fire elements present right now, with the help of Zhulong, Duan Li’s spiritual Qi was quickly recovering.


“Why does this scene seems quite familiar to me?” Duan Li thought for a while before he recalled.

Ahh.. the destroyed villages, dead bodies, and that anguish lonesome cry..

Did I just become like the Hermit King, Crastesauros, that destroyed the whole Jiu Empire?

Hais! What a tragedy..

“Die!!” the Clone suddenly turned around and launched a swift combination of attacks that were several times more stronger and faster than before.


Four fists attacks on all four cardinal directions appeared locking his escape path, innumerable amounts of sword Qi attacks circled him like a spherical cage to lock him down on his current position, and two palm attacks of gigantic proportions both from the sky and below was coming towards him in an instant!

The Clone was intent on flattening him into a pancake!

“Oh sh*t! There is no way in dodging that!” Duan Li cursed out and quickly took action.

Driving his spiritual Qi to its limits, he took out Little Sword onto his left hand.

“Pierce through!”


Focusing the Nine Swords Thunder Strike into a single point, Duan Li punctured a large hole in that seemingly flawless attacks of the other party.


Then, using the Eternal Great Axe on his right hand, he cleaved down towards the hole as a driving point.


Like a broken ceramic pottery, the whole formation of the attack crumbled down into pieces as Duan Li dashed out.

“Hmph! Don’t be too full of yourself!” he shouted out.

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Pointing his index finger forward, Duan Li used a skill art that he refrained from using all these while in this battle due to how much spiritual Qi it will consume. But since he now had quite a bit to spend and he needed to get the upper hand as well, he decided to use it.

I’m gonna finish this once and for all!

One Finger Starlight Slash: Full Burst!

In that instant, a blinding light that wanted to blotch out the whole world with the color of white appeared, before a dazzling white beam was shot out from Duan Li’s finger!

“Kuh! Don’t think that you’re the only one who aren’t afraid to expend spiritual Qi!”

One Finger Starlight Slash: Full Burst!


The moment these two beam attack met each other, the whole world of the Crafted s.p.a.ce shook like an Earthquake beyond the calculatable charts, the land and the sky seemed to have switched position as all debris was thrown off from the ground, and every single plants was uprooted, twisted into pieces, the flames of the village turned into a towering twisters of inferno!


Not expecting his clone to use the same technique as him, Duan Li gritted his teeth as his beam was being pushed back by the latter!


Seeing that his life was really at stake here if he lose, Duan Li decided to unleash the Warring Intent ability up to 30 percent in order to get the upper hand in this clash of light beams.


Some of his blood vessels then immediately ruptured, causing blood to flow out from his nose, ears and eyes!

“Hahahaha! I was waiting for this!” the Clone laughed out.


Talisman Ultimate Move: Qioaken times ten! (A.N: Bahahahaha everyone should know this move, I just changed the name for ill.u.s.tration purpose in how this battle looks like xD)


The instant this skill was brought out, the Clone visibly turned pale and old as if it had just aged by 50 years in a single breath!

It was apparent that activating this ability needed a very hefty price to use!

However, the light beam was now ten times stronger than before, causing Duan Li’s beam to be severely outmatched, as if a river being engulfed by an incoming tsunami!

“What?! This fellow still has such a trump card left?”

Duan Li was entirely taken aback by how this Clone of his went into such lengths in order to beat him!

But thinking about it, he then understood the reason why.

This Clone had copied him and perhaps some of his traits and personality was pa.s.sed down as well. Then, seeing how the village and the people was burned down right in front of its eyes, the Clone had somehow unlocked this ability!

“Impressive! You wanted to copy me right? In that timeline, I have also lost everything that was dear to me! Now, you have felt what it really means to be ME!” Duan Li shouted out.

He then continued, “But how can a mere copy understands? All these here is but a replica! Therefore..”

“How can your artificial pain possibly be compared to MINE?!”


Doomsday Calamity Fists!!



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