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Chapter 124 – Bing’s suggestion

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Bing took the ship channel over, and carefully looked over it for very long, shaking his head: “The position is wrong.”

“Position is wrong?” Tang Tian was stunned.

“The position of the Southern Cross Constellation is offset.” Bing said in a serious tone: “Although the Starry door will change, the position of constellations will not have too big of a change.”

“Real or fake?” Tang Tian did not believe Bing.

Bing’s eyes widened, his tone sounding unkind: “You are doubting an old timer who is extremely familiar with the army encampment?”

Tang Tian was immediately embarra.s.sed: “Ah ah ah, you see, Qian Hui said it before, there are many places that do not have 100% accuracy.”

Bing ignored Tang Tian, and continued: “The Starry Door can definitely have changes, I have never seen the Immortal Constellation before. But thinking about it, what the headquarters of the encampment had said before, there is still a way.”

Tang Tian seemed to have heard what he said and was roused: “What way?”

“From the Martial Spirit Chamber, enter the Spirit Region. There is a path there, which leads straight into the headquarters of the encampment. In the past, many people used to walk by there, but that road is not easy to walk.” Bing explained.

“That’s great!” Tang Tian cried out, waving his arms in the air: “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Bing rolled his eyes: “I already said that the road is not easy to walk.”

“What kind of ‘not easy’ do you mean?” Tang Tian asked.

“That road in the past could only be used by the senior soldiers.” Bing sized up Tang Tian twice, and frowned: “Young man, you are still lacking a lot!”

“Senior soldiers?” Tang Tian frowned. If it were in the past, he would definitely disagree with Bing’s way of speaking, but if not for experience with The Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures that he struggled with, he already understood that being a ‘senior soldier’, meant having extreme strength.

Bing faced upwards to the sky, exposing a face of deep thought, and suddenly said: “I can’t say for sure, after all, many years have pa.s.sed already, I can’t say for sure that the past star spirit beasts, might not be there anymore, we can only go there and check to be clear about it.”

Tang Tian immediately nodded his head: “That’s right, that’s right!”

“Then you have best say goodbye to them.” Bing reminded Tang Tian: “This time we might be staying in the Spirit Region for a long time.”

Tang Tian felt that Bing was right, and went to bid goodbye to Uncle Qian. Uncle Qian guessed that Tang Tian must be going to find Young Miss, but did not hold him back, and even gave Tang Tian many star rocks and spirit nuclei.

Tang Tian’s dried up wallet was once again full.

Leaving the Shangguan Clan, Tang Tian found a corner where there was n.o.body, and entered the Martial Spirit Chamber, after that, he entered Three Spirits City.

From the time he left, Three Spirits City did not change much, But the incident that happened with the Lin Clan led Three Spirits City’s surface to become rather withered. The number of people on the streets had lessened. Tang Tian did not raise any suspicions, and headed back to the military weapon warehouse.

Tang Tian found Sai Lei in the warehouse.

But upon seeing Sai Lei who looked neither like a person nor a ghost, Tang Tian nearly could not recognize her. Her messy hair and dirty face, spoilt and tattered clothes, were comparable to Wu Guang.

When Sai Lei saw Tang Tian, it was as if she did not see anything, while continuing to chant something.

“This woman did not go crazy right?” Tang Tian worriedly asked Bing.

Bing, on the contrary, seemed experienced and knowledgeable: “People like them are like that, once they find something they can be obsessed with, they would throw away their lives. Ke ke, a few thousand years ago, the mechanics were all like this, and it seems the current era’s mechanics still have the same moral integrity.”

From Bing’s tone of voice, Tang Tian could hear that there was definitely some mechanic who had offended him before.

“Hey, Sai Lei!” Tang Tian shouted, Sai Lei did not hear his first shout, so he had no choice but to raise his voice and shout louder.

This time, Sai Lei heard him, her eyes slowly regained some focus, upon seeing Tang Tian, she shouted back: “You’re here.” Saying that she turned and left.

Upon seeing this, Tang Tian frowned, without saying a thing, he took a big stride forward, picked Sai Lei up, turned around, and asked Bing: “Is there a pool here?”

Sai Lei cursed in rage: “What are you doing? Don’t waste my time!”

Bing showed a ‘doesn’t concern me’ expression, and pointed behind Tang Tian: “Behind you walk about 200 metres, then turn right.”

Without saying a thing, carrying Sai Lei, Tang Tian followed the direction and walked.

Sai Lei struggled in his hands, but Tang Tian ignored her. This woman simply did not want to live! Seeing the veins in her eyes, he knew that she had not slept in many days.

They found the pool, and it was even a flowing water body, and a bronze aqueduct, the stream of river flowing into the pool.

With Tang Tian’s one throw, followed by Sai Lei’s scream, she flew into the pool.

Hua la, the splash caused countless drops of water to splatter.

“Now wash up properly, if you make more noise, don’t ever think of touching the mechanical weapons in the future!”

After saying that, Tang Tian turned to leave.

Sai Lei, who opened her mouth to scold, suddenly became unable to speak, Tang Tian’s words had struck her weak point, disallowing her from touching the mechanical weapons, was a worse fate than killing her.

She submerged, as she had no choice but to give in.

Sai Lei immediately became well behaved.

“Young lad, I couldn’t see that you actually have some aggressiveness in you!” Bing was astonished.

Tang Tian’s had a look of ‘as expected’: “That is because you’re not looking properly, this G.o.dlike young lad, what can’t he take down?”

He chose to disregard that time, what Sai lei did to him. (The bite on his d***)

Looking at all the pieces and components of the mechanical weapons at his feet, Tang Tian knew that Sai Lei, in the course of the time he was away, dismantled countless mechanical weapons.

This woman was really crazy!

Tang Tian secretly licked his lips, and could not help but to admire her.

Not waiting for long, Sai Lei had finished bathing.

She had a change of clothes, and felt clear and fresh. Her damp and wet hair was draped over her shoulders, her face seemingly still having a layer of moisture, her original, already beautiful face, had an additional indescribable gentleness to it. And her somewhat timid expression, looking at it, had some bit of pitifulness to it.

“Stop acting!” Upon seeing Sai Lei’s expression, Tang Tian raised his palm, adopting a posture of blocking.

He had personally experienced the lady’s power.

“Now go and have a good rest.” Tang Tian’s other hand pointed up, preventing Sai Lei from speaking, his tone was full of dominance: “Don’t you come and haggle with me, if you die from fatigue, I will lose a lot!”

Seeing that Sai Lei still wished to speak, his eyes glared, and he raised his voice: “Don’t come and bulls.h.i.t with me! GO!”

Sai Lei jumped up in fright, and immediately obediently went to sleep.

She was honestly already so tired, her mind was in a blur, when did this brat become so fierce?

Seeing that Sai Lei went to sleep, Tang Tian and Bing went to examine the surrounding terrain.

From the base, with Bing’s guidance, Tang Tian began to walk deeper into the Spirit Region. As though that it had returned to its home, Yaya became exceptionally lively, and the entire journey it kept ‘Yiyiyaya’-ing, and made a lot of noise.

Yaya’s size did not change, but the armor lines on its body became more distinct, yet the most obvious change, was actually on its’ back, adding a small flag.

“Careful, this place used to have many Star Spirit Beasts.” Bing warned Tang Tian: “From what I see, where we are now is the Hunting Spirit Region. Observe Yaya, although bud spirit generals are very weak, they are very agile.”

The Hunting Spirit Region was extremely dangerous, and occasionally they would meet martial artists who hunted for Spirit Nucleus inside, but the direction that Bing was guiding to, was off the beaten track, and Tang Tian actually did not meet a single martial artist.

Suddenly, Yaya quieted down, the small flag on its back stopped waving, he bent his waist, eyes staring in front, a face of garrison.

Tang Tian immediately took up precautions.

Far ahead, there seemingly was a ray of red light that blinked.

Immediately, a rustling sound that caused people’s hearts to palpitate, sounded out.

“It is a Star Spirit Snake!” Bing warned Tang Tian.

The speed of the Spirit Snake was much faster than what Tang Tian expected. It was so fast, that it suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. The snake was about three metres long, as thick as a grown man’s arms, on its body was a layer of fine bronze scales, these fine bronze scales formed an intricate design, but what made Tang Tian shudder, was the snake head.

In the centre of the triangular snake head, was an astonishingly close resemblance of a human face.

“These Star Spirit beasts, after absorbing the ancient martial spirit pieces, will have features of humans.” Bing’s tone of voice became very heavy, and lowered his voice: “You have to be very careful, it’s even stronger than a regular Star Spirit Beast. You can try fighting it, but if you can’t, just run. We can take our time to consider.”

Tang Tian nodded, not saying a word, and the Blue Peac.o.c.k appeared on his body.

For the entire time, Tang Tian had been persistently using his own silver martial spirit to nourish the martial spirit of the Blue Peac.o.c.k.

The Blue Peac.o.c.k had become even stronger.

The ignition of the Fornax Gloves led Tang Tian’s feelings for his Treasures to have a big change. In the past, the treasures to him were just treasures, but now, he saw them as equals, as living beings.

It was unknown if it was because of this thinking, but the intimacy between Tang Tian and the treasures became even closer.

In the middle of every feather on the Blue Peac.o.c.k, was an added, extremely thin, silver line. Surging power came forth with the armor, and Tang Tian felt his own body br.i.m.m.i.n.g with it.

Tang Tian exhibited a defensive pose, and stared at the Star Spirit Snake in front of him.

The cold pupils of the Star Spirit snake stared intently back at Tang Tian, the emotionless face seemingly showed an evil look. The surrounding temperature plummeted, and around the Star Spirit Snake, snowflakes began to fall.

Tang Tian’s face changed.

As if receiving enlightenment, The Star Spirit Snake in front of him was a level higher than all the other Star Spirit Beasts he had met previously.

Sixth level!

Suddenly, the Star Spirit Snake opened its mouth and spat out a ball of mist, upon leaving the mouth, the ball of mist quickly expanded.

Wherever the ball of mist pa.s.sed, the floor would form a layer of ice.

As the ball of mist flew in front of Tang Tian, there was already a wall seemingly made of ice, crushing with pressure towards him.

Tang Tian did not move aside, the star spirit snake in front of him could make him have an intuitive a.s.sessment of the danger of what is yet to come. If he could not even handle this Star Spirit Snake, then he would not be able to dwell deeper. The road further on would only become more dangerous.

However, from the past few days, he had grown!

Ghost Claw and Wu Guang brought Tang Tian a huge shock, something he had never before experienced. It was the first time he understood that true martial techniques could become so devastatingly strong!

Tang Tian had been opened up to a new window to the world.

He did not go on to training higher level martial techniques, but continued to train in his Concussion Punch, something that he had already perfected, and was able to train out the killing technique.

Vibration. His goal was to comprehend the true essence of vibration.

This young man did not slacken a bit!

Tang Tian’s expression was calm and steady [Robin: Knees weak, arms are heavy]. He bent his waist, right hand grasped in front of him, and the empty air suddenly had countless vibrations, as though he had grabbed them from the air.

The surrounding air began to vibrate.


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