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Chapter 224 – Corvus Gold’s Worth

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian’s face was ashen as he listened to Sai Lei talk about her experiences.

Sai Lei had designed a model previously, and would require roughly 9 million star coins. But many materials were unpurchasable. Due to that, she could only create a lower level model, and pulled Bing to test it out.

That was First Snowfall.

First Snowfall’s cost was just 1.2 million star coins, and according to Sai Lei’s plan, it was sufficient to sell it for 5 to 6 million star coins. Never did she think that a foolish spendthrift would send himself up the door and buy it for 20 million, taking Sai Lei over the moon.

Tang Tian laughed bitterly, this time First Snowfall had really become trouble. To sell it out, it would be extremely easy for people to know about it, so he had to keep it for the time being.

But luckily there was the 15 million star currency card, leaving Tang Tian to be at peace.

“Oh right, the Corvus gold you sent last time, where did you get it from?” Sai Lei’s eyes lit up: “It is good stuff, but this amount is not even enough to fill up a crack. I need even more Corvus Gold, this Corvus gold has some sort of weird use, it is extremely compatible to act as a medium for the martial spirit.”

“Medium for the martial spirit?” Tang Tian was stunned.

“Yes.” Upon speaking business, Sai Lei would immediately become serious: “Previously, I had a headache about this problem. Mechanical weapons and martial spirit’s biggest problem was how could a martial spirit enter the mechanical weapon. Previously I used the spirit jade, but the spirit jade’s price is too expensive. And the spirit jade had a weakness, which is that it breaks easily. Corvus Gold perfectly solves this problem, tough and durable, and the price should not be too expensive.”

“It isn’t expensive at all!” Tang Tian shook his head: “This is the special local product of Corvus Constellation, it is retrieved from a type of star spirit beast called the stone gravel beast, and it is used by the locals to exchange for food.”

“Exchange for food? That is preposterous! They do not know how to value it properly!” Sai Lei’s pupils become dilated: “No way! I am going to Corvus Constellation! I am going to business with this product! G.o.d, this is definitely a 100 percent profitable business! Now, no one has found out that Corvus Gold has that ability, we must use this chance and take everything in, we must..”

“Is it so worth it?” Tang Tian was getting excited listening to her.

“Of course!” Sai Lei raged out: “Do you know how much spirit jades are worth? That pea sized black colored spirit jade is worth roughly 20 thousand star coins! And that small a spirit jade can only make a fierce soldier, and that is the strongest point of fierce soldier! Fierce Soldier manufacturing cost is only 30 thousand star coins! And for a martial spirit rank like the Sky Tiger, it requires the spirit jade to be more than a 100 grams, that is the size of a red date mind you, and the purity of it must be at least the silver grade, do you know how much is that worth? If not for the warehouse, you think I could have made it? 8 million star coins!”

“8 million star coins…” Tang Tian’s eyes became red.

“Why is First Snowfall worth only 1.2 million star coins, it is because of Corvus Gold. The volume of Corvus Gold is lower than Spirit Jade. One red date sized silver rank spirit jade, needs roughly 10 kg worth of Corvus Gold. One red date silver rank spirit jade, is 8 million star coins, so 10 kg of corvus gold is worth how much?” Sai Lei’s face was fuming with anger.

10 kg of Corvus Gold = 8 million Star Coins!

Tang Tian rushed out like whirlwind with red in his eyes.

Especially after thinking about the over a hundred thousand stone gravel beasts rushing towards the Xie family sword village, Tang Tian’s heart almost stopped.

s.h.i.t, I have never seen so much money before!

“Oh, if we wait for other people, the Corvus Gold value will definitely soar, then at that time the stone gravel beasts would become extinct!” Sai Lei sneered: “At that time it will be too late for you to regret it. The price of 10 kg of Corvus Gold is definitely going to be lower than spirit jade, with its disadvantage of needing a huge amount. To a high-end mechanical weapon, it is definitely worth it. 10 kg worth of Corvus Gold would most likely be able to be sold for 5 million star coins, that is definitely not a problem. That means 1 kg is roughly 500 thousand star coins.”

“How much money do you still have?” Tang Tian suddenly raised his head, his eyes red.

Sai Lei jumped in fright, she herself was the one over excited just now, as she stammered: “Not much, all in all, I calculated it should be a remaining of 30 million.”

“Then adding on my 15 million, we have 45 million!” Tang Tian quickly calculated: “We will use everything to buy all the Corvus Gold!”

Sai Lei’s eyes lit up: “No problem, I can still squeeze out 5 million, that makes it 50 million!”

“You sure about it?” Tang TIan looked at Sai Lei seriously: “I am going to bet all my a.s.sets into it.”

Sai Lei’s expression also became solemn: “I swear on my name as a machinical engineer.”

Tang Tian nodded his head: “You will go and hide in the army warehouse first, get sheltered for a while, now there is no one who can protect you.”

“Ok!” Sai Lei knew the seriousness of the matter, and nodded unhesitatingly.

At the martial technique wall behind the light door, Bing continuously pasted the spirit cards onto the wall.

An astonishing scene appeared, a gold spirit card emitting an aura, was like a fierce shark, one mouth swallowing the spirit cards pasted on the wall.

The gold spirit card suddenly suddenly emitted a fog, the fog enveloped the surface of the card, and the designs of the card immediately disappeared.

It was like the gold aura was breathing, and suddenly dimmed.

“That is the 30th spirit card.” Bing said softly, his poker face was shaking in fear: “This Ghost Claw, is so fierce. That last bit of martial spirit inside, is actually so fierce.”

“You guys in the past, also had this technique?” Magic Flute noticed the cards on the wall flickering, his heart was surprised, many things from the past, if placed in the current era, were still as strong.

“This situation is rarely seen.” Bing did not bat his eye and continued: “The cards on the martial technique wall are the most common to integrate. But this is not integration, this is swallowing. After swallowing, the cards are stronger than ordinary cards. In the past, our army produced a few of these swallowing cards, and the strongest was our captain’s [King].

“King?” Magic Flute was stunned: “There was an ancient card with such a name?”

Bing’s poker face twitched, but continued: “People who play too much poker are always like that. But, that card was really very strong! However, swallowing cards does not mean they always have good results. The success rate is based entirely on that trace of martial spirit. Some martial spirits are not strong enough, and the card will explode in the end.”

Magic Flute was quiet for a while, then consoled: “Ghost Claw will definitely succeed.”

After so many long years had made his heart hard like a stone, but on this hard stone, there were already cracks and flaws on it, and these were the corrosion throughout the years. But Ghost Claw, who have been silent and inarticulate, had led him to see how strong dreams could be, even after experiencing so much, it could still be as tough as steel.

“Uncle, Uncle!”

Tang Tian flew in like the wind, Bing and Magic Flute who already heard his entranced turned to look at him, and quietly left the martial technique wall.

“Big money to make! Definitely big money to make!”

Tang Tians excited shouts were enough to pierce everyone’s eardrums.

“Did you go out and rob again?” Bing asked in a calm and collected manner.

“Nonsense! Someone like me who is a G.o.dlike young man, of course I am righteous.” Tang Tian eyed Bing once, but followed on with a laugh: “Uncle do you still remember the Corvus Gold from last time?”

“What about them?” Bing’s face was weird: “I sent it to Sai Lei the other time.”

“Sai Lei found out a secret about Corvus Gold!” Tang Tian acted mysteriously.

“What secret?” Bing was curious: “Don’t tell me inside it there are little crows?”

Magic Flute laughed out loud.

Tang Tian showed unhappiness on his face: “Hey, Uncle, I’m being serious here. Sai Lei said that Corvus gold can replace Spirit Jades!”

“Corvus Gold can replace Spirit Jades?” Bing straightened his back, his poker face becoming agitated: “It can really replace spirit jades?”

Tang Tian proudly said: “That’s right, Sai Lei said, the spirit jades worth 8 million, 10 kg of Corvus Gold can replace that amount.”

“If it is for real, then this problem, we have to move carefully!” Bing’s expression congealed: “This will most definitely affect the entire Heaven’s Road structure. The problem where the mechanical weapons uses spirit jade, was destined to be the most difficult to be ma.s.s produced. In our time, the spirit jade was an uncommon material. Now the spirit jade price is getting more and more exorbitant. Corvus gold’s value, is definitely cheaper by a lot.”

“Sai Lei hopes that we can obtain a large amount of Corvus Gold, other people should not have realized this use of the gold yet.” Tang Tian was serious: “We have prepared 50 million star coins. Adding on those hundred thousand stone gravel beasts, woah, so much money!”

“We had better plan this properly then.” Bing’s rarely used solemn tone could be heard.

Magic Flute’s expression also became serious.

Tang Tian found Xie Qing, and asked: “Corvus gold from Corvus constellation, how is it usually sold?”

Xie Qing was taken aback, but he replied: “1 kg is roughly 500 star coins. Not every stone gravel beast has corvus gold, maybe every 20 stone gravel beast can produce around 1 kg of corvus gold. 500 star coins, can only buy so much of food.”

Calculating from that, hundred thousand stone gravel beast, can roughly attain 5000 kg of corvus gold, 1 kg is roughly 500 thousand star coins, that is about 2.5 billion star coins!

That is an immense amount of wealth.

“If I give you funds, how much can you procure?” Tang Tian asked.

Xie Qing was truly surprised then: “Don’t tell me Master wants to ma.s.s purchase?”

“That’s right!” Tang Tian did not deny it.

“A ma.s.s purchase, then Master best find those trading companies.” Xie Qing explained: “But, those doing Corvus Gold businesses are all small companies, Corvus Gold’s profits are not high, the big companies are not willing to do it.”

“How much Corvus Gold can Corvus Constellation produce each year?” Tang Tian asked.

Hearing Tang Tian’s tone, Xie Qing was even more prudent: “For a village like ours, in a month we can hunt around 60 stone gravel beasts, so it is around 3 kg worth of corvus gold. 1500 star coins, is able to allow the village to survive for a month. But, that is very difficult to say.”

“What do you mean?” Tang Tian asked.

“For example, this time, if hundred thousand stone gravel beasts are killed, for a very long time, the star gravel beasts will be extinct on this planet. It would take around 2 to 3 years for them to come back.” Xie Qing explained.

Tang Tian started to lower his head as he pondered.

An even more brazen plan formed in his head.


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