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Chapter 498 – Spirit Value

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian went in a big circle before returning to the camp.

In the camping ground, the martial artists were all in a frightened state, the energy ripples from the fight between the saints was terrifying, something martial artists beneath the saints could never imagine.

The battle was at another level, remnants of the aftermath still lingered in the air, even these bit of remnants, to the martial artists who were not saints, felt uncomfortable.

Only Ding Chen noticed Tang Tian’s return, as long as there were movements now, Ding Chen would always notice if Tang Tian was there. Hence when he noticed Tang Tian appearing in the camp, Ding Chen involuntarily swallowed his saliva. A daring idea came up with a daring thought, were the noises and activities caused by Big Boss?

This thought flashed past his mind, he laughed at his own craziness, is it even possible that the rain and wind are made by the big boss? (TN: He is laughing at his own mentality)

Although Big Boss was capable, the saints were also very powerful, there was still the Honorable Martial Group, and Onyx Soul, because of these big guns, big boss definitely went to join the fun.

Once Tang Tian returned to the camp, he squeezed into the training chambers, and said: “Do not disturb me.”

Tang Tian’s hands were lacerated, his white bones were revealed, fresh blood splattered all over. Tang Tian grinned, he was in such pain he exhaled out cold air, but his face still flashed with excitement.

The battle today, finally solved the most important question, that was which direction he should head towards.

Of course, it was destruction!

His spirit domain was Little Fool, and it was something he could not control, since he could not create, then he shall destroy. Others would feel that the realm of destruction was not high, but Tang Tian felt it was nothing much, as one had to take one step at a time. He was not a world cla.s.s genius, reaching the skies in one step was not what he would think of. To be able to battle and display his use was enough to make him very happy.

The matter about creating, will be left to Little Fool.

As for himself, he will focus on being a destroyer. If he could destroy other people’s spirit domains, then that would be powerful!

The more he thought about it, the more excited he got, but the pain from both hands, made him shift his attention. The injury looked extremely terrifying, but in truth, it was not as serious as one would think. He had a Zero Energy Body, so the injuries caused by energy would not be too strong on him, and furthermore, his self-healing capability was very strong.

However, his self-healing capability also needed to be replenished, which was done by eating a huge amount of food.

Not only was His body unable to heal with energy, but it also repelled energy, hence he needed huge amounts of food, to replenish his body. Luckily Tang Tian had prepared for it early, Ding Man and the rest had done comprehensive research on his Zero Energy Body.

Tang Tian extremely liked his Zero Energy Body, although he could not use spirit techniques, however he need not worry about injuries too much, as long as it was not fatal, there would not be much problem.

Thinking of back when Ye Zhao Ge flaunted his undead body, Tang Tian’s eyes got red thinking of it.

Not needing to worry of getting injured, could let him take more initiative during a battle, for a berserk offensive type fighter like him, it was simply the best, his attack can be even more daring.

“G.o.dlike young lad, should be making a living through offense! Tsk……”

“Little Fool, I will hand over the defense to you, aiyo……”

“Ah Ha, it has been decided!”

Little Fool floated in front of Tang Tian, looked at this fool in silence. The battle was still spiralling around his head, in truth, when talking of technicalities, it was not complicated concerning the battle.

Only that, the courage and determination displayed by the fool in battle, had impacted him greatly. According to strength, the fool completely had no margin of struggling, however, this fellow actually won…….

This fellow’s will to survive, was already so strong to such a state…..

Little Fool kept silent, if it was him, could he win? Little Fool felt the possibility was low, just like then, he had already started thinking about retreating.

Why did he not think of that, the Fool will use such a method to resolve the battle.

“Your thoughts are not bad, the path to destroy, it suits you.” the childish voice, yet contained a complicated mood.

While eating crazily Tang Tian asked with a m.u.f.fled voice: “what is the use of the saint bone?”

His mind and Little Fool’s were interlinked, when the old man from Honorable Martial Group took out the saint bone, he felt the fluctuation in Little Fool’s mood.

“To increase the spirit value.” Little Fool’s mood returned to normal: “You can dramatically increase my spirit value.”

“What is spirit value?” Tang Tian asked while wolfing down his food.

“It is the value of energy transformation of the spirit domain.” Little Fool’s childish voice, was extremely adorable: “You can treat the spirit domain as a special s.p.a.ce, spirit value is the size of this s.p.a.ce. The bigger the s.p.a.ce, the more spirit techniques you can train in. My spirit value is not high, only 10. This Saint Bone came at the right time.”

“The bigger the spirit value the better?” Tang Tian continued to eat, asked without raising his head.

“Yes.” Little Fool sat beside Tang Tian, took the saint bone and ate the bone like eating a biscuit. However, he ate it very slowly, with a serious expression.

A big and small figure sat side by side, using the same posture, even the expression of eating something was strikingly similar.

“I’m satisfied!” Tang Tian raised his arms and shouted.

“The taste is not bad.” Little Fool licked his lips. His eyes flashed a very special glare: “It truly is a saint bone, my spirit value increased to 15. Even so, there is still a mark in it, i need some time to remove it. The mark in saint bones are very good things.”

“Good that it’s useful for you.” Tang Tian said: “What about that spirit technique cards?”

Little Fool lifted his eyebrows: “It is better than Blink, but my spirit value is not high enough.”

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s neck hung a necklace with the shape of a silver rabbit, it was shaking slightly, it was a bell.

After a moment, Tang Tian smiled: “who knows, maybe we can sell it for a good price.”

Tang Tian completely did not think about how big a wave the battle had created in Ancient Cold City.

Ye Zhao Ge, [Glimmer], 20 strikes, and lost.

The news spread across Ancient Cold City like a hurricane, it’s sensation totally exceeded Tang Tian’s expectation. With the appearance of [Glimmer], it had already shocked people. Ye Zhao Ge’s talent and strength was much stronger than the rumors. Compared to the matured bronze saints, Ye Zhao Ge’s spirit value was very low, his understanding of Spirit technique were still very shallow, his attacking methods were very simple and showed many weaknesses.

But even so, Ye Zhao Ge’s battle capabilities were shocking, totally unlike what the typical saints can be compared to.

Saints that could win against Ye Zhao Ge were definitely not n.o.bodies, however, the unfamiliar face and the Form Spirit, did not even leave a name behind before they left.

A few people tried to follow secretly, but the other party used the sea of clouds to get rid of them.

However, the heated debate caused by the battle did not end there.

“The power of this person, compared to Ye Zhao Ge did not have much of a difference, Ye Zhao Ge was too careless, if he had used Glimmer from the start, the result of the battle would be another story. The mystery person was very smart, he knew that he was not Ye Zhao Ge’s match when comparing with creation power, hence he used another method, which was destroy. The difficulty of destroying is even lower than creation, although there is a huge difference in terms of boundaries, but in this level of battle, the difference was not that huge. He succeeded, by using a large quant.i.ty energy to explode directly, which damaged the opponent’s Glimmer created by his spirit domain.”

“Borrowing the opponent’s change of mind, using the pressure from the sudden Blink, the strike at the end was a small technique, using power fluctuations to entice Ye Zhao Ge, in actual fact he used his legs to resolve the battle. Also, we could tell that the Form Spirit’s energy control was very proficient.”

“To let the opponent control the rhythm of the battle was Ye Zhao Ge’s most careless move. Although there was a difference in terms of fighting ability, but Ye Zhao Ge did not lose in injustice, the use of battle techniques by his opponent exceeded him, most importantly, the opponent’s fighting intent was more firm, to destroy Ye Zhao Ge’s Glimmer circle, he did not even hesitate to sacrifice both his hands, this type of courage, is not what the typical person has. On top of that, the opponent has a strong body, it was such an intense explosion, the price paid by the two injured hands could be seen.”

The Saint’s understanding of the battle, compared to usual people was more in depth, and very quickly, a professional decipher was made ready in the market.

“How do you see it?” The middle aged man asked Tong Ge.

Tong Ge smiled slightly: “Very professional, the explanation was very clear. Ye Zhao Ge’s enlightenment of Glimmer, his spirit value is over 25, he just stepped into saint level and is already so strong, that is already powerful. That would also mean the opponent was even stronger.”

The middle aged man declined to comment: “if you had went against him, would you have the confidence?”

The smile on Tong Ge’s face vanished, he revealed a very serious expression, he thought about it, his expression was complicated: “Not definitely, the opponent was very crazy, and very capable of using his own advantages, these such people are the hardest to handle, even so, it is very difficult to guess what trump cards he had. The opponent’s Form Spirit, almost did not display anything. I have my own suspicions now, whether he conserved his strength or not. Although he sacrificed his hands, but I suspect that, to him, would possibly be just a type of choice.”

The middle age man nodded his head: “I feel consoled that you could see that. He came for the s.e.xtans Eye, I have a type of feeling, this person is not easy.”

“Mhm.” Tong Ge nodded his head seriously: “I will be careful!”

The middle aged man said: “I checked, the treasure deposit that s.e.xtans Eye has kept, should not be the highest level treasure deposit, the spirit law is also more suited for bronze saints, if you do not get it, do not be discouraged.”

“Master, you lost confidence in your disciple so quickly?” Tong Ge laughed.

“Not that I lost my confidence.” the middle aged man shook his head: “Although we don’t know the origin of the opponent, but to be so brave and ignore his life, I think he should not be any disciple from anywhere. Spirit Laws are difficult to get, but you can still get it if you think of an idea.”

Tong Ge did not retort, he turned and asked: “He really will come?”

“You will know later.” the middle aged man said.

The appearance that Tang Tian used when fighting Ye Zhao Ge, strutted down the streets, once he appeared, it attracted a slight uproar. Tang Tian who was victorious against Ye Zhao Ge, had his reputation soar to sky high.

“This brother, not sure where you came from? I am from Libra Constellation……”

“I’m from Cancer constellation……”

“I am from……”

The other powerhouses might still be afraid of Honorable Martial Group, but for powerhouses such as the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, they did not even care, all of them throwing a symbol of peace to Tang Tian. Such talent which could defeat Ye Zhao Ge with his [Glimmer], such a talent, if they did not invite him, they must definitely be blind.

Tang Tian suddenly had difficulty walking forward.


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