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The eating session lasted a very short time as most of them were big eaters. Only Misae took her time to savor the food, and she enjoyed them very much. She felt rather glad that she managed to make the dishes well with the guidance the chef gave her before.

“The sun is going to set,” Kanae pointed to the sun. It was already nearing night and the sky has turned dark red. Even the sky seemed to change its color when the sun was setting.

Misae immediately took out her phone and got up from her seat. She snapped several pictures for the next few seconds before the sun completely disappeared from the view.

“I want to take more pictures,” she sighed in disappointment. The pictures she had just taken were not good enough.

“There will be more chances for that in the future. The meeting is not over yet,” Kanae consoled.

Misae nodded her head excitedly. “I truly want to take more photos!”

Tara watched Mike, who stared towards the girl covertly. He leaned forward slightly. “Don’t you have any courage to tell her that you like her?”

Mike’s face changed slightly. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m a man. How can I not notice the minute differences on your face? When it comes to girls, I’m the best,” Tara smirked.

“Get lost, who wants to ask you?” Mike scoffed. He resumed his eating and didn’t bother with what this man wanted to talk about.

At this point, Misae was looking towards them. She was surprised to see Tara leaning forward towards Mike, but she didn’t say anything. She put away her phone and returned to her seat and ate again.

“Mike is going to be in trouble,” Neo snickered. “At last, the training maniac sees other things and not only his training.”

Kanae wondered when they grew this close. Although she did create chances for them to meet countless times in the past, she never saw them get this close. Did she miss something in the time she was skipping school during the past few weeks?

The day pa.s.sed swiftly and the five of them returned to their rooms to sleep. Tara also stayed in his room, which was located not too far from them.

Misae lied down on her bed. “Kanae, do you think Tara has a close relations.h.i.+p with the three of them?”

“I guess so,” Kanae answered calmly. She was paginating the report she made during the talk with Tara. It took her several minutes until she finished and sent it to Kevin’s email.

“I wonder if Mike prefers a mature girl or a childish girl…”

Kanae was startled when she heard what Misae said. She turned around and saw that Misae already fell asleep while hugging the pillow. Based on what Misae just muttered, she was pretty sure that these two have started to get attracted to each other for some time.

“I guess, I missed quite a lot of things,” Kanae sighed to herself and pulled Misae’s blanket to cover the girl’s body.

She walked to her bed and lay down. Her mind thought about what she should tell Misae as she knew that Tara was a guy. Well, she could just think about it tomorrow.

The next day, there was a knock on their door very early in the morning. Kanae had woken up and was getting ready, so she opened the door and saw Neo there.

“Miss Secretary, we’re going to a famous restaurant nearby to talk with the manager. Bring your laptop.”

“Should I wake Misae?”

“There’s no need, we’ll return back for lunch. I’m sure she’s quite a big sleeper.”

Kanae nodded her head and took the laptop before going out. She noticed that the other two were also waiting in front of their door. The locations of their rooms were close to each other, so it was easy if they wanted to visit.

“Do you also have a meeting with that restaurant owner?” Kanae asked curiously.

Mike nodded his head. “Our company has been supplying the kitchen tools, but they made a call to us three days ago saying that they want to renege on the contract. Apparently, there is another company who offer better benefits than us.”

“I see,” Kanae nodded her head in understanding. Compet.i.tion between companies was normal, and Kale Company was not too big, so it was even harder to compete with others. If a big company wanted to step in, they would have a hard time winning the deal.

The four of them made their way towards the restaurant. The manager was called, and they met with each other in the special room the manager had prepared specially.

“President Kevin, it’s not like I want to renege our deal, but they give us a much lower price,” the manager said with an awkward face.

“Do you only care about the price? What about the quality?” Mike was the one who talked again.

“Their quality is more or less the same with yours, so I think they’re offering a better deal,” the manager admitted.

Kevin nodded his head. “Let me take a look.”

“Of course, please come with me.”

They made a tour to see the samples that the other company gave to them. Kevin checked them and noticed the minute differences with his own. Although there were not much, for a high-level restaurant, they would severely affect the quality of restaurant’s dishes.

“I think, we can win this case,” Neo smirked evilly.

“I’ll leave it in your hands.”

“No problem, Boss.”

They talked much longer and did some tests on both company’s products. After a few hours, the manager apologized deeply to them as he found out that the other company was trying to cheat him. Their products only looked good on the surface, but in extreme heat, they couldn’t hold on.

“For this matter, the other employees should be the ones who come and not you, Boss,” Neo said indignantly.

Kevin shook his head. “Let’s return back.”

Because they were staying longer than expected, they already ate their lunch in the restaurant. Of course, the manager allowed them to eat for free. The four of them didn’t hold back and ate as much as they could. Seeing the numerous empty plates on their table, the manager felt like crying. These four were truly big eaters.

They returned back to the hotel and saw Tara flirting with the girls there. Mike facepalmed when he saw that. Although they all knew that Tara was a guy, he was dressing as a woman here and seeing him flirt with other girls was quite unsightly.

“Is Tara an actor?” Kanae asked curiously.

“Not really, but I guess everyone is an actor in their life. The difference is just the degree to which they act,” Neo smiled wryly.

Kanae thought about what Neo said. It was true that many people would occasionally put on a act in their life, either consciously or unconsciously. She nodded her head in agreement. “You have a point there.”

Mike walked towards Tara and the latter smiled widely when he saw Mike. “h.e.l.lo, you already returned back from your trip?”

“It’s just a small matter. There’s no need for us to spare so much time. More importantly, can you not flirt in the public like this?”

“Why? The girls are not yours, right?” Tara smirked.

“This area belongs to us and if their hearts are broken because of your att.i.tude, I’m going to file a complaint to your family.”

“Why are you so serious?” He sighed. His eyes noticed a girl walking towards them and he moved his hand to circle Mike’s neck, making it seem like he was flirting with him.

“Tara!” Mike was annoyed. His usual polite smile already disappeared.

On the side, Kanae moved her eyes to the other side, pretending that she didn’t see anything. Neo facepalmed as he knew that it was Tara’s mischievous att.i.tude while Kevin still wore his usual cold and detached expression. No one could guess what he was thinking with his indifferent expression.

“Isn’t it interesting to see a girl get jealous?” Tara smiled.

Mike seemed to understand something as he quickly turned around. Behind him, Misae was staring at the two of them with wide and teary eyes.


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