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Unexpected Encounter:They Were Meant To Be Together is a Webnovel completed by Sofia05.
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“Elsa.” Ashton murmured before lifting her head and placing it on his lap. Taping cheeks, he tried to wake her up but she wasn’t responding.

Looking at the blood which was oozing out of her forehead, Ashton freaked out. Did he really hit her with his car? 

Ashton panicked even more when he saw multiple bruises all over your Elsa’s body.

Patting her cheeks for a couple of times when Elsa finally groaned in pain, Ashton breathed a sigh of relief.

He then quickly took out his phone and called Zian.


Li mansion 

Everyone was happily talking and discussing a few things for the engagement party that was scheduled after a couple of days. Zian received a call from Ashton which changed the whole atmosphere of the mansion.

Zian frowned and pursed his lips before out up. “Ashton stop freaking out okay? Calm down first.”

When Zian mentioned her son’s name, Dina panicked. “What happened? Is that Ashton? Is she okay?”

“Babe calm down, Zian is talking right?” Seb tried to calm his wife down but was also freaking out. 

“Is she okay?” Zian asked.

“I dont know brother Zian but she is conscious now I guess. Should I take her to the hospital?” Ashton asked.

“What happened?” Singtan asked.

“Ashton got into an accident. He accidentally hit a girl but she is conscious now.” Zian explained.

Taking the phone from Zian’s hand, Mian asked, “Ashton is she conscious now?”

“Yeah she opened her eyes a few seconds ago and her breathing seems normal too.” Ashton explained.

“Is she bleeding a lot?” Mian asked.

“No, not a lot but there is blood on her forehead and there are many bruises all over her body.” 

“Alright then, get her here.” 


Cutting him off, Mian retorted, “Listen to me Ashton, if you take her to the hospital things are gonna get complicated. Just bring her here and if things are not as simple as I think, I’ll s.h.i.+ft her to the hospital.”

“Alright, I’ll be there soon.” 

After hanging up the call, Mian said, “I’ll arrange a few things before they are before they arrive.

“Zian, what did Ash say?” Dina asked.

“Ash is alright aunt, you don’t have to worry about it.” Zian said.

“Yes babe-“

Glaring at her husband, Dina shouted, “You son is so grounded Sebastian Wu. You both will be my death one day.”

Half an hour later.

When Ashton arrived holding Elsa in her arms, Mian quickly guided him to the guestroom where she had set up everything that they needed.

Anna quickly rushed over to help her daughter while the others stayed out to lash out at Ashton.

“Ashton Wu, you are so grounded.” Dina shouted.

“Dina calm down and let him explain everything first.” Ling said.

“How can I calm down Ling? He prolly thinks his car is some fighter jet. Do you know how fast this boy drives his car? He flies it, just like his dad.” Dina shouted. 

“Mom, I swear it wasn’t my fault. I was driving at a very decent speed and then suddenly she dashed into my car.” Ashton defended himself.

“Guang, find out who the girl is and-“

Cutting Zian off, Ashton said, “She is Elsa Churos.”

Sebastian frowned and asked, “Is she Alvin Churos’ sister?” When Ashton nodded his head, Sebastian frowned and snapped, “I think I asked you not to do any kind of business with that man.”

“And I didnt, I canceled all the deals with him.” 

“Are you talking about the Churos from country B?” Singtan asked.

When Sebastian nodded his head, Yutang asked, “Alvin Churos is in country S?”

“He came here a couple of months ago.” Liang said.

“Dude, is she the one you were talking about?” Yushen whispered.

Ashton sighed and nodded his head.


Somewhere in the States.

Brus.h.i.+ng his fingers through the painting, Gavin D’cruz smiled. “You did a great job but this isn’t perfect yet.”

“But sir this is exactly like the picture you had shown me.” The painter retorted.

Crossing his arms in front, Gavin snapped, “Her smile is much more beautiful than that.”

Just then a man entered the room along with a file. 

Tossing the file on the table, the man sighed when he saw his friend ogling at the painting. “You know that you can get a picture of her if you want right?”

Gesturing the painting to leave, Gavin chuckled, “Painting has its own pleasure my friend.”

Nathan sighed and said, “Anyway, your doc.u.ments are ready and you can leave anytime you want.”

When Gavin did not say anything, Nathan added, “Reminding you again mate, she has a childhood sweetheart and is already engaged.”

Gavin chuckled and asked, “Wouldn’t life be boring if there are no challenges?”

Ignoring his words, Nathan made his way towards the table. “Did you take your meds?”

When Gavin did not say anything, Nathan frowned. “How many times do I have to tell you not to skip your medicines?”

Taking out four different capsules from four different bottles, Nathan grabbed a bottle of water and made his way towards Gavin who was still staring at the painting with a huge grin on his face.

“I won’t be able to follow you there but will you be okay?” Nathan asked.

Wiping his mouth when Gavin nodded his head, Nath added, “Country S isn’t my territory so be careful and vary of what you do.”

“Don’t worry about anything.”

Patting Gavin’s shoulder, Nathan said, “Sleep early.”

After Nathan left, Gavin ran his thumb over the woman’s lips on the painting before pressing it on his lips. “Good night, we will meet again Dr Zhang Mian.”

Walking towards his wardrobe, Gavin took out a handkerchief which had a cute little flower print on it.

Brus.h.i.+ng his fingers through it, Gavin sniffed it and closed his eyes. The corner of his lips curled upwards when a familiar sweet smell invaded his nostrils making his heart giddy and his whole body excited.

Walking towards his bed, Gavin opened the handkerchief and neatly placed it on the empty side of the bed. He then cuddled beside it and dozed off to sleep.


Things are a bit tough for me these days but I am still dropping at least a chapter for this book everyday but I don’t know how the updates are irregular? :/

As most of you know that I have four on-going books and I am trying to keep the updates stable for all of them. One or two chaps/day is a very stable update for the books here in webnovel. 

For my second book ‘One last time’s readers, No I haven’t dropped the book and yes, I’ll update soon.

It was quite upsetting to read a few comments from the last chapter so I decided to leave this note. 

It has been more than a year since I started writing and almost all of you have been with me since the very beginning. You all corrected my mistakes and may have overlooked them too. You all saw me grow, learn and improve. I want to thank all of you for being patient and understanding.

For those who have issues with the update rate, I’ll try to stabilize it and see if I can update an extra chap everyday 🙂

Love you all ❤


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