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Read Unexpected Encounter:They Were Meant To Be Together Chapter 16 – Never In A Thousand Lifetime

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When Xie Ming came out from the washroom, she saw a new pair of comfortable house clothes on the bed. She was shocked as well as surprised because she never told Li Singtan that she did not have any change clothes with her. Seeing how considerate and caring Li Singtan was she felt a different kind of warmth in her heart. She was very sure that if Chen Siquan would be there he would have never done something like this for her.

Xie Ming quickly changed into her new clothes and rushed downstairs.

When she came downstairs, she started looking for Li Singtan but could not find him.

She felt some kind of uneasiness in her heart. She did not know why she was feeling like that.

Seeing her worried expression, butler Chang quickly rushed towards her,” Young Madam you might be looking for Yound master.” Xie Ming nodded her head. Butler Chang smiled and said,” He is in the garden.” After informing his Young madam about his young masters whereabouts, Butler Chang turned around and left.

Xie Ming walked towards the garden. As soon as she entered the garden, she saw Li Singtan . Standing under the moonlight he looked even more handsome. Xie Ming wondered how a man could look so amazing.

Thinking about this she started walking towards him.

She stood beside him and asked,” What are you thinking?”

Hearing a familiar voice, Li Singtan turned his head. Seeing Xie Ming standing beside him, Li Singtan couldn’t help but smile. Before he could answer her question, he saw that her hair was still wet and water was dripping out of it. He squirted his eyebrows and

asked,” Why is your hair still wet? Why dint you use the hair dryer? You will catch a cold like this.”

Xie Ming did not expect Li Singtan to notice such a small thing. When she looked at his eyes, she would see that he was sincere worried for her.

Xie Ming had stopped using hair dryer a long time ago because Chen Siquan had told her he was allergic to the air of the dryer. He had asked her not to use it. Xie Ming had suffered from cold and headache many times because of her wet hair. But Chen Siquan never cared. He still insisted her not to use one.

Now when Xie Ming thought about this, she realised that he was doing that deliberately. He wanted her to suffer. She was so foolish that she actually believed him when he said that he was allergic to the air coming out of the dryer.

Smiling at her foolishness Xie Ming answered Li Singtan,” I don’t know how to use a dryer.”

Li Singtan took a deep breath and said,” Its not your fault that you have little hands.”

Xie Ming felt very embarra.s.sed and bit her lower lip. She was about to answer but Li Singtan suddenly caught her hand and said,” Let’s go upstairs and dry your hair first. I don’t want you to fall sick.”

Without waiting for her answer, Li Singtan started walking.

Inside the room.

Xie Ming was sitting in a chair and Li Singtan was drying her hair with a hair dryer.

When his longs slender finger ran through her wet hair, Xie Ming felt relaxed and could not help but close her eyes.

Never in a thousand lifetime would Chen Siquan ever do this for her.

After making sure that her hair was completely dry, Li Singtan turned off the dryer,” Done.”

Xie Ming opened her eyes, turned towards him and said,” Thanks for this.”

Li Singtan smirked. He then pulled her in his embrace and said,” Do you think only a simple thanks is enough? I want you to do something else for me.”

Xie Ming could feel her ears and cheeks turning red. She hit his chest with her hands and shouted,” Leave me Li Singtan you shameless man.”

Li Singtan let out a small laugh,” what shameless? I just wanted you to dry my hair next time. How is asking for that being shameless? Wait were you thinking that I was talking about that? Well if it is that I would gladly accept it.”

Xie Ming covered her face in embarra.s.sment. She was tricked by him again.

Li Singtan loved teasing her because every time he teased her, she looked very cute.

Li Singtan let her go when someone knocked at the door.

A maid walked in and bowed down in front of them,” Yound Master the dinner is ready.”

Li Singtan nodded his head. He then grabbed Xie Ming’s hand and went downstairs.


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