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“Around . . . a circ.u.mference of 10 feet,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“What?! T-Ten feet!” White Light and Yuan Fei’s eyes revealed immense shock at the same time.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “En. This breakthrough is still considered pretty good. A little better than imagined.”

Pretty good?

It was simply heaven-defying, okay?!

What kind of notion was a circ.u.mference of 10 feet? The essence energy sea of Third Level Sea Transformation Realms might not reach 10 feet either!

After entering the Sea Transformation Realm, the focus of martial artists’ cultivation would be on the essence energy sea.

Martial artists needed to expand the essence energy sea continuously to let the essence energy sea within their dantian s.p.a.ce become increasingly more.

Even for some powerful Third Level Sea Transformation Realms, very few among them would have essence energy sea that could reach a circ.u.mference of 10 feet!

A circ.u.mference of 10 feet was the limit that Third Level Sea Transformation Realms could attain. Only those peerlessly talented geniuses could reach a circ.u.mference of 10 feet.

But the problem was that Ye Yuan was only at the First Level Sea Transformation Realm!

That was also to say that the essence energy reserves in Ye Yuan’s body right now was already more impressive compared to most Third Level Sea Transformation Realms!

Seen before freaks, but never seen before such a freakish one!

If this were to spread out, how would this let other martial artists live on?

“Big . . . Big Brother, you’re really too perverse! Those pinnacle geniuses in the Divine Realm are but your standard too, right?”

In White Light’s inherited memories, there were some records regarding the Divine Realm. Hence, he knew what kind of a freakish standard Ye Yuan’s breakthrough this time reached.

A Lower Realm martial artist on the same level as a Divine Realm’s pinnacle genius. How monstrous of a talent did this need?!

Ye Yuan naturally knew that Divine Realm’s standards. An essence energy sea with a circ.u.mference of 10 feet was also absolutely an outstanding existence when placed among those of the same generation in the Divine Realm.

Those major factions’ junior generation that could reach a circ.u.mference of 10 feet when breaking through to the Sea Transformation Realm absolutely did not surpa.s.s the number of fingers on one hand as well.

How could the Crystal Formation Realms in the Divine Realm be limited to just millions upon millions?

Not surpa.s.sing the number of fingers on one hand. It could be seen how immense the difficulty was.

Ye Yuan had the perfect spirit condensation too. Adding on the effects of the Sea Expanding Pill, he reached such a degree.

Hence, regarding the breakthrough this time, Ye Yuan was still rather pleased.

At least, he knew that when Ji Canglan broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm back then, he did not reach such a perfect state either.

But Ye Yuan also knew that the factors affecting a martial artist’s growth were too numerous. Even if he surpa.s.sed the Sea Transformation Realm period Ji Canglan, he did not have any areas worthy of being prideful either.

Because what he had to face was the Divine King Realm Ji Canglan!

But, no matter what, this was a very good start.

With his present state, he could basically sweep away Sea Transformation Realm martial artists in the Lower Realms.

Even when facing a First Level Soul Sea Realm powerhouse, he had the strength to fight it out now too!

“Haha. The Sea Transformation Realm is only the beginning. Haven’t even reached the middle three stages yet. There’s still a long way down the road. Not much of a big deal. Let’s go out to take a look first.” Towards such a breakthrough, Ye Yuan himself took it very indifferently.

He needed formidable strength right now and not to crush those in the same generation.

Ye Yuan’s gaze had never been on those in the same generation. Because he and those in the same generation were not in the same world to begin with.

One he stepped out, Mo Yuntian came forward to greet.

The moment he saw Ye Yuan, his eyes could not help becoming intent as he said in shock, “J-Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you actually broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm already!”

In truth, Ye Yuan breaking through to Sea Transformation Realm was not what he was most surprised by.

What Mo Yuntian was most taken aback by was that when he faced Ye Yuan, he actually had a feeling of beholding a great mountain!

He had only experienced this kind of feeling with Sect Master Luo Qingfeng before!

How was this possible?

Could it be that Ye Yuan already reached Sect Master’s height?

But he was only at the First Level Sea Transformation Realm!

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “En. The seclusion this time was in order to break through to the Sea Transformation Realm. Fortunately, the process went quite smoothly. Is Senior Apprentice Brother Mo looking for me for something?”

Mo Yuntian nodded his head and said with a solemn look, “Zhao Xin they all sent news. Purple Mansion Sect’s Sect Master, He Mingde, personally led several thousand disciples to charge over to the Tranquil Cloud Sect in mighty contingents! They will reach the Tranquil Cloud Sect after five days!”

Ye Yuan said, “There should be other news, right?”

Mo Yuntian was stunned and said in surprise, “Uh, how does Junior Apprentice Brother know? This time, He Mingde . . . is escorting Grand Elder Skymaple, Sect Master, as well as Master, Hall Head Ling they all over here together! Looks like . . . they want to force us out of the grand array!”

Ye Yuan did not show a surprised expression. It was as if he had long expected this matter.

He did not go along with Mo Yuntian’s words to continue asking, but he enquired, “How’s Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s progress these few days?”

Mo Yuntian could not quite follow Ye Yuan’s thought process. What was the meaning of asking about Tian Yu at this time?

Could it be that Tian Yu breaking through realms had any impact on the battle situation?

Mo Yuntian was just about to speak when all of a sudden, a streak of sword intent shot towards the skies. The entire Tranquil Cloud Sect could see it clearly!

Looking at the direction, it was precisely the direction of Victory Peak!

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, “Looks like Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu broke through. Come, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo. Let’s go take a look at Victory Peak together.”

. . . . . .

On Victory Peak, sword intent pervaded all around. All the disciples did not dare to approach at all.

Tian Yu’s clothes were flapping. His entire being was akin to a celestial G.o.d descending upon the mortal world!

After a long while, that boundless sword intent all returned to Tian Yu’s body.

The present Tian Yu was akin to a drawn sharp sword; incomparably fierce and sharp.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Unexpected applause sounded. A voice was heard. “Haha. Congratulations to Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu for comprehending true intent. Our Tranquil Cloud Sect has hope for revival!”

Tian Yu’s entire body quivered. Arriving before Ye Yuan with a flash, he gave a solemn bow as he said, “For Tian Yu to be able to have this day, it’s all due to Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s credit! After today, I, Tian Yu, am willing to follow Junior Apprentice Brother Ye wherever you go so as to repay this kindness!”

But Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “You got to be joking! You’re the sect’s future and even Grand Elder Skymaple’s lineal grandson. How can you follow by my side?”

“After the sect tides over the crisis this time, Tian Yu is willing to serve beside Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, all the way until Junior Apprentice Brother Ye ascends to the Divine Realm!” said Tian Yu very obstinately.

At present, Tian Yu had already comprehended true intent. Yet, it was precisely because of so that he was even more aware of Ye Yuan’s prowess!

The concept that Ye Yuan comprehended was actually even more powerful than true intent!

Hence, the day that Ye Yuan ascended to the Divine Realm would not too far away. Furthermore, it was definitely before him!

Ye Yuan did not think that Tian Yu would play this card and could not help saying with a chuckle, “Haha. Then, let’s wait until the sect this crisis first before talking.”

Tian Yu suddenly froze, the eyes he looked at Ye Yuan with revealed a disbelieving look.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm!” Tian Yu exclaimed in shock.

Same as Mo Yuntian, what he was shocked by was not Ye Yuan breaking through realm.

Tian Yu had just comprehended true intent. His sword intent could not be controlled as he willed yet. But he discovered to his amazement, the sword intent that was leaking out from his body actually dissipated on its own when it approached Ye Yuan’s body as if it had seen something terrifying!

Tian Yu originally thought that with him comprehending true intent, he could more or less shrink some of the distance between Ye Yuan and him.

But now, he knew that the disparity between him and Ye Yuan and was even greater!Looking at a great man with awe


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