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Read Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 939 – Pinnacle Refinement!

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Chapter 939: Pinnacle Refinement!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Quan Xingzi had just sat back down and recovered from his shock of seeing the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.

Seeing Ye Yuan shatter the spirit medicines to dust, he suddenly stood up again.

“Shattering medicine and condensing the embryo!” Quan Xingzi cried out in shock.

Not just him, all of the alchemy emperors were incomparably shocked. They did not recognize the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron, but they all knew shattering medicine and condensing the embryo.

Shattering medicine and condensing the embryo was a method to extract and refine the medicinal embryo.

Talking about it was simple, but alchemists who were able to do it were a meager lot!

Crus.h.i.+ng the spirit medicines to dust with one palm, this was nothing difficult. Shattering medicine and condensing the embryo, the hard part was essence energy control, not allowing the spirit medicine’s medicinal strength to flow away.

The difficulties involved, even for Alchemy Emperor powerhouses who were very experienced old-timers, it was very hard to accomplish it too.

Ye Yuan was merely 20 over years of age, and he could actually accomplish shattering medicine and condensing the embryo. How could this not astound them?

Shattering medicine and condensing the embryo this method was not flaunting technique, but that this kind of extraction and refining method made it easier to form the pill and refine high-quality medicinal pills.

Shattering the spirit medicines, then integrating them together, this way was more beneficial to the distribution ratio between the various spirit medicines and having sufficient contact.

This way, during the refinement process, the loss of medicinal strength would be even lesser. The fusion between the various spirit medicines would also be easier.

But this kind of method, if one’s level of skill was not up to par, it was very easy to lose medicinal strength, and make the medicinal pill even harder to refine instead.

Therefore, alchemists who dared to shatter medicine and condense the embryo were all undoubtedly people who were extremely experienced and had unparalleled strength!

Shattering medicine and condensing the embryo at an age like Ye Yuan’s was virtually impossible to succeed.

“This brat isn’t deliberately posturing, right? How can shattering medicine and condensing the embryo be so easy to accomplish?” An Alchemy Emperor appraised.

After the shock, everyone was all somewhat scoffing in contempt towards Ye Yuan’s actions. Liang Yuan took these voices into his ears, and deeply felt that way too.

This brat was definitely intentionally posturing to show off skill!

In a while, when he refined a useless pill, see if he still dare to be so!

But in a corner, Yue Mengli was secretly laughing in her heart. If even Ye Yuan could not accomplish shattering medicine and condensing the embryo, then n.o.body in this world could do it.

That one currently refining pills was Qingyun Zi!

The Ye Yuan who entered a pill refining state was already completely focused without distracting thoughts. Everything in the outside world had nothing to do with him.

Only to see his hands’ actions as swift as lightning, drawing in those shattered until virtually could not be seen spirit medicine fine powder together.

Very soon, a sparkling and crystal-clear medicinal embryo appeared on his left hand.

Done with these, his right hand did not pause in the slightest, drawing a circle high in the air. The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame immediately condensed to form a fire ring.

Ye Yuan’s right hand made waves-like movements. That fire ring gradually started to surge.


On top of that fire ring, another fire ring actually condensed and formed once more!

“Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame! Nine-Story PaG.o.da! This boy is simply G.o.d-like!”

“Nine-Story PaG.o.da is an extremely profound fire-controlling art! Even you and I are unable to accomplish it too!”

“This fire-controlling art requires repeated tempering. Even if one trained for a hundred years, they might not be able to learn the rudiments either. This boy is just around 20 years old, how in the world did he do it?”

The crowd of Alchemy Emperors’ cries of shock rose one after another, being utterly astonished by Ye Yuan’s fire-controlling means.

It was only to see the fire rings in Ye Yuan’s hand pile on one layer by one layer. It became the shape of a paG.o.da very quickly.


Ye Yuan formed an incantation with his right hand. The Nine-Story PaG.o.da directly sunk into the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron. Instantaneously, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron started seething with excitement.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate in the slightest. Lightly pus.h.i.+ng with his left hand, the medicinal embryo entered the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron.

Following which, Ye Yuan’s body was akin to a wandering dragon, revolving around the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron and firing in spells non-stop. The movements of his hands and feet were extremely profound.

With this, cries of alarm sounded out again!

“Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art! It’s the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art! He … how can he possibly grasp such a profound refining method?”

Starting from when Ye Yuan stood up, the group of Alchemy Emperors was seemingly like a bunch of primary school students watching a master’s exhibition match, being shocked by Ye Yuan’s performance unceasingly.

First was shattering medicine and condensing the embryo, then the Tier 8 Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, the Nine-Story PaG.o.da fire-controlling art, and lastly, this Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art. It thoroughly set them ablaze.

A roughly 20 years old young man, how could he possibly have such profound alchemy skills?

This scene was simply unbelievable!

The Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art was one of the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most refinement methods. Those able to grasp this refinement method were all the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most existences. How did Ye Yuan acquire it?

Furthermore, his refining method was even extremely well-practiced. This was simply too inconceivable.

Yue Jianqiu’s eyes flickered, faintly having some surmises in his heart. Could it be that Ye Yuan really had extremely deep ties to the Soul Martial Divine King?

Otherwise, how could a 20 years old brat possibly have such attainments in alchemy?

His gaze involuntarily looked towards his daughter but saw that Yue Mengli was long mesmerized from watching.

Yue Jianiqu could not help heaving a sigh. His daughter had always been cold. When had she ever displayed such a young girl’s side before?

Ye Yuan’s state was getting better and better. The maneuver of his hands and footwork became increasingly profound. Gradually, a strange kind of atmosphere undulated out.

Those present were all Alchemy Emperor powerhouses. They detected this aspect very acutely!

Ye Yuan entered the Legendary Realm!

To be able to exhibit the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art to the Legendary Realm, how heaven-defying an Alchemy Dao attainment did this require?!

All the alchemy emperors exchanged glances, seeing the astoundment in the other party’s eyes.

This young man’s attainments in the Alchemy Path was seriously too terrifying!

Quan Xingzi’s eyes were glued onto Ye Yuan’s actions as if wanting to see through him completely. He really wanted to know why he could not refine the Soul Separating Pill.

But the Ye Yuan in the Legendary Realm, each move and each stance all had a feeling of being an ensemble of nature. This sort of feeling already gradually aligned with Heavenly Dao.

One could say that Ye Yuan had already gradually touched the pinnacle realm of Alchemy Dao.

Under such a state, refining out any kind of medicinal pill would also not be strange.

He wanted to know, but he could not perceive why.

Quan Xingzi’s alchemy strength left no room for doubt. Even when Ye Yuan was at his prime, wanting to beat Quan Xingzi was not something that easy either.

But this Soul Separating Pill was different.

It was a pill formula that Ye Yuan took out. How the duration and degree of heating between the spirit medicines should be grasped, only Ye Yuan himself knew.

Furthermore, this sort of thing could be understood but not expressed with words.

Although it was just a Tier 8 medicinal pill, the difficulty of refining was indisputable. Even with Ye Yuan’s pill formula, this medicinal pill was also not what ordinary people could refine.

In a blink, half a day’s time pa.s.sed.

This half a day, the Alchemy Emperors all stared at Ye Yuan refining the pill without blinking.

But they did not feel the least bit weary and dreary. On the contrary, each and every one of their faces all had agitated looks like they had obtained the most valuable treasure.

This level of master-cla.s.s refinement was not that easy to come across.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan gave a loud cry: “Condense!”

All of a sudden, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron emitted an incomparably resplendent brilliance, piercing until people could not open their eyes.

Not long after, the splendor faded away, and Ye Yuan’s figure appeared.


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