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Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao is a Webnovel made by Mei Xiaoguo, 梅小果.
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Chapter 45: The omnipotent Grandpa Ash Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.










On this early morning, Ning Xiaoyao and Big Boss Black basked in the warmth of the spring sun as they lay in Supreme Commander’s lap and by his feet, respectively, to take a nap.





Shadowgale had spent half the day searching through his rooms before asking Shadowthunder and the rest, “Where are the snacks that I brought back from the kitchens?”





Shadowthunder and the rest shook their heads. Their senior liked to eat sickeningly sweet things, but none of them were fond of that.





“Did those snacks grow legs and run off?” Shadowgale grew worried. Had any of the Xie father and daughter’s people snuck in? The gyrfalcon that had just landed by the window clapped his wings and flew away after he heard his owner shouting for his snacks. He already gave the Sweet Rice Crispies to Xiaoyao! The rest of them ended up in Erya and Xiaoqiu’s stomachs by noon. The little gyrfalcon circled around the palace gates once before telling Ning Xiaoyao that the Grand Preceptor had brought five or six doctors with him to the palace.





Ning Xiaoyao curled her lips. These had to be the doctors who were going to diagnose her as insane.





“Xiaoyao, does Supreme Commander have any ideas?” The gyrfalcon asked as he perched on her shoulder.





“Supreme Commander and I should probably each do our own thing,” Ning Xiaoyao sat bonelessly against the Wutong tree. “It’s fine as long as we have a common enemy, this is called ‘painting a picture with two brushes at the same time,’ hahaha.”





“Ninny.” Big Boss Black turned his body as he gnawed on a giant raw fish head, leaving his b.u.t.t to face Ning Xiaoyao. This ninny was still laughing at a time like this. If they couldn’t find the Imperial Jade Seal, then it’d be her time to cry.





“I’ve thought it over,” Ning Xiaoyao said. “Even if the empress dowager takes out the Imperial Jade Seal when the time comes, I won’t be afraid of her.”





Big Boss Black quickly turned around in a circle to face Ning Xiaoyao again and cried, “Are you going to bite the empress dowager to death?”





Ning Xiaoyao: I don’t have teeth like yours, how am I supposed to bite her?





Little Gyrfalcon: I heard the people bit Supreme Commander just fine at the execution grounds, though.




Little Gyrfalcon: I didn’t talk bad about anyone! You’re the one who’s always calling Xiaoyao ‘ninny!’




Ning Xiaoyao: Oi, Black Tubby, didn’t you say you’d stop?!




Little Gyrfalcon: Aroo, aroo! You stop being a bully right now!
Ning Xiaoyao: Hey, hey! My snacks–don’t fight over my food!



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