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Seeing Lan Luoshi, Jiang Ping, and Lin Meng Ran like this, Lin Zi Chen helplessly smiled, as if he had already become an outsider while the other was the mother and daughter pair.

But since his mother Jiang Ping had already said so, Lin Zichen was surprised and did not say anything more. Actually, he was afraid that the family atmosphere would be very discordant after he went to the Lin Family, so he did not want Lan Luoshi to get involved.

That night, Lin Jingyang brought up his opinion and agreed to let Lan Luoshi follow them back to the Milky Way. Lin Zi Chen was completely convinced that Lan Luoshi was a girl that he liked. In a single day, he had successfully infiltrated Lin Zi Chen’s family.

Huo Qing said, “Master, Mistress is really impressive. If I didn’t know, I would’ve thought you were the son-in-law of this family.”

“Scram, add another sect rule. In the future, if you speak to Mistress, expel her from the sect!”

“Eh …. Master, these sect rules that were specially set up for me are really fierce. ” Huo Qing lowered his head and continued to eat without a word …

Lin Jingyang said, “Zi Chen, tomorrow you should go and book a ticket for the fourth day. Please order another ticket for Luo Shi.”

“Got it, Dad.” He had not seen Luo Shi for so long, so being together was the best. He was just afraid that his parents would not agree, especially his father. How could such an old-fashioned person agree to let a girl go home with them?

It seemed like she couldn’t resist anything. Lan Luoshi was pretty, pretty, sensible, and obedient. Even Lin Jingyang had broken his principles and was willing to bring his son’s cla.s.smate home.

Lan Luoshi had only said that she was Lin Zi Chen’s cla.s.smate, but how could her parents not see that an ordinary cla.s.smate would willingly come and work at someone else’s house? Jiang Ping looked at Lin Zi Chen and smiled. She whispered into his ear, “Zi Chen, you’re lucky that mom is happy for you. Luo Shi is really a good kid.”

“Mom… “It’s not like that …” Lin Zi Chen covered his mouth.

Jiang Ping smiled without saying a word. As a mother, how could she not see through her son?

“Oh right, what about Huo Qing? Zi Chen, could you help me book his ticket home? ” Lin Jingyang said.

Huo Qing was immediately unwilling after he finished his sentence. He must have sent his master and mistress to the Milky Way to leave him alone? How can that be?

Just as he was about to speak, Lan Luoshi smiled and said, “Right, Zichen, book a ticket for Huo Qing as well. Let him go home and busy himself first.”

The meaning behind Lan Luoshi’s words was obvious. How could Huo Qing not understand? She wanted him to go back to Fengbei to work overtime.

“No, master…” “Zichen, you can’t let me go back alone. I don’t want to go home for the new year, I just want to go with you guys. I also want to go to the Milky Way!” Huo Qing said.

Lin Zi Chen almost laughed out loud, “Ah? My family is going to the Milky Way, why are you following us? “

“I… “No, I have to follow. Luo Shi is still following.” Huo Qing said.

“This …” Actually, Lin Zichen was in a difficult position. Although Lan Luoshi was a girl and seemed inconvenient, her parents still liked her. If she was willing to bring her along, it would be hard to understand if a man like Huo Qing would follow her …

“I will follow you anyway. Master, I have to follow you even if you want to expel me from the sect. Why else would I be by myself?” Huo Qing whispered into Lin Zi Chen’s ear.

Lin Zi Chen smiled: “Alright, how about this, you go to the Milky Way to find a hotel to stay, I’ll call you if you have something to say, okay?”

Huo Qing knew that Lin Zi Chen was in a tough spot. After all, he was the one returning home, so he nodded, “Sure!”

“How about this, I’m going to see a friend in the Milky Way. Let’s go together, uncle and aunt. Is that alright?” Huo Qing said.

Lin Jingyang nodded, “That’s fine too, travelling alone is a bit boring. Zichen, book Huo Qing a ticket to the Milky Way.”

Over the next two days, Jiang Ping, Lin Menggran, and Lan Luoshen would go out almost every day to visit the Southern Water Scenic Spot. Although it was not as spectacular as the big city’s scenic spots, the most important thing was to be in a good mood.

Lan Luoshi’s small mouth was very sweet, causing Lin Meng Ran and Jiang Ping to smile every day as their emotions rapidly increased.

The rest of the time was spent cultivating. Once they reached the Milky Way, Lu Chenghao might bring the Snow Mountain Monkey Bone over, and if he were to refine the Energy Breaking Pill, he would not be able to prepare for advancing to the Transcending Mortality Stage in the Milky Way.

So, Lin Zichen also started to train even harder, hoping to completely solidify his current strength and not leave behind any irreparable regret in the future, so that he could achieve a perfect Foundation Establishment.

On the fourth day of the new year, Lin Jingyang’s family set foot on the road to Heavenly River City. Huo Qing and Lan Luoshi were also accompanying them.

Since the distance between the Milky Way and the South Water was only 200 kilometers, the train stopped at the train station in Tianhe City about two hours.

Walking out of the train station, Lin Jingyang looked at his surroundings and could not help but sigh, “Ah, you’ve returned. The changes in the Milky Way are really great. The government has really put in a lot of effort.”

Jiang Ping walked over to his side and patted his shoulder, “Jing Yang, I hope we can stay in harmony for a few days this time.”

Lin Jingyang turned his head to look at his wife and nodded with a knowing smile, “I believe you will. It has been so many years, so it’s time for brother’s anger to dissipate.”

Hearing that, Lin Meng Ran pouted and whispered: “Humph, has he stopped breathing? Daddy, d.a.m.n it! I clearly didn’t do anything wrong, why did I have to vent my anger on someone else? “

Lin Zi Chen tugged at the corner of his sister’s clothes and said: “Sis, quiet down. It’s been so many years, don’t you understand dad’s temper? I would rather have the people of the world betray me than me betray the world. “

After all, his father was such a person. He was loyal to both sides, but he also seemed to be a pedantic person.

After that, Huo Qing found a Star hotel to stay in in in case Lin Zi Chen could find him anytime. The reason he chose the Star hotel was because it was a quiet and convenient place to cultivate.

Near the outskirts of Milky Way City, in a large Ro Chinese style mansion’s courtyard, two stone lions stood majestically in front of the gate. The red lacquered stone pillars and the golden words on the wooden signboard not only gave off a domineering aura, but also gave off a sense of elegance.

Heavenly River Lin Family!

“Zi Chen, this is …” “Your family?” Lan Luoshi really did not expect Lin Zi Chen’s family to have this kind of status. Just by looking at the mansion, she knew that the Lin family was definitely one of the top few families in Milky Way City.

“Hehe, what does this have to do with me?” Lin Zi Chen smiled indifferently and didn’t say anything else.

Lan Luoshi naturally didn’t ask any further questions. Her intelligence immediately guessed that the Lin family and Lin Zi Chen’s relationship was not that good. No wonder the conversation between Lin Meng Ran and Lin Zi Chen was like this.

Inside the Lin Clan’s inner chamber, in Lin Jianzhong’s study room, Lin Jianzhong was sitting on the sofa as he contentedly smoked and read the newspaper.

After a few knocks, his a.s.sistant, Liu Chuan, walked in and said, “Uncle, Second Uncle’s family is here.”

Hearing that, Lin Jianzhong was startled, and said: “What? Jing Yang had come? “Hmph, why are you here again …”

“Great sir, you should go to the living room. The family head already knows about this, he is probably on his way there too.”

Lin Jianzhong nodded his head and took a deep breath, “I forgot the pain when I recovered. I’ll go take a look.”

The Lin Family’s patriarch, Lin Rui Jiang was over eighty years old and had long since left the business of the Lin Family. After Lin Jingyang left, the Lin Family Group was also under Lin Jianzhong’s control. In his eyes, Lin Jingyang was his greatest concern.

Compared to talent and ambition, he was no match for Lin Jingyang. Therefore, every time Lin Jingyang came back, he would undoubtedly be fighting for authority, hoping that he could move the old master to return to the Lin Clan.

In the Lin Family’s three hundred square square meter living room, the family head, Lin Ruijiang, was seated in the main seat. Lin Jingyang stepped forward and respectfully bowed, “Father, I have come to visit you. I wish you a new year of good health and a long life.”

Lin Ruijiang slowly raised his head to look at Lin Jingyang, his heart filled with mixed emotions. Once, this was his son that he was most proud of, and he had placed his hopes on the successor in charge of the Lin Group. However, because he made a mistake, he had no choice but to kick him out.

Lin Ruijiang nodded and said, “Good, good, it’s good that you have come to see me. Jing Yang, take a seat. Jiang Ping, take a seat as well.”

The Lin Clan had strict rules. Without the clan head’s words, it was impossible for a junior to sit down.

After that, Lin Zichen and Lin Meng Ran walked up to grandpa and greeted him. Lin Rui Jiang held both of his children’s hands as tears streamed down his face.

“Meng Ran, Zi Chen, you two … So big? Grandfather missed you guys, “he sighed,” Meng Ran is already a big girl, and Zi Chen has also grown taller. “

“Dad, MengRan has graduated from university. Zichen is taking the college entrance exam this year. His results are also very good.” Lin Jingyang reported to his father.

“That’s good, that’s good. Pay more attention to your studies. In the future, contribute to our country.” Lin Rui said.

Currently, Lin Jianzhong was the chairman of the Lin Group, and Lin Changwen was also in charge of financial affairs. When they saw Lin Jingyang, the two of them felt that their hearts were pretty much the same, and that was that this person was superfluous.

“Jing Yang has come. Hur Hur, why didn’t you make a call earlier?” Lin Jianzhong said. After he finished speaking, his gaze fell upon Lin Zichen who was standing at the side. He could not help but be startled. He’s still alive?

Didn’t he already kill Lin Zichen when he sent out his killer to deal with him? However… How could Lin Zi Chen still be standing in front of him?

Lin Zi Chen looked at Lin Jianzhong. His gaze was like an arrow, and the nameless fire in his heart was instantly ignited. “Hmph, wasn’t it unexpected that I didn’t die at your hands the last time?” Today is the day we come back to settle our debts!

Lin Meng Ran stood at the side and said: “Hehe, do we need to make a phone call in advance when we go back to our own home? “What a joke!”

“Meng Ran!” Lin Jingyang sternly said. In his opinion, when elders and juniors interrupt, it was simply too rude!

Jiang Ping quickly pulled Lin Meng Ran along and said, “Meng Ran, this is not the place for you to talk. Go to the yard with your brother and bring Luo Shi along!”

Although Lin Meng Ran was unwilling, she was touched by the awkward atmosphere. She nodded and walked out of the hall, followed by Lin Zi Chen and Lan Luo Shi.

Seeing that his juniors had left, Lin Jianzhong looked at Lin Jingyang. His seemingly gentle eyes seemed to hide a sharp blade.

“Jing Yang, why did you come back this time?” Lin Jianzhong went straight to the point.

“I… just to see Dad. ” Lin Jingyang said in a weak tone.

“Finished?” “Dad’s not in good health. Let’s hurry up and leave after reading it.” Lin Jianzhong placed his hands behind his back and ordered them to leave.

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